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Diya Aur Baati Hum 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with commissioner saying Sandhya did not do any mistake, any officer would have reacted same way seeing the person attacking. He says you saved everyone’s lives, you shot an innocent person by mistake, we can’t stain your name and work by showcasing it as your mistake, you are regretting but think as an police officer. She says Arzoo saved the people, she failed Gul’s plans, I did big mistake. He says you can fall into problem, you can’t answer why Arzoo ran away from police station, we should not tell anyone about Arzoo’s innocent. She says just Arzoo can answer it, she is fighting with her death, Sooraj gave her blood, can’t we proof her innocent by forgetting this one question, we have all proof. He says you think this will prove Arzoo innocent, no, you are responsible

police officer, you know this is sensitive case, you can’t imagine if we do any mistake now, police department will be defamed, Arzoo is not terrorist, this news should not go out, you won’t tell this to anyone, we have to work on this matter, Gul should not leave this country on any condition, do you understand. She salutes and says jai hind. She leaves.

People play holi. Emily and Pari reach the village and greet Maasa and Dadusa. Maasa says I was waiting for you both. Emily says I want to tell you something. Maasa asks her to sit and have some snacks. She says Om’s wife made all this, she was eager to meet you, she will come, she went for some work, this boy is Om and Purvi’s son Sparsh. Emily and Pari are tensed. Emily says I have to tell something imp, listen to me. Maasa says I know whats going on in your house, its time that family gives a test, Lord will manage. Emily says its not that, actually its some other matter. She cries and says when we were coming here, someone’s accident happened by our car, driver did not see and I think it was some woman. Maasa and Dadusa get shocked. Maasa asks who was she, did she get hurt. Emily says don’t know, I did not see her face, when I wanted to find her, she was nowhere, I think we should complain in police. Maasa says fine, maybe its your illusion. Emily says when I went to find her, I got this locket there. Maasa gets shocked seeing the locket. Emily asks what happened, do you know to whom this belongs.

Sandhya comes to Hanuman gali and recalls the commissioner’s words. Someone throws colors on her. She sees Arzoo and cries. Arzoo says happy holi, I wanted to celebrate holi with you and my family, I m fighting with my death, I will lose any way, if I survive, people will say Lord did not accept this terrorist, if I die, people will say its good a terrorist died, don’t tell anyone that I m innocent, its okay if terrorist tag is put on me, but Sandhya’s uniform should not get stained, it does not matter if anyone calls me terrorist. She goes and gets some colors. She cries and says this holi is really memorable for me. Sandhya looks on sadly. Arzoo gives colors to Sandhya and wishes her happy holi. Sandhya sees the red color in her hands and cries. Her imagination ends. People dance and jump around playing holi, and throwing colors on Sandhya’s face.

Vikram asks Chotu why did you do this. Meenakshi thinks it means A meant Aryan and P meant Piya, Bhabho knew this and gave me chain to shut my mouth. Chotu goes to Sooraj and asks why are you sitting silent, say something, I did mistake, I cheated you and broke your trust, punish me, beat or scold me, I can’t bear your silence. Sandhya comes home.

Chotu asks Sooraj to punish him and cries. Meenakshi sees Sandhya and tells her that Chotu did, he did not love Arzoo, he loved Piya and married Arzoo just for money, that was Piya’s condition, shameless Chotu. Bhabho cries. Sandhya angrily goes to Chotu and says you did a big crime Chotu. Sandhya scolds him for breaking trust and says you will be punished. She raises hand and sees Arzoo holding her hand. Arzoo cries and asks what are you doing, Chotu broke trust, then what did you do, you did big mistake, just recall your crimes, you did worse. Sandhya stops. Chotu asks Sandhya to slap him. Sandhya gets angry and throws everything around. Everyone get shocked seeing her anger.

Minister tells commissioner about an award for Sandhya. Sandhya gets the notice and everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think its high time we end this track. Every time Sandhya is wronged. I am sure that Sandhya fired a bullet, but the bullet did not hit Arzoo. Someone else fired at Arzoo and she was hurt by that bullet. The camera will show that.
    Why should Sandhya always be potrayed negative?whether it is Mission Mahabali and Lalima-Bhabho, Hijach drama and Sooraj’s attitude towards he?
    In the end she always is the winner, but she has to suffer

  2. Bullshit. What the writers want to say? Idiots. Stupid f**king fool.
    They are making the heroine character SANDHYA a characterless person. Please end this track sooooooon…….
    SANDHYA is getting the award ARZOO deserves. Writers are making SANDHYA a shameless person. End this blo*dy f**king bakwas track sooooooon………
    I hate this track to the core of hatred.

  3. Aarzoo comes in front of Sandya like a ghost intimidating her of having killed an innocent girl. If is not guilty why should she steal the official seal and apply leave for her? When she was in police custody why didn’t she queries posed by Sandya? Why did she lead Sandya to the border and make her meet Gul? If she had decided to save the public why did she prevent Sandya from unlocking the gate valve? Thereare so many such questions the director should answer before finding fault with Sandya.

  4. Yeah the serial is getting worst day by day since star plus made the show 7 days the director of dabh is elongating the show more than a rubber band its really boring not getting interest to watch

  5. Why did Arzoo tried to stop sandyah when she was climbing the water tank, why didn’t Arzoo answered all questions posed to her by Sandyah at the police station and many more
    We cannot therefore blame Sandiya for anything

  6. this series are just interesting nd full of suspense,just like mohit murder case nd mission mahabali sooooo many ????. Yet a simple answer, keep it up, diya aur baati hum TEAM, well done

  7. I think sandhya did wat she think was rite n now realize her mistake n she will not accept the awards or she give it to arzoo for her bravery

  8. Bearing this bakwas track only for sandya who is shown puppet in this track !
    More interested in Emily and maasa’s story ! Who’s accident was it actually , plz reveal soon!!!

  9. Please end this track. Make arzoo survive and answer all questions. Why drag a track soooooo many days?

  10. If arzoo is innocent then y the hell she was fighting with sandhaya on terrace and stopping sandhaya from opening the water nob.

  11. Shenzi wallah, director please stop this bullshit how can a strong and confidence officer like sandhiya break down for a bullet , even if anyone was in sandiyas place would do the same even if it was me j would kill her, and who told sandhiya that arzoo unfolded gul’s plan? Or how did sandiya got to know that arzoo is inocent. While arzoo is in coma , stop this now, please director stop this nonsense otherwise im going to stop watching dabh,

  12. akanksha sharma

    Please guys please stop such type of nonsense.. Why u create such type of third class drama everytime.. Please writer think somethng real ….or close such type of dumb serials.. Please take some lesson from zindagi channel serials they all make sense and are real
    . but you all strech such type of faltu serials for many years .. You mindless creatures shame on you..

  13. Agree with everyone except joyce samuel. show is getting unbearable day by day. Directors are making fool of us. every hindi drama goes nonsense after some time .all serials 1 day went to bakwas track except on zindagi channel.


    they are taking on a boring story please stop this track

  15. Don’t project Arzoo as an innocent heroine at the cost of defaming our duty conscious and upright SSP Sandhya Rathi ……….Arzoo is haunting Sandhya like a ghost. A police officer has every right to shoot suspected terrorists.

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