Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with lawyer meeting Raju. He says your mum is freed, she was taking your name. Raju says I m glad. Lawyer says when Garima gets conscious and get to know that you are innocent and will be in jail for 12 years, will she stay fine, you lost Raju. Luthra’s lawyer says we are not Raju’s enemy, you have to buy clipping and present in court, the court will decide about clipping. Mrs. Luthra says Nandu has to prove her husband innocent and I have to get my husband’s killer punished. She leaves with her lawyer.

Nandu thanks Sunny and says Raju will be proved innocent, call Sanjay and ask the amount needed for footage. He says it will be big amount. She says fine, I will sell my home, I want that footage. He says I have given the clip’s price, I have to see how much you love Raju, can you pay the price, else Raju will be in jail and Garima will die. Nandu says no, I will pay double. Sunny says I don’t want house, I just want your support, your love forever. She gets shocked.

Sunny says the price for Raju’s freedom is Nandini herself, tell me, do you agree. She cries and says I love Raju so much that I can die for Raju, Raju should get released, even when I don’t come infront of him ever. She removes her mangalsutra and shows him. She cries and says I have given Nandini to you, gave you your price. Sunny smiles and holds her.

Sunny says you made me wait so long for your love, I sacrificed a lot for this moment, you don’t know this. He pushes her and gets close. She cries. He says it looks like you did not understand me, its not about spending some time with you, I love you, you are my life, I want to spend my life with you, I want to marry you.

She says my marriage happened. He starts acting like Nandu and says I did not believe this marriage, I married during Ram leela and Raju made me his wife and kept me with him, I want freedom from this marriage. He turns to her and says you did not understand all this, wait. He gets a file and says I have made the papers ready, you sign on this, if you don’t want to drag Luthra case in court, get Raju’s sign, your marriage will end. She asks what will you get doing this. He says I will get you, once you get Raju’s sign, I will give you that clip, when Raju gets freed tomorrow, we will be married till then, start arrangements of marriage, if you don’t agree to my condition, then let Raju be in jail for 10-12 years, go home and see Garima, don’t cry, you think well, I made you away from Raju. She cries.

Nandu comes home. Nandu asks Nani what happened. Nani says Garima is unwell. She says Garima wants to meet Raju. Nandu checks Garima and says she has high fever, call doctor. Nani says I gave her medicine, doctor said she gave enough medicines, if we don’t call Raju, then be ready for any bad news. She cries. Nandu gets shocked and cries. She thinks how to get Raju, I have to pay big price for it. Raju is in lockup. His lawyer meets him.

Raju’s lawyer tells him about the court hearing tomorrow. He says you accepted the crime and there is no chance that you can be saved. Raju says its good for my family. Nandu calls the lawyer and says don’t tell Raju about my call, can you come home and talk. The lawyer meets her. She tells lawyer that Raju and I were getting married at the time of murder. He says we can’t proof by just saying. She says if we had unedited version of marriage video, then can it help. He says yes, but we don’t have such footage. She says if we had footage, Raju can get bail tomorrow right. He says yes.

Nandu messages someone about her marriage footage required urgently. She sends an urgent video request to the people, if anyone has her marriage footage, then please, its really urgent.

Nandu cries and worries. She waits for response. She gets a call from Sanjay. She says I was trying to reach you, you had my marriage footage right, do you have it or sold it, you did not get money, fine, I want to buy it, I can give you my house papers, you can mortgage it and get money, I will write the letter, I want the video right now. She notes few things and talks to Sanjay. She thanks him. She gets glad and thanks Lord. Nani comes and asks Nandu what are you doing. Nandu asks Nani to go. She says I want to free Raju and I m finding the way for his bail, else case can get worse, I want our house’s original documents. Nani gives her the papers and says if you can save a family by this papers, then don’t think of this house. Nandu smiles and hugs Nani.

Raju asks Nandu what do you want. Nandu asks him to sign on the papers, its written that our marriage has no meaning, so that I can marry Sunny.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Wat s going to happen next?? So confusing yaar!!

  2. Shraddha Sharma

    Sooo sad….
    But i am confused also… starting me chip thi or end me aate aate chip kahan gyi??
    Khair mere confusion ko jaane do but raju and nandu ko seprate mat kro…

  3. Guys the show is ending. … I saw jatin n vinti’s twitter post.

    1. Shit….. NO…..

    2. I saw only pics on Twitter.

    3. I feel sad…. but I rather have the show end with nandu n raju together than to get a new replacement. .. ?

    4. People over here don’t believe in different concept at all… All they want to see is Saas Bahu or Human turning into animal or black magic concept….

      Anyway, guys it was really nice chatting with you all….

    5. It was very nice chatting with you guys. It’s the only show where I routinely posted comments. I waited everyday for the updates ?
      I hope jatin sharma n VintI comes back soon w another different kind of show.

    6. Yeah I saw the TV schedule for Monday. They have kept the slot for ‘May I Come In Madam’ for that…..

    7. Shraddha Sharma

      What??, ???? no… abhi to show me interest aana suru hua hai…

  4. will it end today?plz cmnt fast?

    1. They will end it by tomorrow

    2. I think Friday will be the last show

  5. I will miss raju and nandu a lot!! This particular show had brought a lot of happiness to me…

    1. You are right.
      This is was my first serial and now the last one. I used to wait for 7.30 on everyday just to watch this serial….
      I am really sad…. that the show is ending….
      But really really really really hoping to see Jatin Sharma in a positive lead SOON…

  6. I am trying to Google it if anywhere it is mentioned that this serial is going off air, but I can’t find anything….

    Aqua! Did you read that the show is ending on Twitter? I mean I am not on Twitter so no idea….

  7. Shraddha Sharma

    Don’t say that ki show is ending i think kal nandu aka vinit ka last day hai shoot hai… unless and untill you are sure about it.. and i am not even sure ki nandu ka kal last day hai ya shoot ka…

  8. I saw jatin twitter saying last day… n vitni posting “small moment in life attribute to beautiful memories… time frozen.”

    Then on India forum they said it’s ending

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Kya plz link bej skti hun jahan padha hai

    2. Shraddha Sharma

      Seriously total confusion hai…. samjg hi nhi aa raha hai ki show end ho raha hai ya nandu ka character….
      I hope agr 1% bhi show end ho raha hai to happy ending ho… but precap dekh kr lga nhi ki show end ho raha hai…

    3. I hate this confusion…. Heehee
      Nothing on the internet is mentioned about ending the show…..
      But in the tv guide it is shown 7.30 slot for ‘May I Come In Madam’…. and for tomorrow’s episode, I saw few model town characters…..
      Jatin Sharma mentioned ‘last day’…. but whose last day???? Vinti’s or the Shoot’s…. Heehee….

    4. Shraddha Sharma

      See my comment above your recent comment galti se upper ki tarf ho gya tha comment….

    5. Ab to Kal he pata chale ga ki serial hai ya nahi Monday KO….Heehee

      Generally to koi serial khatam hoti hai to net pe aata hai….

      Aur confusion yeh hai ki Kya kabhi Raju KO pata chale ga ki Rambhateri uski Maa hai????

      Aur Sunny k Ghare k andar Kon hai????

      Nandu ne Sunny KO GLOVES kyun pehnay the?????

      You think yeh sab 1 episode Me in cover ho jayega???? Heehee

      Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re?????

  9. Shraddha Sharma

    Ya right serial me bhut sare loop holes baaki hai….
    You never know writers/ producers kb kya kr de?? Kyu ki inko bakwas show ko kichna, acche show ko bakwas bannana or acche shows ko end kr dena achank se bakhubi aata hai….

    And amena plz update today’s episode fast..

    1. Shraddha! Kal ke spoilers mein bhi kuchh mention nahi kiya…. ki serial is coming to an end or something… in fact aisa likha hai ki Rambhateri ki re-entry ho sakti hai to save Raju N Nandu’s relationship…. or is it ki Telly Updates walo ko bhi nahi pata hai kuchh????

      If you read yesterday’s spoiler, you will know what I mean…..

    2. Shraddha Sharma

      Seriously bhut confusion ho raha hai… ab to kl hi pta chalega….

    3. Yes agree .they did the same with dream girl .brought new face nd new twist.Wasted 3 months to watch that show for sudeep

  10. the pre-cap as all the model town characters 🙂

    1. I know…. Ab yeh sab kaha se Aa gaye??? Heehee

    2. i think LIfe OK has forgotten that they have a show called JKHRR
      lolz so they don’t even know if it will go off air or not.

  11. How sad that my favorite show is ending! But I would rather see it end then see it turn horrible.

    1. Ya me 2 🙂 love jatin for his amazing acting as raju <3

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