Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 28th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Officer Singh seeing the device catching frequencies and thinking to inform police about Garjana’s plan to fail them. She tries taking the device. The man says they are getting a signal from Garjana area. Bharat says pass signal fast. Officer Singh thinks now their plan will reach police headquarters. Bharat says I m unable to hear anything. The commander sees the device by hearing the sound. Officer Singh hides. The commander shuts the device and asks the men to find out. Bharat says is Sandhya is any problem, did Garjana catch her. He calls his officers and asks them to send their team to Garjana area. Chandu catches Officer Singh.

They ask her who is she, why did she come here. She says IPS Officer Agrima Singh, Indian police service, her duty has got her

here, she has come to fail their plan against their country. She says till she and her soldiers are ready, they will not let anyone harm the country, their bad motives will never be fulfilled. The commander sees her and gets angry. He says what shall I say, bravery or foolishness, you came here knowing its Garjana’s area, did you wish to get medal, you should have done something to be alive after getting medal, whats the use to get medal after dying, what can a woman do. She asks him to open her hands if he is a man.

Chandu says free her hands. They free her hands. Officer Singh beats them and holds Chandu. They beat on her head with a rod and start kicking her badly. The commander asks them to tie her to the tree. Sandhya thinks where did Garjana take Officer Singh, she has to save her before anything happens. She sees the truck tyre marks going inside the jungle.

Sooraj asks Lalima to rest in his sister Chavi’s room, if she has any problem, he is here, and asks will she go leaving him. She says you trust me right. He says yes, I trust you that you will help me in finding Sandhya. She asks him to rest, they have to go and find Sandhya in morning. He says fine and leaves. Lalima sits on the bed. Meenakshi comes there and asks Lalima to get up. She asks whats your name, anyways I don’t care, this is Chavi’s room, why will you stay here without any relation, what are you looking like this, go from here. She brings Lalima out and says you feel we can’t see your smartness, no one likes you here, see there. Bhabho, Babasa, Emily and Mohit look on.

Meenakshi asks will she stay in Sooraj’s room without any relation, and asks her to sleep outside the door. Ved looks on from far. Lalima takes the mat and goes in the courtyard to sleep. Meenakshi tells Bhabho to see Lalima, and she feels Lalima came by some other reason. She asks Bhabho to do something. Officer Singh is tied to the tree. The commander asks whats the use of this country serving spirit, you don’t know what will happen now, I will show you Garjana power which you did not know. Sandhya thinks to find her soon. The commander says we will tell you why we stole this chip, and whats Charlie doing here. He says he will write history, and ruin the country on non violence day, there will be no one left. He asks her to see the sample of their plan.

Sandhya thinks to get a clue to reach Officer Singh. Chandu plays the laptop and shows the nuclear bomb data on it, saying they will be make nuclear bomb fall on India on Oct 2, you are a police officer and you will be knowing it. Officer Singh is shocked. Chandu says many lives will be dying, and shows the post effects of the bomb. Officer Singh is stunned seeing the pics and their plan.

They say Jai Garjana and commander tells Officer Singh about his deadly plan. He aims gun at her, saying your time has come. Sandhya is still running in the jungle and hears the gunshot, as commander shoots at Officer Singh. The commander smiles. Sandhya thinks did anything happen to Officer Singh and runs. The commander leaves Officer Singh and asks her to run and tell her govt about their plan, as she might be willing to do this. He says he will see how police stops Garjana, he is glad seeing her bravery, and that’s why he is freeing her. Officer Singh stumbles. She says she is not taught to run showing the back to enemy, this is her country, its her duty to protect her country, he can kill her, but she will not let her country get hurt, she is not shocked seeing foreigner, she is ashamed on his cheat thinking, he is born in this land and still ruining this land, she won’t let him cheat his country. He shoots on her leg.

Sandhya hears the second gun shot and thinks to find Officer Singh fast. Officer Singh says this country has made many brave soldiers. He shoots on her other leg too. Officer Singh says she will not let him succeed in his bad plan, if one officer dies, many officers will be born. He shoots again. Sandhya hears the ghun shot and stands shocked.

Officer Singh takes the fire and puts it near the chip. Garjana peope get shocked. Sandhya is still away and looks for her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Jeyam

    Oh, what a brave heart Agrima is! And we are really proud of such courageous soldiers of our country.And why Sandya takes a long time to find Agrima?It’s really dragging and prolonging technics of the serial director.

    • Bcoz that jungal means that forest or that wild area is so big that’s why sandhya is confuse to go where bcoz of that area is so big. So she take time to reach there garjna sanghtna people.???

  2. ANU

    thanks amena……..nice episode….today i am very happy less rathi family scene’s more mission scenes ….very good happy…..but i am worried abt agima singh…..sandhya do some thing……ya ofcourse …….sandy haar nahi manegi ……..sandhya will do some thing……..plz save singh…. 😉

    • ANU

      Yaaa agrima put fire na in that time sandhya will do some thing to save agrima singh…..sandhya u do some thng 2 save plzzzzzz……nd that 2 bharath team also reach garjana place to find sandhya so that we will expect agrima will alive….

  3. NS4

    yeah…garjana people confirmed oct 2nd naa…so mission will not end till 2nd oct….
    too much dragging will be there..

    • ANU

      ya ur right @ns4 mission will not end soon………they r too much dragging nd i have doubt dragg kane ke liye kya story chupa hai….i dont understand….guys any body explain?????????

  4. Nice in starting they show agrima Singh. Nice action scene. Bt they show little bit. That raja beat agrima Singh in her head. So sad.???

    • When Minakshi tunt lalima that time lalima come down and sleep in hall. Superb scene. Now it nice to see funny episode. Bcoz they show now rathi family vs lalima. Lol ???????

  5. Richa

    Well anu they will streach the rubberband til it breaks….. They can shw more rathi scenes…. Or chandu and co bharat nd sandy plotting/prep fr their respectiv missions and iw sandy execute plan etc

  6. For this one think is clear that this mission is one more month we happy. Bcoz I love this mission track. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ????

  7. Romi

    Nice episode!!! So thrilled to see their evil plan ? nothing should happen to agrima Singh!!! Loved her bravery!!! Eagerly awaiting tomorrow episode how sandya will save her teacher and the brave soldier ??

  8. They nicely show that plan by video. In real this kind of nuclear atom bomb blasts in Japan ( heroshima and nagasaki in August 6 and August 9, 1945) . So that’s why they say that now India is second. And which pic they show that was really pic in Japan. Where this kind of blast happened. ??
    Hear this the details of first nuclear atom bomb:

  9. Richa

    Lalima ko sab nikalna chate the … I felt bad for her pehle sab use ghar lana chate the aur ab sab matlabi bn gaye

  10. After the Hiroshima bombing, Truman issued a statement announcing the use of the new weapon. He stated, “We may be grateful to Providence” that the German atomic bomb project had failed, and that the United States and its allies had “spent two billion dollars on the greatest scientific gamble in history—and won.” Truman then warned Japan: “If they do not now accept our terms, they may expect a rain of ruin from the air, the like of which has never been seen on this earth. Behind this air attack will follow sea and land forces in such numbers and power as they have not yet seen and with the fighting skill of which they are already well aware.”[163]

    The Japanese government did not react. Emperor Hirohito, the government, and the war council considered four conditions for surrender: the preservation of the kokutai(Imperial institution and national polity), assumption by the Imperial Headquarters of responsibility for disarmament and demobilization, no occupation of theJapanese Home Islands, Korea, or Formosa, and delegation of the punishment of war criminals to the Japanese government.[164]

    The Soviet Foreign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov informed Tokyo of the Soviet Union’s unilateral abrogation of the Soviet–Japanese Neutrality Pact on August 5. At two minutes past midnight on August 9, Tokyo time, Soviet infantry, armor, and air forces had launched the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation.[165] Four hours later, word reached Tokyo of the Soviet Union’s official declaration of war. The senior leadership of the Japanese Army began preparations to impose martial law on the nation, with the support of Minister of War Korechika Anami, in order to stop anyone attempting to make peace.[166]

    On August 7, a day after Hiroshima was destroyed, Dr. Yoshio Nishina and other atomic physicists arrived at the city, and carefully examined the damage. They then went back to Tokyo and told the cabinet that Hiroshima was indeed destroyed by an atomic bomb.????

  11. This the real pic of Japan nuclear bomb see this link..

  12. One thing I like frm the show that officer Agrima Singh dialogue: that in she say that she is nt shock that this foreigner help garjna sanghtna for this stupid plan.. She is a Shem of that our own nation people do this with our nation. She can’t believe that our nation people do Betray ( gaddari). One more dialogue li like that if one officer die than thousands of officers born.superb dialogue. Superb dialogues writer. ????????

  13. Happy onam to my friends sorry for the late wishes??
    Wating for tomorrow episode. In tomorrow agrima Singh burn there plan details may be she burn that laptop or something else. Gnsd ..?Bcoz tomorrow is very special day as well as my fav day… Happy 4 anniversary of dabh ….?
    Happy raksha bandan to all my friends.???? In advance.??

  14. shalu

    omg I feel sorry for officer Singh.. hope sandya wil save her.. and the police team wil arrive as soon as possible .. :'(

  15. ANU

    All of u guys good night sd………..advance wishes for all happy raksha bandhan………happy anniversary of DABH……waiting for tomm episode ……….tomm they give again suspense precap. 😉

  16. I don’t understand what writers thought about Lalima. Why Lalima has to suffer? Brainless family doesn’t not understand her? If she really wants to take revenge she could have taken sooraj to her house. She doesn’t have to bring him to his house. It proves that being a good with pure heart is not good in the present time.

    Every one is happy that rathi family is hating Lalima because she won’t come between sooraj and sandhya. But is it happening good with her? If sandhya is there she never let happen injustice to anyone.

    • anu

      Ya well said@ luv dabh no need to stay lalimaa with rathi family……bt we dont know writer wt story prapared between lalimaa nd sooraj wt ever they show it will be neat track only bcoz i trust dabh team.. ???

    • NS4

      well said @luvDABH….

      really can’t understand…wat the dabh writers..ver thinking about this lalima charecter… wat the message they want to tell with this lalima charecter…..
      how the message is it..a unmarried girl staying in no related family becoz of a man….it won’t be good with her feautre…
      Don’t understand..wat dabh team going to convey…

    • Romi

      Yeah @luv DABH!!! Agreed to you!!! I always showed my concern towards lalima too!!! There should not be any injustice with her!!! But I’m sure when sandya comes she’ll handle this matter too alongside bhabo’s angers .

  17. anu

    Hi guys good morning!!!!!! I wish a happy fourth anniversary to all dabh team nd all of u fans especially sumeet sir..nd rohit raj sir who made a wonderful serial…. Nd anas …deepika these two people r very important bone of this serial….. Nd success credit goes to hole dubh team….enjoy this memorable day,,,..once again congratulations…..☺i hope as early as possible lalima character will end otherwise plz show a best friendship between sooraj nd lalima like zakir nd sandhya……??☺

    • NS4

      nice…simple and sweet comment….DABH always rocks…

      Yeah hope so..they show strong friends relation b/w sooraj-lalima…other than..unnecessary scenes..

  18. NS4

    Good morning guys…..
    Happy week end…

    Nice episode……less rathi scenes …. Agrima singh rocked the episode…..nice to see this episode..
    but still feeling unhappy…. less sandhya scenes naaaaa

  19. NS4

    this rathi people never change…….y they have to behave like this with lalima… stupid meenakshi…
    foolish bhabu…always belive her own family….who r with cunning nature ..rather than a good nature…person

    this bhabu never change…even..if her own family members(mohit,meena, vikram, chavi) kill her..

  20. NS4

    All are busy with their family members…..may be celebrating raksha bandhan..with full of joy…

    Happy raksha bandhan to all……have a joyful day…

    • NS4

      well in precap..showed..agrima singh was still alive and..burning..some thing may be chip..
      sandhya still not reached garjana place…
      may be sandhya reaches there and she will save Agrima singh…

      today at the end of the episode….DABH team will make a suspence thrill for audieance..
      Did…..Agrima Singh will ………..die or alive..
      Sandhya can save singh or not………….

      • @NS4, does it means mission track will continue till October 2nd? But one thing is that this track is far more better than hijack track. I am really enjoying it except rathi’s attitude.

      • NS4

        As in episode…garjana commender and chandu said..on oct 2nd they were planed to blast a nuclear bomb …so its as per episode oct 2nd mission last day…

        But no need to worry abt it… becoz as in previous episode comment…i have explained a calculate naa….
        DABH 1 day Shooting scenes = 7 to 10 days(episodes for US….)

        One side sooraj scenes and other side Sandhya mission scenes……
        So that 1 day(Oct 2nd >= 1 month episodes)

      • NS4

        Best example for this calculation….u can count….Hijack end day episodes…actually those scenes are just few (3 to 4)hours scenes….But for us…its 10 days episdoes

  21. NS4

    i have a doubt…guys…even if sandhya reached the garjana place to save Agrima singh…
    How will sandhya…save singh sir…singh sir already ..shoted by two bullets in her two legs…
    And how will sandhya hide her identity from garjana and save Singh sir….
    may be DABH team do some miracle….

    • NS4

      i was feeling that…..Agrima death drama and when sandhya reaches singh sir….singh will give the info of garjana plan…
      May be this y Dabh team brought singh sir..on track to find the garjana plan…y becoz sandhya as sagarika …..can’t face directly to garjana people to know garjana plan

      • Even I am having same doubt. How sandhya will save Singh madam without showing her identity. May be police team sent by Bharat will reach there and garjana team ran away from there.

    • Romi

      Good point @ns4!! My mind didn’t go to that point.singh sir did all this to facilitate sandy’s mission bcoz sandya can’t ask them directly and was talking her time ?

  22. ANU

    Hey guys today i watched again shiv ji drama usme sati maata bhasm hone khe badh shiv ji goor tapasya me rahta waise hi abhi sooraj bhi sandhya khi tapasya mhe hai jaise parvati mata phir se shiv ji khe jeevan me kushiya latehai waise hi sandhya bhi sooraj khe life zarror kushiya layegi………jab thak sooraj sandhya khi tapasya me hi hoga……

    nd one more thin guys today any body watched sbb or sbs plz post the link bcoz they show today anniversary celebrations plzzzzz …………. 🙂

      • Romi

        Dear admin!! How can you let publish post like these bcoz it can hurt someone’s religious feelings and then they will say something wrong about the other persons religion! Its too bad ? please don’t publish the post like these!!!

    • NS4

      Ok..i’ll try to post…. but i was thinking…DABH team will celebrats anniversary function to night..
      Actually they celebrates two occations today…………… raksha bandhan and anniversary……

  23. richa

    welll hyyy alll myyy story tyme……………
    ОК AБОЦT HОЩ ШЇLL ₴AИDУ ₴AVЄ ДGЯЇMA ₴ЇЯ……………h̨̳̟̙͇̣͎͖͈́̀͊̊̍͋̀͗̆̃͜o̧̺̲̫̗̫̦̮̝̤͌̄̍͛̊͒̎̉͋͆p̡͓̻̲̗̟̼̗̝̳̒̈̄́͌̾̈́̾̂͘ȩ̪̯͈̟̙͍͉͙͗̉̋̉̽̓̌̀̕͝ͅ ̨̧̼͎̪͉̜͔͔̑͊̊͂̇̇̐̄̍̕͜ų̯̦̞̗͚̪͖̬͎̽̃͑̃̃̅̓̄͌͠ ̡̧̡̹̘̣͖̲̟̮̓͂̀̅̈́̓͐̋̕͘l̢̙͉̭̮̭̟͖̝͋͛̍̾̔̎̑͊̚̕ͅi̢̗̭͈͍̻̲̤̬̖͑̆̏̊̃̈̈́̆̀̚k̨͕̱͖̩͚̖̙̗̠͂̎̅̈́̽͂̒̊͠͝ȩ̳̻̺̫̰̠͇̜̀̽̃̐̔͗̇̄͠͝ͅ ̧͖̦̪̰͍̹̰̫̬̒̾̈́̈́̆̏͌̈́̌͘i̢̺͉̖͎̗̝̬͙̠̓͛̍̓͊̌̒̊̂́t̨̗̹̹͕̖̟̭͍̝͛̏͌̄̌̾͆̔̋͠
    SANDY aka SAGRIKA is running in the forest and hears another bullet sound………….. and hurries up …………….. in meanwhile garjana commander come near to agrima and hold her neck…………. sandy nervously trails the tyre tracks of the truck………. the garjana commender squeese her face(mean zor se dabata hai gaal k taraf se) and leaves her with a sudden jerk and agrima looks don for a moment…………and shouts on them in her usual angry style……………. ans says lalanat tumpe tum apne hi desh ko chot pahunchana cahate ho sirf un kuch/chand logo se badla lene k liye jinhone kabhi tumhe chot pahunchai thi (shame on u u r hurting thefull nation just to revenge some people who have hurt u sometime ) …………………………………….. and spits on ground and says lanat h……………………….commander says that ur feet r in ur grave and u r in lions den and still showing sooo much attitude…………….. i must say indian govt hav some really brave recruits………………. but alll waste bcoz garjana willl succeed in their mission and all give a scary laugh and chandu stares thoughtfully…………………..

    • richa


      noww opart two…………….

    • richa

      now commander ask agrima to leave and says seee criipled nations crippled soldier will go slowly dragging in her nation’s siol (lol srry if tese lnes offend u )…………….. agrima tries to move wtth the help of her hands………….. and moves…….. the commander laughs seeing her and they all celebrate firing air shots…… agrima rests herself on a straw pile (that 1 in precap) on which the garjana ppl hav a box or money and arms………………. she thinks a moment…………… commander praises chandu………….and suddenly they seee fire and get worried ……………… and chandu says RUN!!!!!!!! the arms hav caught fire………….and agrima says (fire in the hole) and smirks and say i wont let u complete ur plan m a true soldier of my country…………………….. just then sandy enter and see agrima near fire…………………

    • richa

      sandyy tries to put off fire but its flames are reaching sky as the straw was dry………………. alll r shoked to see her der….. she holds agrima and dragss her to a safer distnce agrima gets thoughtful………………and during that bhagdarh (stanpede/confusion) agrima conveys msg in codeword……………… chandu rushes to her and question her……………..and sm1 watches them (well its bharat ‘s team member…..)
      hope u like it srry for less sandy action part………. and i post nxt story soon…………….

  24. ANU

    guys good evening!!!!!!!!!!!agrima singh will not die she is alive ………..she will help sandhya to fail garjana mission…this is my opinion ……….how sandhya will save agrima that is the twist…we aill see in upcoming episode………..guys wt do u say?????????????/

  25. ANU

    agrima will die or alive that is fifty fifty chances but she deffinatly help sandhya to pass garjana information this is my opinion wt do u say guys?????????

    • Richa

      Yeah anu there r 50-50 chances od agrima’s death and if she return alive it wil surely be a threat for garjana

  26. ANU

    hey @varsha where r u…………… u r comment is missing……… i guess they will show rathi family raksha bandhan scene in ending they show mission scene bcoz they want give suspense precap na……………wt do you say guys???/ @richa varsha romi ns4 nd all

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