Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with bhabho asking chavi to paste the paper & read it. Sandy is shocked. Chavi picks those papers & leaves. Bhabho tells that when it comes to children’s life a mother has no meaning for right & wrong & tells that chavi is not like sandy & she just wants her marriage to happen without any hindrance. Sandy asks what if the paper is fake. Bhabho shuts her up saying that she need not come in btw bhabho & chavi & warns her if anything happens to chavi marriage bcoz of her she would be the worst. Sandy leaves to GG room & remembers chavi’s fear of failing & bhabho’s words abt chavi’s marriage & also the whole convo btw her suraj bhabho & chavi.

She goes & picks up cell phone & btw suraj come s&

asks her abt that. Sandy replies that she is gonna inform principal. Suraj worries abt chavi & sandy tells that it will be the one who really leaked the paper & not chavi. Sandy goes on to inform prici who tells that she already knows that & also the police is doing their job. Sand y tell s suraj that chavi must be informed abt this & goes to inform her.

Sandy informs her & asks her to stop depending on that paper. Chavi tells that she knows what to do & this is her new drama & leves from the place on ire when sandy asks her to confirm it with princi if she wants.


Meena apllying some powder & vik tells that kanha is shining. Bhabhasa tells that even his mom used to do that but nothing changed.
Bhabho asks abt date to vik. Vik lists out. Bhabho asks mohit & vik to contribute for the family. Suraj tries to intervene. But bhabho shuts them up & tells that they have become father of children but still behaving like a child. Bhabho adds that electricity bill has doubled. MEena sarcastically taunts sandy for that But bhabho asks her to tell more abt milk too. Meena shuts up. Vik tells that he will give it by evening & bhabho asks 1000 rs more. Bhabho asks meena what is she making face like that & adds that they have become three now & targets mohit next & teels that he has also got married now & expenses have increased. Mohit just nods.

Chavi comes & gets the blessings of bhabho & bhabho asks her abt the bandage on her feet. She just manages. Bhabho feeds her dahi shakkar. Everyone wishes her. Sandy tries to get the blessing of bhabho but she ignores her. Sandy feels bad. Sandy goes near bhabho & takes the dahi shakkar herself & gets blessings from sandy. Ems & vik wish her all the best. Chavi & sandy leave. Bhabhsa also wishes her. Suraj follows them. Suraj tells best of luck from behind to sandy & wishes her. Sandy thanks him & leaves.

Break: Meena asks whether bhabho changed her mind as she helped sandy to attend her exams yesterday.

Bhabho picks up a dabba & leaves. Ems gets happy & leaves to do those work left by bhabho. Meena looks at that surprised. Bhabho comes back & sees ems doing the remaining work & opens a whole sack & asks her to prove by cleaning all the grains. Ems nods & mohit gives a don care look. Ems continues her work. Bhabho & meena at balcony. Meena asks whether bhabho changed her mind as she helped sandy to attend her exams yesterday. Adds that se never thought that bhabho would do that as she was the one who was agst sandy’s studies.

Break: Chavi sandy at exam hall & chavi gets shocked to see a different Q paper

Meena asks her to reply her. Bhabho stares at her & asks her to concentrate on her baby first rather than these things. Adds that she has to take care of the nappy so that he remains healthy &asks her to stitch new nappies. Meena blames bhabho for her behaviour to kanha. At examination hall. SAndy calls chavi but she turns back. Sandy gets upset. The bell rings. The invigilator comes in & distributes paper. Sandy worries what wd happen next as the paper has not postponed. Chavi sandy receive the Q paper sheets as the second bell rings & chavi gets shocked to see a different Q paper. & looks at sandy shocked. SAndy is facing front.

Monday Precap: Chavi looks at sandy answer sheets falling & tries to ick it up with her foot.

Update Credit to: shobhana_dabh

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