Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya asking the naxals to leave her. She is tied to the bed by ropes. The bed hangs and is controlled by the ropes. She asks who are they, she does not know anything, leave. The naxal asks her to keep quiet. She talks in Bengali and says she went to temple to do puja, and policeman wanted to talk. He lowers the bed and asks what does she know about Himanshu, how did he die, where was she for 3 months. Chandu looks at her.

Sooraj misses Sandhya and says if Sandhya was here, she would have sorted everything. Ved shows him some papers and says Sandhya will like this. The naxal man says she is adamant and won’t tell anything, lower the bed. She says no and the bed lowers to the fire put up. Chandu asks them to stop. The naxal asks him does he know their loss after

Himanshu’s death, and this girl is not saying anything, how will they do their mission and get arms without money.

Chandu says this mission will succeed, we will win anyhow, I know things are tough after Himanshu’s death, but we have to think by mind, this girl is not in state to tell us anything. He says he won’t let them kill her. The man says he understood. Chandu says she will be fine in few days and we will ask her. The man says you thought well, we will keep her infront of our sight and our work will be over. Chandu asks them to get her down.

Bhabho makes kada and asks Babasa not to drink water after having it. Emily’s assistant comes to talk to her. Mohit says he has shut Emily’s number. The lady talks about parlor work. Mohit says she is asking the wrong lady, Emily is bahu of this house, ask me anything related to parlor, I m the owner, make list of the items, you will get it. He asks Emily to get tea. Pari looks on. She gives him tea. He scolds her without any reason, and Emily’s hand gets burnt by the tea. Pari rushes to take care of Emily and takes her to apply ointment. Bhabho silently looks on. She asks Emily to compromise with her fate.

Sandhya is freed in the local area and sails in the boat. The people keep an eye on her. She thinks about the place. Pari says she will not beat this injustice, dad has snatched the parlor and I don’t agree with Bhabho, why to lie as per fate, you have done this till now, its enough now, leave this home atleast for my sake. Emily says fine, we will leave, Sandhya has given me responsibility to take care of Ved, why do we care right? All promises went with Sandhya right? Sandhya has done a lot for us, and still we will leave this house.

Pari says we can’t leave Ved alone, he needs us, he is very young, Sandhya Tai ji did a lot for us, you can’t break promise given to her, we won’t go. She hugs Emily and cries. A boy brings Sandhya to the Garjana people’s village. Sandhya looks at them, and thinks even kids are taught to make arms here. She goes ahead and thinks its good that they are educating girls. She looks at them. The lady stops teaching seeing Sandhya. Sandhya then sees the words taught by arms, pain, miseries, and all negative things being fed in their minds.

The lady teaches about police and govt, and their savior is Chandru. Sandhya recalls Bharat asking her to reach the head Chandru and get info from him, its impossible but she has to do this, she will decide what to do, Chandru will keep her in Himanshu’s village where they can keep an eye on her, being close to jungle, don’t do anything that they doubt on you and make you leave the village, you have to be in between them for the mission. A lady holds her hand and asks the boy who is this girl. The boy says she is Himanshu’s wife.

The boy takes Sandhya to Manjari Mausi and says your bahu has come, Himanshu’s wife. The old lady looks at Sandhya and gets angry. She calls Sandhya unlucky.

The old lady scolds Sandhya and asks why is she doing Shringhaar when Himanshu is dead. Sandhya asks her to leave her and struggles.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. anu

    Ved i love u my boy how sweet kid u r. You taken your mamma medal keep it in flower vase. so nice of u my boy. how much respect you are given to ur mamma. That part was very nice.

  2. anu

    I like it in emily in positive way. how much giving respect to sandhya. emily and pari i like you that part also nice.

  3. anu

    Actually sooraj ka poora room nahi dikhaya i want to see that bcoz sandhya ka memory nikahala gaya or he is maintaing. bhaboo ne oo bhi cleanup kiya hai.

    • NS4

      @richa: u said that u missed watching this episode so..u just miss understood on reading the conversation b/w emily and pari…..
      Emily and Pari are good
      plz watch the episode u will get it!! Ok!!!

    • Emily is not selfish if she was she would have left without filling sandiyas wish and the only person that is selfish is Mohit and bahbo plus I think emily should have married Zakier he’s way better then Mohit I really hope that emily levels him for Zakier

  4. anu

    Actually sooraj is in shock i think so he is thinking sandhya is alive. it is right but what abt ved any body guess ????

  5. ub

    I think sooraj is afraid of fire… So yesterday also bhabo not let him lit the matches and also not allowed to get jalebis from kitchen

  6. Nice to see that ved is care his father.thank God at least suraj do vedansh. And ved support him to do in sandhya’s choice of vedansh. That part was so sweet.?✌??

    • anu

      actually varsha bhaboo ne cleanup kiya koga sooraj ka room so sad than how will read that note??????

      • NS4

        Actually in which scene they shown bhaboo throwing all sandhya’s memories???????
        they have shown it in promo only naaa???
        i think they may be hidden all things which related sandhya..

    • They never killed sandhya bcoz they want information. So whenever they nt get information fot r that time of they can’t kill sandhya.???

      • Whatever bharat sir say exactly that happened they bring sagrika in himanshu’s home means that jungle.?? definitely sandhya’s plan works.??

  7. Dabh nicley show that jungle scene. Bichri sandhya think in that jungle they teach girls. BT she disappointing when she see that they teach only in fight language. So sad ????

    • Romi

      They are so inhuman! They even don’t spare little kids ?
      Atleast they should not snatch their childhood and its innocence
      Let them enjoy their life and give them good education not tension and hatred ?

    • Romi

      Yeah agreed ???
      Mohit is the biggest terrorist who made his wife and daughter life miserable ?
      He should go the gungle as he is a big animal alongside his bhabo
      Then I’ll say her to compromise with your destiny ?

  8. anu

    One more new entry are coming in serial rati pandey (lalima) she is coming in sooraj life as a new girl.

    • No this nt happened. When suraj do is second marriage on that sandhya come in rathi family??
      So dnt worry dis nt happened.?????

  9. anu

    Sooraj has become unstable, Bhabho believes that a new girl in his life will resolve the issue. Bhabho is getting a new girl, Lalima (Rati) in his life,

    • Hate bhaboo. First he say that sandhya’s place no one take in suraj’s life.and now she doing that. So stupid bhaboo?????

      • anu

        I am totally disappointed see this news bhaboo should not do like this. 2 or 3 scenes will see sooraj than will understand what he is thinking he is in shock or he read that letter.

    • NS4

      Actually the main problem in rathi family was with bhaboo…….Soo ….some plz kidnap Bhabo till sandhya return …so that all things come normal 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P ;P

  10. Romi

    How will sandya contact Bharat bcoz she doesn’t have any mobile phone and internet access and those ppl also keep a close eye on her ?
    Maybe she is having another officer with her ??

    • Yes. Actually bharT sir say her that now she alon do this mission. And one thing also there that they fix cameras in some area’s. So through that bharat sir also watch that.?????

  11. Romi

    Why this idiot mohit came back? He was not needed
    He doesn’t know how to do make up so how can he run parlour ????? I feel so bad for the customers
    They all will look like churail ??

  12. Jeyam

    Sandya was released by the naxals without getting any proper answer from her. They should have doubted that about how Sagarika escaped in the blast while Himanshu died both travelling in the same coach side by side. Are they too foolish to believe Sandya as is? Again the director confusing the viewrs?

  13. AD

    I think Bhabho lost her trust in all her bahus bcoz of Sandhya’s lie.So she brought that Mohit bullshit back.Emily is going through great injustice.How can Bhabho change like this?So sad for Emily,Pari,Sooraj & Ved.Ved is so lovely.I think Sooraj believes Sandhya is still alive.That’s why Sooraj is shown normal.Till Sandhya return,everything happens in Rathi house will be bad.
    That Mohit meet with an accident & he should live as a living dead body.Death is like saving him,not punishment.He should repent throughout his life

    • mohit is a rotten egg who wants to live as a king in this world…. no job no responsibilities etc….he just wants to be the boss and enjoy a royal life without any effort…………and bhabho alll gone mad hw cud she do dat she shud know dat alll her family and country is in peace bcoz of thesacrifices of these brave soldiers……….. and they are also someones loved ones their family dont dump them after their death ………….they are proud of their sacrifice

  14. anu u knoiw bhabho is vv hesitant to accept anything at first and she needs a teacher to make her understand anything ane she has passed on this habbit to her family.

    • NS4

      Great observation and great [email protected]

    • Romi

      Yeah well said ☺️
      And that teacher was sandya only she knows better how to change bhabo opinion into positive way ☺️

      • Well [email protected] only sandhya do this ?????

  15. Yesterday we see the emli’s opinion about sandhya. Now may today or tomorrow episode we see Minakshi’s opinion abt sandhya.???

      • Romi

        Only if the government pays reward for the family too for their suffering s then I m sure meena mohit vikram and chavi will accept it happily
        Other family members are honest they are only angry for not informing them and giving them great trauma of sandya death

    • anu

      ya i want meenakshi is also positive speak abt sandhya. i want these two people support sandhya. but meenakshi isa kabhi nahi karegi.

    • Ved should fight to bhaboo and pari should fight to mohit.and ved and pari should teach some good lesson to this mohit and bhaboo.????

    • NS4

      Well [email protected]

    • anu

      ya bhaboo ko ye kabhi bhi e kahna nahi chahiye. bhaboo feelings are different abt daughter in laws

    • Romi

      Yeah agreed
      Bhabo daughter disgraced her saas and she was thrown out of the house
      Bhabo’s daughters in law are much better than chavi
      Even meena is not that mean ? as Bhabo own daughter
      Obviously there is no comparison
      Bhabo ‘s upbringing was wrong bcoz she was too strict

    • Emli or sandhya ko uske badale hamesha apman hi mila hai. Bhaboo me kabhi unko apni beti nahi mana.hamesha bhau hi mana hai.????

      • If bhaboo treat them as a daughter then she never do this. First she misunderstand sandhya and now when mohit toucher his wife then bhaboo can’t say any words. She just say women can bear this.?????

      • Romi

        Never to consider mom in law as your own mom
        Be coz when in difficult times they turned out to be selfish then it gives much pain
        Only respect them but not give mom place

    • anu

      ya true say she never treat as a daughter. every time sandhya and emily give respect to bhaboo. but bhaboo ko only son ke taraf rahke soochti hai it is not fare. she should feel all are equal bcoz sandhya and emili also family members kabhi chavi ke sath isa huva to jab pata chalta.

  16. anu

    I cannt see this separation track jaldi katam kiya to acha rahta. action story is good no doubt about it but sooraj ke life me one more girl ka entry lare i dont like it.

  17. anu

    what is going on rathi family? bhabasa bhi kuch nahi bath kare aur sooraj ko to sab ke sath nahi dikhare. jo bhi hora hai acha nahi hora.

    • may be suraj ko lagta hai sandhya is alive so thats why bhaboo also nt talk normaly. thats why also bhaboo is nt like sooraj bhihavour….

      • anu

        so how could he accept to do second marriage. is he thinking till sandhya is alive some ware or in shock me rahke vedansh ke bare me bath karaha hai bcoz yesterday in ved &sooraj scene ved feeling are different. plz directer’s revel the suspense views itna suspense rakhna achi bath nahi hai.

      • Romi

        Sometimes I also think that he knows everything that’s why he’s calm
        Or maybe his nature is like an ocean look calm from outside but there is great toofan inside his chest

  18. vaishnavi

    sandhya is strongiy roped in this village…himanshu mother is so horrible…ved is so good son…i hope bhabho ll forgive sandhya..

  19. NS4

    Precap is horrible…..But..sandhya Hair cut won’t happen… again that kidnaped person will stop this stupid lady from doing soo

  20. NS4

    WAITING for upcoming EPISODES …How will sandhya SURVIVE in that STUPID village and how will SANDHYA reach to that main leader of Naxalist (CHANDU)

      • Romi

        Yeah toooooooo much curiosity I used to count the time for the update and then afterwards for the live episode bcoz it telecast later than India in UK

  21. Badal gai bhaboo:-
    In SBB they show that how bhaboo change.??They say that himanshu’s mother give sandhya her ( himanshu’s mother)bride dress. Himanshu mother want that sandhya wear that dress . And bhaboo do suraj second marriage with lalima.????????

    • Romi

      No bcoz sandya scared her dad to not allow her daughter to play Parvati ji role
      Bcoz she’s kunwaari and in future she’ll become second wife that’s why her dad didn’t allow her to participate in the play
      It’s impossible in real life as well

    • Romi

      Oh no is she the one who played the role of Hitler DiDi ?
      I think she’s suraj ( anas rashed) real life girl friend ??

    • wat………so second marrig is confirmed……… sandy ka kya hoga nd ved agar bhabho ki tarah lalima ne bhi ved se bhed bhav kia to…………………..

      • dabh fan

        what will happened to ved if lalima comes in his mom’s place? babho think a while about ved before doing suraj second marriage.
        it will cause injustice to ved , sandhya and suraj also

  22. Bhabho is typical Indian sagas who wants herself to b supreme. With all her daughter in law below her and their husbands. And should do all household work. She is toooo orthodox.always hated bhabho for her this thinking

  23. dabh fan

    misri pic is nice.

    misri should play sandhya’s role in fancy dress and that scene babho should watch and know the greatness of sandhya

    • dabh fan

      misri should play sandhya’s role in her fancy dress competition and that scene babho should watch and know the greatness of sandhya.

  24. let this lalima teach a lesson to bhabho being a rude bahu , so that bhabho will realize how she has been ill treating her three good bahus especially Sandy and Emily.. it will be nice to see lalima cornering that stupid bhabho and her useless spine less mohit.. then they will realize how Sandy adjusted them in all ways in whatever stupid activities they do. they enjoyed in suraj money now it will be lalima who will tie the bell in these cats neck

    • BT suraj dnt marry that lalima. Bcoz in spoiler they say that sandhya come rathi family when suraj is doing marriage.?? so my opinion is suraj nt marry that lalima. In serial put on some masala so that’s why they bring this lalima character. My opinion.?????

      • anu

        aisa hi hona chahiye varsha sooraj should not accept it bcoz serial ka poora track karab hojayegi and aghar sooraj shaadi kiya to sandhya ane baad usko kya bachega life me she lost family as well as husband and son mujhe uske liya e saperaion ka track acha nahi laga.

    • @ varshu if thats the case then…. imagine the situation suraj is in mandap nd sandy comes in vith ved holding her hand and shouts this marrig cant take place??? …….??? and suraj gets up shoked nd all others look at sandy in shock……?????

  25. anu

    bhaboo sooraj ko pressure karegi vaha tak thik hai but sooraj accept karke shaadi karna kisiko dekha nahi jata. this is my thought

    • Maybe aisa nahi hoga.bcoz they show sandhya mission. As well as they want to show some family drama. That’s why they bring this new character. My opinion is this ?????

      Dnt upset. Now enjoy. Upcoming episodes how sandhya find prof.???

  26. 1thing chavi nd mohit are really vv much similar in character in the show as both dont want to work……. disrespect others……. and want to enjoy their lives nd be bossy on others,………

    • No chavi change.she definitely support sandhya. May today or tomorrow they show chavi??

      Hope that lalima is bad women. Then bhaboo realise her mistake. And also realise that how many times sandhya sacrifice her life for rathi family.?????????

    • May be this also happened that suraj do second marriage on that bride girl is sandhya. I think so. Bcoz this is the serial. Any can happened in show.bcoz v can’t see surya separation????????

  27. LALIMA AND PREMA……. both contains MA word nd both second wives of bhabho’s sons…………. well hope this laliMA is different from preMA or else rathi house is doomed again…???

  28. Emily is not selfish and if she was she would have left without filling sandiyas wish the only people who r selfish r Mohit and bhabo plus I think emily should leave Mohit for Zakier

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