Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Diya Aur Baati Hum 20th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Zakir losing out to Sandhya in the Kabaddi game. Rahul says very good Sandhya. Zakir leaves looking at her. He comes to his room and is unable to accept his defeat. He thinks how he lost to Sandhya. He checks the performance graph and sees Sandhya’s growth. He says her position is coming up. He says this is not good for me. He thinks about Sandhya’s words. He says I should not underestimate Sandhya, she won in Kabaddi, I would land in a problem if I does not look into this matter. Everyone get ready for the gun aim shooting. Officer Singh says fire. Everyone shoots. Sandhya shoots at wrong place. Roma says don’t worry, you will improve.

Sandhya does some warm up and the training is shown. She looks at the flags. The day passes. Sandhya

calls Sooraj. She tells him that she got 16 marks out of 20 in long jump. Sooraj says great, its the beginning. He says now your fears are gone. She says its because you are with me. She says still I have to learn a lot. He says everything will be fine, no need to worry. He says I trust you a lot, now I will end the call, I will call later as I m leaving for my shop. Bhabho asks what did Sandhya say. Sooraj tells her that she got 16/20. Bhabho asks how is her health. Sooraj says she is fine. Bhabho thinks only 4 points come, but not the best, she has to get 20/20. When she comes on Chavi’s marriage, I will talk to her.

Babusa is reading the newspaper. Meenakshi gives tea to everyone. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to stitch fall to Chavi’s sarees. Meenakshi says I will do that, I m ready to do anything, but what will Emily do if I do everything. Everyone looks on. Emily says I know what I have to do, I have helped Bhabho in her work, so you don’t worry. Bhabho says enough and says her lines. She says if you both fight, the marriage will be over. She scolds them. She asks them to keep fighting. She asks Meenaskhi to stop the drama. Bhabho asks Sooraj did you tell Sandhya to take 10 day leave. She says if she is here, I don’t need to worry, she will manage everything. Sooraj says I will tell her. He says she can’t get 10 day leave.

Sooraj says she will get two day leave after much difficulty but I will talk to her and try. Bhabho says fine, then ask her will she come for three four hours. She says let her come as a guest them. She says Chavi is her only Nanand, did I ask her to come for two months. Babusa says Bhabhos is right, but you saw yourself how hard is the rules there. The training is so tough, how will she get week leave, so we chose saturday and sunday for marriage. Three days are enough. He supports Sandhya and asks Bhabho not to worry. Bhabho says fine, the eldest bahu has to be here, there are so many rituals, won’t we miss her in the rituals.

Babusa says don’t worry, two bahus are already here. Meenakshi says don’t worry, you tell me what to do, I will do the work else I will ask Emily to do. Emily says yes, don’t worry, we all are here and will do everything on time. Chavi gets a Kamar bandh photo and says wow its so beautiful. Everyone like it. Chavi shows the photo to Bhabho and asks did you like it. Meenakshi says you are very lucky. Chavi says you are right, I m lucky because of Sandhya. She says Sandhya has sent this photo. Sooraj smiles. Chavi says its good right. Bhabho says yes. Everyone smile. Chavi says Sandhya bought this from me, you are worrying for no reason, she is worried about my marriage. Babusa says fine now.

Babusa says Sandhya will come for 2 days and will do 20 days work. Bhabho says I know, but I will miss her in rituals. Babusa says we all will miss her, but Sandhya is not an ordinary bahu, she went to become IPS, she will come after becoming that. Sandhya talks to Officer Singh about three day leave for Chavi’s marriage. Officer Singh says will they not marry if you don’t go. Sandhya says they will be hurt if I don’t go. I don’t want their hearts to break because of me, give me one day leave atleast. Officer Singh says leave your application, I will see. Sandhya thinks what will I tell Bhabho and Sooraj if my application is not accepted.

Sooraj asks Sandhya about leave application. Sandhya is silent.

Update Credit to: Amena_hasan

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