Pavitra Rishta 20th February 2014 Written Episode Update

Pavitra Rishta 20th February 2014 Written Episode, Pavitra Rishta 20th February 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with RK and Arjun fight. A bullet is fired from the pistol while they were fighting and it hits RK. He falls down. Ovi asks Arjun to leave before Police comes. She says, I will take blame on me. Arjun says, what are you saying? There is no guarantee of my life. Ovi says, you will be fine after the operation. Purvi asks, what are you talking about? Ovi tells her about the clot in Arjun’s brain which needs to be operated. He lied to you as he thought you would not take it. He loves only you all his life. Purvi cries and asks, what have you done? Why didn’t you tell me. You took a chance from me to love you, to be with you……Both of them cry and hug. They get united. Arjun gets an attack again. Ovi asks Purvi to take Arjun to the hospital. Ovi takes the gun from Arjun’s hands and asks Purvi and Pia not to tell anything infront of police. Police arrives as usual late.

Ovi tells the Inspector that the bullet was fired during the fight. She asks the Inspector to call the ambulance and let them go. Ovi is taken in Police custody. Purvi tells Ovi that they will live together. Ovi asks her to be with Arjun and fight against Arjun’s illness. Ovi is taken by the police.

Shashank and Ankita approach a NGO women She appreciates Ankita for coming forward to get justice. She says, Mamta Kashyap is our lawyer. She is brilliant and handles this type of sensitive cases. Mamta comes. She agrees to fight the case. Ankita says, case hearing is today. Mamta says, I will come to court. Sonu asks Mansi to comb her hairs. Mansi asks her to get her hairs done by Prashant. Sonu says no. Ankita asks her to go to Kaki’s house after coming back home. Mansi is sitting sadly. Ankita asks her to change the clothes as they have to reach the court. Mansi says, I don’t want to go. Ankita says, we have hired the lawyer. We have truth with us. She asks her to have trust on her.

Ankita says, we shall not step back under any circumstances. We will send Raunaq to jail. Ankita says, I can’t feel what you are going through but I want you to come out of this as a fighter. I will always be with you. Soham comes and says Ankita is right. Raunaq should be punished for his doings. Don’t worry, your father is with you. I will fight with the world for you. I will come with you to the court. Ankita and Mansi hugs Soham. Ankita thanks Soham.

Karmarkar’s arrive at the court. Sunanda tells the Media that Raunaq is innocent and they will win the case. Naren looks at Ankita. Sunanda makes him remember the promise. Ankita thinks, meaning if our relation will change after this case but your respect and importance will be same in my eyes. Naren tells Shekhar that Mansi is also his sister, so don’t ask any uncomfortable questions to Mansi. He asks him not to make her awkward. Shekhar promises to freed Raunaq anyhow. Shekhar hugs Naren. Naren says, you hugged me as if I am dying. He hugs him too.

Court proceedings starts in the court. Judge summons the police to bring the accused Raunaq. She asks, did you rape her? Raunaq says, I didn’t rape her. I was with my wife at the hotel room. I was celebrating my wedding night with my wife. If you want you can question my wife. Mansi is asked to come in the witness box. Mansi gets tensed. Judge asks her to identity Raunaq. Mansi is tensed. Mansi’s Lawyer asks her to tell the truth. Mansi tells that he raped me on that night. Mamta asks Ankita to come in the witness box. She tells Ankita that that day was Mansi’s sangeet function. She asks her, what was Mansi’s condition after the sangeet. Ankita tells her everything. She says, he raped her.

Naren is standing in the witness box. Shekhar tells the judge that this man is mad. Naren asks, what are you saying? I am not mad. Shekhar says, I can prove it. Ankita and Mansi are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. update fast iam waiting 4 ashvik story

  2. “Police arrives as usual late.” AHAHAHAHAHAH i love it !

  3. Nonsense. Poor Ovi. Arjun just let her go to jail for what he did. How can he not care about Ovi at all. All he ever cared about was Purvi and he feels absolutely no guilt about living happily with Purvi at the expense of Ovi going to jail. If it was Purvi who wanted to go to jail for him, he would have flat out refused. Although, he refused at first, but didn’t need much convincing to let Ovi go to jail for him. I always thought this, but now I really think that Ovi loves Arjun more than Purvi. Purvi was willing to sacrifice Arjun for her mom who more important to her than Arjun. But Ovi was willing to accept a mother she didn’t like for Arjun. No one was more important than Arjun to her. I’m not saying what she did was right, but she’s realized her mistake now and whatever she did was out of love for Arjun.(People do crazy things for love.) It’s just sad that Arjun never loved her back. Honestly, her biggest mistake is loving Arjun. All because she fell in love with someone who didn’t love her back, she’s gonna end up alone and now she’s in jail. Why do the writers have to give Ovi such a sad storyline. I really hope that Arjun feels guilty about Ovi being in jail and gets her out of jail. Otherwise, he’s a bastard.

    1. Sorry for my ranting. I know many people hate Ovi and blame her for their precious Arvi being separated, but I was just looking at things from her point of view. Arjun really doesn’t deserve her love. I hate Arjun.

    2. I agree with you. Arjun really doesn’t deserve Ovi’s love. If she loved someone else, she would be happier now. It sad to see her go to jail and Arjun is a douche bag for letting her go to jail for something he did. She tarnished her name and lost her family to help him deceive Purvi and she gets going to jail in return. I hope that Arjun grows a consience and tells the police the truth. Its probably a long stretch to hope that Arjun ends up with Ovi, but I hope she at least ends up happy.

  4. What will happend now!

  5. I totally agree with the others. Arjun shouldn’t have done that to Ovi.I really hope that his conscience makes him feel bad for letting Ovi take the blame.As to Ovi I hope she finds someone who truly loves her and WON’T use her to make his ex-wife jealous.

  6. I think that Raunak should be proven guilty and be sent to jail with Kinnari and Sunanda crying.Of course, Kinnari will laugh 😉

  7. Hmmmmmmm this show is giving me diarrhea

  8. raunak sud b punished if not there wil b injustice to manasi n arjun should try ovi take out coz we should be loyal to the person who lv n help in sad situation

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