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Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sandhya saying she has to find about the secret way here. She looks around. She picks some sticks and sits igniting fire. She says she will light fire here and everyone hiding here will come out to see. She lights fire there and goes away to hide. She says there will be some movement now. She gets shocked seeing some men wearing radiation safe suits coming out. She says they are coming from the waterfall and says such suits are to be protected from radiation, it means the secret place is behind the waterfall. Jai hanuman…………plays……………

She catches a man and makes him fall. She gets dressed in that white radiation safe suit, and wears the face mask. She joins others to extinguish the fire. She thinks she will get in their Lanka in their getup

and goes to the way behind the waterfall.

Bhabho and everyone pray. The minister comes there and knocks the window. He says so you are doing puja, just pray, Lord can do miracle, we will come tomorrow to take Sooraj for tests, then you all know what will happen if there is anything wrong in reports. Bhabho gets worried. Babasa asks her to start puja, everything will be fine. Lalima lights the diya in the aarti plate. Meenakshi tells Lalima that all her belief went down, what does she want to do now.

Bhabho cries and asks Lord to make Sooraj fine. Lalima silently leaves from there. She goes to Sooraj’s room. She asks Ved to go and do the aarti, she will be here with Sooraj. Ved leaves. Lalima asks Sooraj to come, they have to go somewhere. She holds his hand and takes him outside.

Sandhya thinks she is going to know Garjana’s masterplan, they are very smart, no one can say this is not a big rock, but a wall. She goes inside the place and sees around. She sees the powerchip which Shekhar has stolen and thinks she was right, this chip is part of their plan. The men say they have controlled the fire, and now they can switch on the machines again. The power gets on and she gets shocked seeing the place. She says Garjana is making nuclear bomb, our country can’t get fine till many years, many lives will go, is this their masterplan. She looks around to see the pictures of 2nd oct, people working and chemicals there.

She sees the foreigner whom she was following before and thinks this foreigner is helping them. She thinks she has underestimated Garjana, she could never imagine they are ruining the country. Shekhar tells commander that Sagarika has bear a lot and still has emotions for Sajni and Chote Raja, and everyone here. Sajni comes and says she went to give Prasad to Sagarika, she is nowhere in village, where is she, I m worried. Shekhar and commander get thinking.

Lalima brings Sooraj near some temple. She asks him to sit and asks a man did he do all arrangements. He says yes, the dry glass will catch fire soon, when you sign, I will start water shower, ambulance is ready behind. Lalima thinks Sooraj’s biggest fear is fire, she knows he will save her, when he comes to her, she will stop this fire. The man asks why is she doing this, what does she want to get by this Agnipariksha, its true she has taken precautions. She says she wants someone to get rid of his fear and she trusts the Lord.

The man says the nuclear bomb is ready. Sandhya thinks to do something to fail the mission. Shekhar gets to know Sagarika is not found and Manjari is fine now, she wants to meet him and say something. Shekhar says Manjari wants to say the enemy’s name, lets see who is it, who has come till here to stand against Garjana.

Shekhar asks Manjari to say the name. Manjari tries to say. Sandhya is on the way back to village and someone holds her hand to stop her. (Maybe Sajni!!)

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Diya aur bati hum … Awesome. Show ..

    1. Really superb show… Nicley they show sandhya’s scene…???
      Thanks amena for updating fast…???????

  2. Thanks amena………..nice episode in my style ekdam zakkassssssssss…i cant express my feeling ….its really nice episode only sandhya part

    1. True say… Awesomely they show all Sandhya’s scene in ek dam zakaassssssssss style…????????

  3. wt a back ground song ………..DABH team u always rocks……………….tomm i think manjari revel sandhya truth may be……………

    1. May be so… Always DABH chose nice songs which related to that story as well as that song suit that situation… Mind blowing…??????????

  4. i think from tomm sandhya struggles more…………………….coz manjari revel the truth na…its my opinion may be

    1. May be.. Bt I think tomorrow they show lalima fire drama.. Then they show sandhya’s scene…. ?????????

  5. Tensing precap.Thrilling Episode.Superb.

    1. Mind blowing episode.. Sandhya scene was nice..also nice that chandu and chote raja scene when they talk abt sandhya’s good thing…????????

  6. Lalima’s idea that Suraj should face the reality, ie fire is superb. Bot will it happen as per plan? What will happen to Sandya? I’m much worried.

    1. Really nice by lalima plan… She was really nice… She take really big decision… Definitely sandhya will fine…she was strong girl…??????

  7. nyc epi… lol dont mind guyss but those radiation safe suits looked funny 😀 😀 & on other side it was like m watching a scifi movie with those ppl most probably scientists or aliens carrying their ultra heightech light equipment… 🙂

    1. Nicely they show that nuclear atom bomb preparation… And sandhya nicley observed that all room… And also she get know that foreigner help them to make that nuclear atom bomb…????????????

  8. Again i watched 1st part of today episode in desi-Th….its really awesome

  9. 2day’s episode was awesome!!! Nice secret place 4 nuclear arsenal. What do u say @ varsha?? By 2morrow suraj will be all right.

    1. Hope bt I think they show till Sunday… Bcoz tomorrow they show lalima drama and they show same suraj shocking scene… And then may be they show suraj recover scene… Bcoz tomorrow they show sandhya’s scene …hope so…?????????

  10. Sandhya wt a idea ….its really nice………… last u know the secret 2 nd oct now we want to watch how u stop this terror attact……hmmmm waiting for upcoming scenes……….upcoming episodes bhi aaj khe tarah awesome hi honge waiting……

    1. Ya day by day dabh rock on floor… Very nice scene as well as location…???????????

  11. asusual rathi scenes r boring………….i cant see suraj like this …..suraj plz come out of the shock.

    1. Nt boar bcoz they show Ganesh chaturthi part..that’s why I like that scene… Bt nt like that Minakshi scold lalima… Bt Minakshi is also right on her place… Bcoz Minakshi is veried for suraj… Bt like that…???????

  12. Dabh rocks…
    Good bg song with Sandy

    1. Fully awesome… All scene was superb.. Nice to see ved… ?????

  13. Iran – one of the richest country has dropped Nuclear program last month… and here Nuclear bomb plot… :-)yeh baat kuch jyada hi filmi… ho gayi…
    Mungerilal ke haseen sapne yaad aa gaya

    1. No… Actually first nuclear bomb attack in Japan.. On second world war…???? and which pics they show today that was real pics of Japan…when there Japan when attack with nuclear bomb….????

  14. see this pic upcoming scene pic of sandhya…how much struggle she is taking

    hat’s of deepika

  15. I wishd those rathi scenes were nt there & manjiri k bolne se pehle suraj wahan pahunch jaye as in promo…….& sajni unki bhagne m madad kr de & B&team take cntrol of dat area

    1. Hope suraj recover so early then he can find sandhya na… ??????

  16. Our pm is trying hard , continuous to step ahead in making Nuclear Energy plants… but cant get Uranium… .

  17. If you have visited any Thermal plant also, it has lots of security… the wall’s thickness… The security measurements…

  18. As usual Nice my style ek dam zakaass.superb episode BT only Sandhya’s part.???

  19. As usual in starting they show sandhya’s scene… So superb… Nice plan by sandhya to put fire near by that water fall… Awesome in my style ek dam zakaassssssssss… ????

    1. Nicley they show sandhya’s scene.. When she doing fire with the help of nature items…??????

    2. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Sandhya’s plan work.. That people see that fire and they come to see fire…????

  20. Extremely nice episode !! This track is becoming interesting day by day due to its amazing twists and turns !! Manjari should b killed immediately !! Sandya should have killed her before taking chote raja to the hospital .

    1. Hope maybe manjari can’t say… On that time when she tell anything to chandu that time she get unconscious… Or that time she get some attack… Hope so…?????

  21. Superbly they show that scene… Background song hunuman chalisa was fav… Hunuman chalisa… Thanks DABH team.. That u always select good background songs always… ?????so happy…?????

    1. Ganpati bappa mourya…?? Superb ganu bappa come in rathi house… Now everything fine with suraj…?????

  22. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…. Again m thought come true… Means my that fire thought.. Now lalima do that fire scene… ?????

  23. So sweet of lalima for suraj recover she take this big decision… Hope suraj and lalima both will fine… Now when he see that fire that time he realise that sandhya is die.. ???????
    And then may be he jump in that fire to save lalima… So may be for this suraj come frm trauma… This is my thought.. Hope my this thought come true…????????

  24. Nicley sandhya catch that person that take that person place and she enter there… Superbly they show that scene…????????

    1. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sandhya enter in that place.. She get know that that mystery place is behind that waterfall… ???????

      Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sandhya finally know that garjna sanghtna’s 2 Oct plan…???????

    2. That garjna sanghtna make nuclear atom bomb… Bcoz garjna sanghtna they attack on India with that nuclear atom bomb… ????????

    3. Bt now sandhya definitely do something to fail garjna sanghtna plan… It’s very dangerous…???????

  25. Sajani tell bade raja and chandu that sandhya is nt in home… So sad… Now he find sandhya in any cost… ????

    1. One thing I like that shekhar and bade raja goid talk abt sandhya.. That sandhya is very nice person as well as as very carrying person.. So happy…?????

    2. Ohhhhhh shitttt that manjri wake up.. Now hope she can’t say anything to chandu abt sandhya… Hope so….?????

  26. Again full suspense Precap… Hope manjari can’t say about sagrika to chandu…????

    1. May be that sajani hold sandhya’s hand in Precap.. To save her… Or For something else.. Hope my thisy thought will come true… Just wait and watch…. What happened in next…???????

    2. May be tomorrow they show lalima fire drama or may in end they show lalima drama…???????
      exicted to watch how sandhya come frm that place…???????

  27. Dear Varsha,
    Before being Reactive, be Proactive.

    If you dont know aboutIran – one of the richest country has dropped Nuclear program last month… and here Nuclear bomb plot… :-)yeh baat kuch jyada hi filmi… ho gayi…
    Mungerilal ke haseen sapne yaad aa gaya…
    Pls search in google.

  28. Very upset wid Dabh team…hw can they show dat song….i wanted to see sandhyas part but wen that song started i had to change ma channel….sooo sad..

  29. See I earlier said that they are making nuclear bomb….and ya sajni will catch sandhya as she will know that sandhya is IPS but also know that she is her lord as she saved chote Raja so definitely she will save her and I think she will die for sandhya…..but yaar such a lovely track but still trp is 3.1…..this is disgusting it should be somewhat around 5 and what is good in kumkum bhagya why its trp is so high 4.8 its not tolerable….uff

  30. Thank god.sandhya found it. Dabh rockz

  31. Idanta nijam ga ne jariginattu anukuntunara devudaaaaa pichi intaga pattinda

    1. Hai padmavathy maa andhariki pichi pattaledhamma. Bowsa aa katha andhariki antha ishtam Anthe. Paiga Varsha malli richa vaallu idharu antha baaga comment chestaru. Elagante nuuvu aa serial TV lo chuudalsina avasarame undathu. Kaavalante anni comments oka sari chadhivi of luck.

      1. @xxxxxxx u forgot me why my comments r not nice…………..

    2. I agree with you..people are too much crazy in this..I also like the show..but here some of them doing tooo much

    3. excusee me can u people just talk in an widely used and accepted language that is english so thst we all can understant and act according to your comments…… i hope u alll know this is a public forum & here u should talk in a languag\e that alll understand not just talking within yourself maximun people here can’t understand your comments…… sooo even if u keep posting in this languagge nothing mattrers to us srry to say but aise toh kuchh nii honee waala chahe kuchh b bolo hme farak nii padta …aur yehahan par sab ko apne vichaar prakat karne ki poori anumati hai toh aap karipya karke humari matri bhasha hindi yaa fir saravjanic bhasha english main vicharoon ka aadan pradan karen dhanayad……
      m irritated byy this use of different lang plss if u do know englishh then comment in englishhh…….or else dont xpect most of the audience here to reply to ur comment

      1. Hai sorry yaar richa. I was so angry on padmavathy.bcoz she is asking that have we all gone mad to assume as if that is our show is a real happening. It is Telugu language.
        I have replied that we are all not mad. We like and love the show that much. You read the comments of richa and Varsha they are so exact as if you need not watch the episodes. Its enough if you read their comments it will be a happy feeling.

  32. Very interesting track going

  33. Nice episode

  34. kyaa koi iss bahubhashi vartalaap ko mujhe shudh hindi ya angrezi main parivartit karke bta sakta hai??? nd sorry ssss & padhmavathi if u r offended bcoz my comment sounded quite a bit rude but i know here we hav freedom to xpress rselves butt alll shud understand naa????? i hope u understand

  35. anyy wayss iwill comment as i want i won’t stop whatever the reason may be

  36. i m srry if i was rude in that comment i know v hav freedom to xpress rselves here butt everyone shud understand….

  37. richa di update fan fic

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