Arjun and Radhika Crazy Love (Episode 9)

Epi 9

starts with rads crying and remembers her moms words,she wipes her teras and goes in search of arjun…
Arjun in locker room,thinks abt rads,rads comes to him,
arjun: wat ru doing here?
Rads say to pay back for ur insult
arjun: smiles,oh…so u are going to compete with me
rads: u think i cant compete with u…
she ask wat right u have to insult me,if ur senior means u think u can do watever u want…tell me
arjun: ya…i have full right to do whatever i want,i don care abt anyone…
Rads bcome furious and start to insult him more…..arjun fuming in anger shouts,stop it….
Rads says if u hav right to do whatever u want,even me too hav same rights na…arjun looses his control,holds her neck and pins her to wall,his face is very close to hers,she pushes him hard and start to walk towards door…


arjun rushes b4 her,closes door,and walk close to her,rads backup and he pins her to wall he gets very close to her.his nose is touching hers,rads shivers due to his closeness,arjun stares her and says…SEE…RADS I HAV HABIT TO MAKE PEOPLE BEND TO ME
RAds replies vll see who will bend to whom….
Arjun: ru challenging me
rads: ofcourse
arjun: 0hhh.then lets wait and watch….
They share eyelock and shake hands…


Tittu and panchi in class,tittu challenges panchi to act as chemistry mam,panchi acts….all start to laugh….panchi starts to act more funny,tat time mam comes and stand behind her looking angrily at her..tittu signals her to look behind…panchi turns and see mam staring at her with big eyes…panchi greets her GOOD MORNING MAM…mam shouts out….get out,panchi suddenly disappears and everyone start to laugh.

arjun choses rads as his partner in dance,rads look on.

Credit to: Deepa

  1. Rocking deepa!!!

  2. Oh k game starts….hugs deary

  3. superb episode enjoyed very much,eagerly waiting for the upcoming episodes…..

  4. Ardhika scence superb and waiting for nxt epd,once again thx deepa

  5. hiiiii to all my dear friends,
    fabulous deepa as always! !! waiting for dance competition episode …
    keep going on.
    🙂 🙂

  6. When will episode 10 be posted

  7. ardhika scene was suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuperb.

    Great going girl .

    Baalike , Yeh aalokh nath ka aashirwad hai ki tumhari story ko most lovable story ka aashirwad mile.

    Lots of viewers , Fan mile.

    Love you dear.

    Hello to all mmz fans , strawberry, thena farha, samiha , all all mmz fans .

  8. A Big hello to zara , thena , anu ,

    And renu please tell me are you from telly update renu. Who explain stories in a beautiful way.

    Please tell me

  9. Just heard this song and thinking about our magical couple ardhika

    Maula mere, maula mere, maula mere, maula mere….. – (4)
    Aankhen teri…. aankhen teri kitni hasin
    Kee inka aasheek mai ban gaya hu
    Mujhko basa le iname too
    (Ishq hai………
    Maula mere, maula mere, maula mere, maula mere…… -2) – (3)

    Kee inka aasheek mai ban gaya hu
    Mujhko basa le iname too

    Mujhse yeh har ghadi mera dil kahe, tum hee ho usaki aarjoo
    Mujhse yeh har ghadi mere lab kahe, teri hee ho sab guftgu
    Baten teri itni hasin mai yad inko jab karta hu
    Phulo si aaye khushbu

    Rakh lu chhupa ke mai kahee tujhko, saya bhi tera naa mai du
    Rakh lu bana ke kahee ghar mai tujhe, sath tere mai hee rahu
    Julfen teri itni ghani, dekh ke inako yeh sochata hu
    Saye me inake mai jiyu
    (Ishq hai………
    Maula mere, maula mere, maula mere, maula mere…… -2) – (3)

    (Mera dil yahi bola -2, yara raj yeh usane hai mujh par khola
    Kee hai ishq mohabbat jiske dil me, usako pasand karta hai maula) – (3)

    Love you farha, samiha, zara, deepa, thena , strawberry , anu , natty, and all mmz fans.

    Love you all.
    Doesn’t sit with you all and hand around you all but still feel connected with you with each other thoughts.

    Guys share your posts , here write whatever you think , silent readers come forward share your thoughts and made fulfil your manmarziyaan here.

    I am also a silent reader before but sharing our thoughts is another joy of life.

    Live your life completely . Feels like living your dreams with open eyes. Love you all.

    After all this is our manmarziyan and full this page with comments and live your manmarziyaan everyday.

    Love you all.

    Love you all dear , keep writing. And keep sharing your thoughts.

  10. Arjun choses radhika. Wow great deepa

  11. I love as i said before the college vibe it has. I love again our ardhika here, dey hv dis amazing vibe together in ur epis. full of posivities 😀

  12. im in luv with this story ,amzing DEEPA,all the best…………….

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