Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Babasa asking Sandhya and Sooraj to leave. He says you are my son and will always be my son, Sandhya will be my bahu, I m not ending relation, but just ending togetherness, as I know Sandhya gives imp to duty than family, so its better that she stays away, I know as I m with my wife, you are with Sandhya. Sandhya tells Sooraj that they won’t leave the house. She asks him not to be quiet and tell Babasa. Babasa says don’t say anything Sooraj, this decision is not easy for me, but I have taken it and it won’t change. Sooraj is shocked. Sooraj leaves. Sandhya says we have to keep Bhabho happy, and we will be together to make her fine soon. She asks Babasa to think about Bhabho and change his decision. She says don’t make us far from Bhabho, we will go after Bhabho

gets fine. He says till you stay here, we can’t be happy. He says relations are made by heart, if heart breaks, relations ends.

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He says he can’t act that everything is fine between us. She will be hurt if you both go, but she will be alive, everyone knows you did a lot for this family, but when time came to choose between duty and family, a police officer won and a bahu lost, my bahu has lost, you ruined everything, you did not care about Bhabho and Sooraj and sent them to die. Sandhya cries. Vikram says everything will be ruined. Meenakshi says forgive Sandhya. Emily and Mohit ask Babasa to give one chance to Sandhya. Chaturi and Chavi ask him to stop them. Babasa says I have decided and the one who has objection, can go with Sooraj and Sandhya.

Sooraj packs his bags and brings there. He says lets go. Vikram says you can’t go like this. Mohit says we will convince Babasa, you don’t go. Chavi says Babasa is angry, he will agree. Sandhya asks Sooraj what is he doing, how can he agree to Babasa, its not right, we will not leave this house, think about Bhabho, how will she stay without you, we will not go. Vikram says yes, Sandhya is right. Sooraj says come with me Sandhya…. He starts leaving. Mohit asks Babasa to stop them. Sandhya stops Sooraj and says Bhabho can’t stay without you.

Soorak takes the name board of Sandhya Rathi, IPS officer. He says come with me and goes out. Sandhya and everyone are shocked, and cry. Sandhya goes after Sooraj. Everyone cry and try to stop them. They come to Babasa and askhim to stop them. Babasa comes to his room and shuts the door. He sits crying and sees Bhabho sleeping. Meenakshi says how could Sooraj go, he would have convinced Babasa, he did not think about Bhabho, its like Lord’s love between them, how did he leave his Lord like this, I knew Sooraj will change after marriage. Emily says don’t say this. Vikram says Meenakshi is right, when Bhabho asked them to leave the house before, Sooraj explained her, why did he go today.

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Vikram says I don’t know whats going on in Sooraj’s heart. Sandhya stops Sooraj and says what will we do when Bhabho asks about you, I have seen you worrying for her, how can you bear to be away from her, please talk to Babasa, the five days of hijack were tough for everyone, I have seen him dying every moment, he is just annoyed, everything will be fine when Bhabho comes out of this trauma, please don’t go. Sooraj says we are in middle now, come. Mohit says how will we tell Bhabho now that her son has left the house with his wife. Babasa says we will not tell her, I will tell when she gets fine.

Meenakshi says how will we lie to her. Babasa says you always lied to her. Mohit asks Vikram to take the responsibility of the house now. Meenakshi’s mum thinks everyone will be after my daughter and son in law for money now, I won’t let this happen. Meenakshi says now we have to see this day, Bhabho has leave trusting Lord but not Sooraj, everyone called Sooraj Shravan Kumar, who will sacrifice everything for them, but he left his parents for his wife, he is Kalyug’s Shravan Kumar. Sandhya asks Sooraj to think again, don’t be quiet, say anything, our family needs us a lot. She says lets go back, its not very late. He brings her to some place. She asks why did we come to police quarters. He says no, this is home. He goes inside with the bags, which she stands shocked.

She says our home is not this, lets go back, try to understand. He says I understand everything, you are right. Babasa did not see this much pain ever, which he has bear in last 5 days. She says yes. He says you are right, my family and Bhabho needs me a lot, and I know when my Bhabho wakes up, she will call me first. He says he can’t stay without Bhabho. She says lets go our home. He says I will go home, but alone. He says from today, we are Sandhya and Sooraj, separated. She is shocked. He says I did not come here to stay with you, but to drop you to your home, this police quarter is your world, no one will stop you from doing your duty. He says no relation will bound you here, you can do all duties here and let me do my duty towards my family. She cries.

He says like you don’t have anything important than your duty, there is nothing imp to me than my family, so I sacrifice you today. Laxman says Sooraj has given request for new quarter two days ago. Sandhya is surprised. Laxman says I have done all cleaning. Sandhya asks Sooraj about this. Sooraj says this is not Babasa’s decision, but mine. I have always respected your duty and did not come in between your duty, but everything changed in one moment, it took away my Sandhya and broke our relation. He says you will know me, that my family is most important for me, and when Bhabho was shot, then I had taken this decision. She looks on shocked.

Bhabho calls Sooraj and says no…. Everyone rush to her. Chavi tells Babasa that Bhabho is calling Sooraj. She asks where is Sooraj. Where is Sandhya? They get speechless.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sha

    expected this, stupid sooraj wont he understand the pain what sandhya is going thru whether they will be blind like this. she told many times early that she don’t want to become an IPS officer. if sooraj is thinking family is important then why didn’t he try to send babho or he too go with the first 10 persons in hijack. do they think people are fools

    • sha

      babho has good confidence in sandhya and when she asks sandhya to bring back home they will obey and they will be ok. vikram meena mohit is not ready to take responsibility of the house they are very selfish, babasa wont do anything about that. these may days babasa was just a dummy piece now all of a sudden how he’s feeling this much

    • jitha

      Again one terrorist gang should attack rathi family. At that time sandhya wana save them with her IPS brain. Then all will accept her with love and pleasure. Stupid dragging story..

  2. Hemalatha

    Sooraj is so stupid and selfish. Sandhya sacrifice many things for that fools,they don’t think even a bit . Please stop this idiotic drama

  3. Babasa

    Totally useless babasa……. good for nothing fellow….. And now sooraj has bcome mumma’s boy……. All selfish fellows in rathi family…… Sandhya need not to give any explanations to anybody… nobody deserves that….. not ever sooraj….. Sandhya also gone through the same pain like others…..

    The thing I don’t understand is that what sandhya did that everybody is blaming, sandhya choose her duty against family……..I can’t understand……….What babasa want from sandhya to just sit and cry for family rather than doing anything….Because of Sandhya only everybody is safe and sound……….idiot oldie….. I think he lost his mind…..

  4. Red

    Stop saying suraj fool….u ppl r fool…suraj is doing awesome job….he did Wat sandhya deserves….ok…suraj rocksssss

  5. Raz

    I think this became the worst in start plus.. stupid serial and stupid characters.. fools like sooraj, bhabho, babasa … etc.. bhabho,sooraj should have killed in hijack drama.. Stupid serial.

  6. Raz

    I dont know what red is talking about.. This was good till this hijack drama… Sooraj supported sandhya to become ips officer.. It was good example… then now… he left her.. it is just shows a man can leave a woman for every reason without any thought

    • harshani

      Ya. I agreed..till high jack when suraj hanndel everything with others ..can’t understand why change it…my super darama was mess see how many days you keep the r.k story BT end was stupid way

    • harshani

      IYa. I agreed..till high jack when suraj hanndel everything with others ..can’t understand why change it…my super darama was mess see how many days you keep the r.k story BT end was stupid way

  7. .......

    Because of sooraj only bhabo got shot…..thn how can he decide that sandya s d reason for shot…..mohit tooo had taken d decision of going to job wen emily tells him……ask him tooo to get out…..but babasa and sooraj wont do this because he s blood relation…..i think sandya should get divorce from sooraj……and that idiot rathi family…..tis show makes no sensr if d writer do noto proceed d show he can ask d viewers r simply end it pls……zakir atleast u take sandyas side nd talk n favour of sandya to radu family wen they realise d mistake sandya should leave dem forever nd shoul go away mainly that idiot stupid selfish sooraj…..i hate that character…..

  8. Eena

    Sandhya did what others told suraj told becm ips oficer bhabho said be gud bahu etc where is sandhya and her stand she did what others liked. Sooraj becm coward nw bhabho got shot bz f suraj .and bhabhos stupidity cmg out of plane wthot 2 thougt ,nw every1 blaming sandhya how many time she saved ther lives .Rajkumar would hav kiled al pushkar by blast bt sandhya saved them.

  9. palak

    what is Sandhya’s fault in whole hijack episode!!!! She did every possible thing to save everybody in the flight. It was stupid bhabho to ask everybody to let prema for to bathroom. And then again stupid suraj who came out of flight to run after Sandhya followed by most stupidity bhabho running after him….when he went out for Sandhya there is just love and only love with respect. He did say that forget me, let me die but do your duty today. But his mom got hit because of their stupidity blame is on Sandhya………….Please give them so brains. Sandhya don’t cry for such people!!!

  10. Teloiv

    I knew this going to happen, sandiya going to end with zakir, they will understand eachother more, work together…. suraj isn’t in his senses…I don’t blame that much…

  11. Tanvi

    Not sure whether the director has got amnesia, as per the episode aired on 8/12, when RK tried to kill Sooraj and Sandhya asked him not to kill Sooraj and asks Maya to shoot her, it was this same Sooraj who said that ur not a wife/ Bahu and ur an IPS officer and have to be the same until death. Now they are contradicting their own statements… They just think that the viewers are as dumb as them…utter stupidity

  12. a

    U ppl are misunderstanding the character..babhasa and suraj have preplanned and drawing a bigger line in front of others to bring bahoo out of trauma …so she will think abt joining suraj and sandhya rather abt plane..that’s it…

  13. Van

    Stupid rathi family… They are not appreciating the only daughter-in -law who selflessly did everything for all of them every time. They don’t deserve to be called sandhya’s family. Everything happened because of their stupidity. Sandhya should also take a stand and tell them about all their mistakes and what she did for them. She doesn’t need to be a doormat. they have to be made to realize that they can’t always take her for granted. Once in a while they should also do something for her. Who needs this kind of a selfish family. Why can’t they ever accept their mistakes. Teach them a lesson in the coming episodes so that they understand what all the poor girl did for them. They Should be made to value her importance in the family.

  14. sandhya _rathi

    NVR will DAT happen always womens suffer coz of men…sandhya suffer coz of suraj..I wish sandhya leaves suraj marry Zakir who is educated will understand her and love more Dan suraj…suraj should HV died in hijack,..hate suraj

  15. Deep

    I totally agree with Palak. All thse unpudh Zaahil Gawar fanily, Sooraj including. Sandhya had no powers. he is not in charge, yet she is doing her duty trying to save everyone. She sent everyone on a plane to be safe. Until stupid unpudh Sooraj came out after Sadhya, and then Bhabho looking for Soraj. How stupid..And when Bhabh get shot, yes’s Sandhya’s fault, because she told Sooraj and Bhabho to go to Dubai and be on that plane. Sandhya only found out that the same plane was going to b hijacked, And she had the job to do, that’s all.

  16. Teloiv

    I m more sorry for the viewers, than for the story so far its a bit exaggeration but what can you do, they have to keep the show running….y r u taking so seriously, this is only a show…whom gets any lesson from it good for them,,,whom not…it’s ok…if there isn’t any ups and downs,,,wouldn’t be very interesting,…this is a drama, they can’t make it all good….even in reall life nothing goes smooth, as in oil….would be boring….the only complain i have, is acting quite fake,,,so if they improve it, that would be more interesting, otherwise surprises are eccepted….

  17. Chandrasekaran N

    Sandya is best her way and do her duty in proper way but foolish sooraj also not understand. sooraj knows the hijack in no way connect to Sandya. Only Suraj and Vikram brings the terrorist to their house. So these two foolish persons only
    the reason for hijack

  18. The entire team has gone mad to blame sandhya? Sandhya is made to suffer always and why she should try to prove always? I hate Suraj for ditching Sandhys. Why no body found fault with vikram for encouraging Prema who was the rudest of all terroristsBhab hasa is very mean and Meen a has the audacity to blame Sandhys and sooraj.
    On the whole it is taking a nasty turn

  19. Ss

    Not sure how sooraj got best husband award!! He is blaming Sandhya ..
    Sandhya was looking very pretty in today’s show

  20. chichi

    I think sandhya and zakir makes a better couple than sandhya and sooraj!! Anyway sandhya and sooraj is one of the most least romantic couples on tv sooo it doesn’t matter whather sandhya marries zakir !! Even sooraj saw how bhabo got shot and knows that it was jot sandhya’s fault but it was his mothers stupidity so why doesn’t he stand by his wife ??????? Typical indian men they always become mama’s boy when their wifes need them more! Actually they are doing injustice to the characters by showing that bhabo loves sooraj more than other children !! Actually bhabo is an utter nuisance she takes decisions about how others should spent time with their spouse. . Then why the hell did she get them married????just because u stay at parents homw doesn’t mean that u can always interrupt in ur children’s lives

  21. GS

    Very sad episode. I hope Babasa and Sooraj did not get mental illness or they are not playing some game to make bhaboo get out of the Hijack shock.

  22. jihta

    U ppl are misunderstanding the character..babhasa and suraj have preplanned and drawing a bigger line in front of others to bring bahoo out of trauma …so she will think abt joining suraj and sandhya rather abt plane..that’s it…………………..

  23. jyoti

    Suraj is so stupid .. that he fogot at the time of encounter with terriorist sandhya even did not care about herself, she was telling sooraj go back in plane ,but it was sooraj who was not ready to go. And he also forget that how bhabho slapped sandhay when RK asked bhabho to slap sandhya as many times she can.He also forgotten that in the plane he himself stood bravely against terriorists.

    This is so stupid of sooraj,it was not expected from him. And babosa is so stupid,dumb man ..very selfish family

  24. nutty

    Whole episode gad become a mega serial drama of woman being sent for the good of mom, everybody blaming the bahu who is the strongest person as a police and also inlaw. They have shown her in great spirits and all of a sudden a honest shrewd officer thrown out of house, this police quarters was given long back to her, she was police even that time, suddenly now why to shift, though it could be a plan, it shows how weak a woman becomes when all her near and dear leaves. That hijack ended and new drama began with all sad faces crying, non stop… Boring to see this progress where people take self centered decisions, its diya aur bathi, so together they should have fought and brought babhoo to normalcy instead of throwing sandya out and creating big fuss. For the sake of story its all progressing..

  25. WhataShit

    Seriously, this was not expected from Suraj because if Sandhya would have left RajKumar then he could have again attacked them, the way he did previously. She did everything for the betterment of all the people and family.
    When she was supporting family then she was getting bamboo from Seniors in office. Now when she is doing good for JOB she is getting bashed by family.
    Noone understands that nothing is in her hands, she has to follow orders.

    We should stop watching the serial….. Total waste… Problems after problems…. this is not good

  26. preeti

    Whtever shown now with all this bhabho shld get back to normal n things shld clear,but noway shld sandhya go back to sooraj enough of all this there is something called as self-respect n now sandhya needs to save hers

  27. surya

    we want sooraj and sandhya together not to be separated…thy r d best couples!!!pls dnt let dis happen!!sandhya go with sooraj he sacrifies more fr u so u sacrifice one thing fr him!!!!dnt blame sooraj!!he is awesome…

    • G K

      Definitely she will do and she can do anything for Sooraj and family but no one talked about her dream right… Only problem is everyone thinks that she gave importance to Job than family.

  28. Eranga liyanarachchi

    Is Suraj mad? How he taked this decision? He cn’t live without her. Actually, babasa and Suraj is Father and son. Sandhya is bahu in rathi family. She dedicared her life for Rathi family. Sandhya tried to release all passangers. But, Babasa is selfish man. But Suraj? Now he like babasa. DABH was my former favourite drama. Now my unfavourite drama is DABH.

  29. lakshmy

    Throughout sandya life everybody mess her life except her father in law have good understanding on her..
    now her father in law make she separated with sooraj.. i love this serial but why nobody appreciate sandya for her good heart and caring ..
    sandya very good person compare to menakshi and emily.. she should have her own child …
    She can become good mother…..
    It is Sandya take bahbo role later or married with zakir….
    They should not separated because of priceless love and understanding and give and take…
    Hope good end…
    Why not continue till sunday…

  30. naba

    i think you guys are going too far. take it easy guys, this is just a show and who knows this drama will take a new turn. it shows how u guys are impatient.

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