Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 18th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Seema hears as Mayank asks Gunjan how did she fell. Gunjan says only she is responsible, she slipped as she walked in her thoughts and promises to take care about herself. Shayl tells Gunjan that at this time, you have to be responsible. Seema thinks about Gunjan, and heads to go inside but Bindia stops her and takes her to the kitchen. She asks what she was going to do. Seema says she was wrong, Gunjan took all the blame on herself. How can she curse the child, who hasn’t even come to the world. Bindia warns her that the truth can be bitter, may be Mayank would break his relation with her.
Shayl asks Gunjan to think what will happen when the child will come to the world. The baby hears everything all the time. Gunjan recalls Seema’s words. Shayl asks what is making her worried.
Bindia asks Seema if she wants to lose her only son. She must think timely, as there is a lifetime of regret. She tells Seema she wasn’t mistaken at all in what ever happened wrong today. She says she must get to know for sure, who is the father.
Mayank gets medicines, Shayl says it is his responsibility to take care about Gunjan. Gunjan holds Mayank’s hand, and says she will take care of herself. Shayl leaves.
Next morning, Rachna opens the curtains. Gunjan murmurs mama to close the curtains. She says to Rachna that her mama used to wake her up this way. Mayank gets the breakfast for her, Rachna asks was this his trick. Gunjan gets he didn’t make it. Mayank says he did, and put ginger in it along with Sooji. Gunjan smiles, Shayl comes and tells Mayank no one puts ginger.

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Seema clears the kitchen utensils, frustrated that Gunjan could have got the test. Bindia comes and tells Seema that she talked to nurse that she will do the paternity test along with other tests. She asks Seema to talk to her; she must be made up for this test. She is an outsider, so she couldn’t ask the nurse to do the test. Seema says how intelligent she is. Bindia thinks that if they get caught tomorrow, she must not get caught in blame. Seema agrees, and says what must have happened had she not been here. Bindia asks her to give the nurse some money. Seema agrees, and says she will be relaxed. Bindia thinks about her mobile.
Rachna finds a mobile ringing on the sofa. She hears the call, a goon was asking for his money. Rachna asks what kind of money. He says the money he lend him. Rachna asks whom he wants to talk to, sorry it is wrong number. But the man says it is the right number. She watches Bindia standing behind, and asks someone was warning her for not giving money. It might be wrong number. Bindia turns, but Rachna says Akaash mausa ji called asking that she (Bindia) didn’t send her biodata to him. Bindia stammers, then says she will send it in a few days.
Gunjan comes out of her room, when Seema passes. Bindia watches. Gunjan asks Seema if she is busy. Seema asks if she wants something, she will tell Shayl to bring it. Gunjan denies anything. Seema goes ahead. Gunjan cries again. She comes to her room and closes the door. She says she became a stranger for her, then thinks she has to stay happy. She takes her laptop, goes to her bed and talks to her baby that she has to stay healthy for mind and body; now she will only think good. She reads how to take care of herself.
Seema and Bindia come to the room. Bindia says she will guard the room, when she talks to the nurse. The nurse denies doing the test, without the consent of parents.
Mayank and Rachna prepares fruit salad, using grapes as eyes. She argues as Mayank takes credit about the idea.
Seema says she wants it, she is the granny. The nurse says it is dangerous, and even against law. Seema bribes the nurse for taking care of danger. The nurse agrees doing the test, at home. Mayank wonders what Bindia is doing outside maa’s room, and asks what she is doing. Bindia says she came here, doing sms. She says he might be going to Gunjan’s room, but Mayank stops her and goes inside Seema’s room. He wonders what the nurse is doing inside.

PRECAP: Seema tells Bindia that the wardboy will bring the kit, no one must know about it. Rachna catches Bindia receiving the parcel.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hate Bindia , when this track going to come to an end , enough already

  2. Its gunjan and Rachna(the most beautiful girl in india) no one can out smart those brilliant teenagers.

  3. bindia you are evil go to hell quick and get out of gunjans and mayank lives

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