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Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shekhar checking the reports. He realizes that Chote Raja has gone in the area where nuclear bomb is being made, as he has faced nuclear radiations there, its good Sagarika did not see this report, else she would have known about our plan. The family comes to see Sooraj and gets shocked seeing him sitting silent in shock. Vikram and Mohit ask him is he fine. Menakshi says just say something. Shekhar thanks the man and takes the report. He asks Sandhya to come out. He asks why did she lie and get Chote Raja here, did she feel they will not know, commander can throw her out of the village, I can’t help.

She says she did this for Chote Raja, she went against them as she could not bear Sajni’s pain, are you scolding me for the efforts I made to save the boy.

Shekhar says its 6 months you came to the village, I m glad seeing emotions for the villagers, but be careful, we don’t know if there is any police officer infront of us. The doctor says boy is out of danger now, you may have seen reports, its strange, how did the boy… Shekhar interrupts and thanks him. He asks can we take the boy home. The doctor says not now, we will keep him under observation.

Shekhar looks at Chote Raja. Sandhya thinks Shekhar stopped doctor from saying something, there is something in report that Shekhar is hiding, I have to see the blood reports. Meenakshi tells Lalima that Sooraj has become like stone now, its worse than before. Lalima cries. She goes to Sooraj and says its Ganesh Chaturthi tomorrow, Vikram got all items for Golu, but Ved is alone and waiting for his gift. We have to buy clothes for him, make him have this halwa, then we will go to market, come.

She says Ved is waiting, come. Ved smiles seeing Sooraj walking to him. Bhabho thanks Lord. Sooraj keeps halwa near Ved and leaves. Meenakshi asks Lalima what did she do, Sooraj used to worry for Ved when he was unwell, see whats happening now, Ved has lost his father now, its third day tomorrow, people will take Sooraj to mental hospital.

A lady comes and invites Bhabho for the Ganesh Chaturthi function. Meenakshi says its auspicious day, we should keep puja tomorrow. Vikram says diya would be needed, you know Sooraj’s state. Lalima says no, I agree with Meenakshi, maha aarti will happen, it will be Agnipariksha tomorrow. Bhabho says no, nothing will happen now, I can’t permit you. She says I know you are pure hearted and a great devotee of Lord, but I m a mum, if anything goes wrong with Sooraj… I know its last day tomorrow.. if he does not get fine, then they will take him to mental hospital. She says she will take Sooraj somewhere far. Babasa says yes, we will take him to village forever. He cries. Lalima says not anymore, I will do my work before the aarti, I will see will Sooraj’s illness wins or my determined efforts.

Sajni gets glad seeing her son fine and thanks Lord. Sandhya thinks to see reports once. The boy says he will never go to that jungle again. Shekhar tells commander that Sagarika has saved the boy, he was really critical, he went to the place where we are making the bomb and he went in radiations. Sajni thanks Sagarika and says you became my Lord. Sagarika says you are like my elder sister, and elder sister doesn’t touch feet. Sajni says you understood my pain, when you did not become a mum, you saved my son. Sandhya says he is also like my son. Sajni says you bought me by this favor, if I have to give life for you, I will not move back. The commander asks her to make some sweets for Sagarika. Sandhya says I will just come and leaves.

Sandhya checks the reports and says how did boy get under radiations, Sajni said he always fell ill after going to jungle, why are these stones different than others, maybe by that radiations. Sandhya thinks the foreigner also went to that place, it has some relation with Garjana’s plan, what are they doing, I have to find out. She comes in the jungle and thinks there is some secret passage or place hidden here, I will find it today, Garjana is planning something that has radiations, its dangerous, what are they planning here, I have to find the secret way.

Sandhya hides seeing someone going wearing the radiation protecting clothes, and pulls back a man. She wears that radiation safe costume and mask to go ahead.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome episode. dabh always rockz.

  2. Nice episode….
    Thank you for fast update

  3. Nyc epi i think sajni wil die for sandy now & chandu stil suspect sandy i think so

    1. I dnt think..that sajani die.. They show something new…

  4. So emotional part of suraj… Can’t see suraj like this… ??????
    Thanks amena for fast updating…???

    1. Too emotional….sooraj part..y sooraj was silent,not even talk to bed and lalima??????

  5. Suraj will be able to be cured if Lalima is permitted to do the rest. He fears to face reality. That can be treated with CBT which Lalima knows well. Will Babhu allow her?

    1. Actually bhaboo is nt give permission to lalima for any experiment. Bt lalima do this his own… ????

    2. Bhabu permit lalima not permit… Its not need…lalima will cure sooraj…go to hell bhabu….finally bhabu has to permit lalima..

  6. Why is bhabho letting Mina get away with her selfish, self-centered and rude behavior? Has bhabho become blind and deaf ? Mina is so annoying and mean.

  7. As usual Nice my style ek dam zakaass.superb episode BT only Sandhya’s part.???

  8. Just make d bomb makers ill & informtd bomb squad

  9. Nice as usual in starting they show sandhya’s scene… ???
    Hate u chandu… chandu hide that chote raja’s report frm sandhya…?????

    1. But this stupid chandu.. can’t stop our Sandhya…see how easily Sandhya got that reports…

  10. Nice episode nd tooo emotional …………..i cant see the suraj state……..thanks amena…. 🙁

    1. Too emotional….. But y no one stopped that idiot meena from her tuants…..

  11. Again suspense precap i am waiting for action episode tomm…

    1. Precap was awesome… Sandhya beaten that man and wear his radiation safety suit…that was nice…

    2. I think this time Sandhya will caught by garjana ??… Y becoz she taken bi risk ..and find that place were nuclear bomb was building

  12. So sad to see suraj blank… Means that suraj nt talk to anyone in the house.. So sad…?????

  13. Meenakshi action also very nice she is selfish bt now a days she is thinking abt sooraj state nd ved……..

    1. True actually Minakshi is very nice person.. Whenever in life some member is ill that time she care that person.. That’s like that part of Minakshi…????????

  14. At last sandhya had seen that report……….sandhya u rocked every time……..kuch bhi ho baath aap khe samne ana hi hai………varsha in fb i had send request check it once

    1. K I will check… True say.. Sandhya find any hide news frm her… She definitely do anything for that news which related to her family or her nation… She can do anything for family as well as for nation safety.. That’s why I like her character… ????

      Hatts of u deepika didi…????????

  15. chandu is a very dangerous man…. he stops to see the report………………too bad

    1. Ya shekhar character is nice…BT chandu’s character is too bad.. ???

  16. So sad to see lalima… That all members of rathi family bleam only lalima…. For this situation I hate all rathi family…????
    so sad of lalima…???

    1. So sad of ved.. Lalima bring sweet ( halwa)… She give that suraj bcoz she want suraj give that sweet to ved… Bt suraj nt give to ved…???????

    2. So sad for ved… That he want that his father call him our at least suraj talk to him.. Bt unfortunately suraj nt talk to ved also..that was really sad… Can’t see suraj and ved like this… For ved scene I can’t stop my tears on that part…?????????

    3. Rathi family members always blame others. That’s their attitude.

  17. sandhya will struggle too much in upcoming episodes………….ooo no bt atlast she will catch the gharjana people and she gives big gift to our nation………

    sandhya u rocks every time……………

    1. Ya.. Actually thanks to all dabh team they always show awesome tracks as well as all scene…. Hatts of all dabh team…??????

      Her mission definitely succeeded… Hope they nt kill shekhar.. Bcoz I like shekhar character as well as her acting… They show that shekhar in positive character..???

      Hope they show lalima and shekhar marriage bcoz they both is good person.. As well as like them … Hope they show like this which I wrote now…???

      Sorry if I hurt anyone feelings…?????

      1. @varsha its good idea yaar……

  18. tomm episode is very wonderful episode for us (mission scenes nt rathi family drama)

    comes to suraj i cant see his pain sooraj plz come out that pain as early………..coz i cant see like that ………………..

  19. how much u r suffering for sandhya………….really its very painful………………plz DABH team jaldi milado s & s kho bt itna jaldi kaha hoga aur wait tho karna padega…………..i think abhi suraj kha struggle bhi dhikayega may be………….based on that latest promo …………..he will find sandhya na……..

  20. Actually first time I can’t see bhaboo like this… After all she was one mother na… She can’t see her son like this.. After all that people give only 3 days and after 3 days they send suraj in mental hospital….?????

    1. That’s why she behave like this… Bcoz no one mother can’t see there son in pain.. Specially that pain when people send there son to mental hospital.. So sad to see bhaboo like this….???????

    2. That’s why bhaboo and bhabasa decide that tomorrow they take suraj with them to there native place… Bt dnt worry dis nt happened…????

    3. Bcoz lalima definitely do something to bring out suraj frm that trauma… May be tomorrow she do something like she in fire and then suraj save her… I think so…hope this I my thought come true…????

  21. Superb SANDHYA.Cheer up.Go Ahead.U r nearest to victory.Superb Episode.

  22. Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee in my fav show also we see Ganpati celebration… So happy… ???????
    Tomorrow we see that celebration…????????

  23. Thank God that chote raja come home…????all credit goes to sandhya… So happy that bade raja nt shout on sandhya..?????

    1. Nice to see that also that chandu is nt shout on sandhya… That chandu and sandhya hospital scene was heart touching.. How nicely she explain chandu that she take this big decision only for save chote raja’s life.. ???????

    2. And it also nice that chandu understand sandhya’s pain.. And her love towards chote raja.. Actually shekhar in shekhar character was nice means full carrying person… Bt shekhar as in chandu’s character was bad.. Bcoz that time his motive is only to harm…?????

      So that’s why I like shekhar character most as compere to chandu’s character… Shekhar character is best character…????????

      Sorry if I hurt anyone feelings…???????

  24. Sandhya and sajani scene was superb.. Heart touching scene… Sandhya can’t see any person pain specially children.. So sweet.. That sajani and chote raja scene… Superb scene.. In my style ek dam zakaassssssssss..?????cute mother and son scene..????

    1. Nicley sandhya take that chote raja’s report frm chandu’s bag… Nice one… Yeipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sandhya see that chote raja’s report.. I now she find the truth behind of chote raja’s health… ?????

    2. Now definitely sandhya find that mystery place… So happy… Nice location… I like that mission location.. ????

  25. Again full suspense Precap… Finally sandhya go that mystery place… Nicley she heat that men.. And she take that man place.. Superb.. Ek dam zakaassssssssss.. ?????

  26. So excited to watch tomorrow episode for sandhya’s that scene as well as Ganpati celebration scene… ?????
    Can’t wait till tomorrow…????

  27. Again full suspense… Wating to see upcoming episodes… As well as so excited to watch upcoming episodes…?????

    Wating to see sandhya’s new mission that to find what is the mystery of that place…as well as Ganpati celebration in rathi house and one more that lalima new plan..???

    Sorry for again wishing u this… Hope u dnt mind…??????
    ?!!गणपती बाप्पा मोरया!!?
    ?!!मंगलमूर्ती मोरया!!?
    ?!! एक दोन तीन चार गणपती चा जय जय कार!!?
    (?!!Ganpati bappa mourya!!?
    ?!! MangalMurti mourya!!?)

    ?सर्वांना गणेश चतुर्थीच्या शुभेच्छा?
    शुभेच्छुक– वर्षा नारंगीकर व परिवार

    (? To my dearest friends and their family happy Ganesh chaturthi ?
    Frm– ur friend Varsha and my family) enjoy this beautiful festival of India as well as most important festival of maharashrian family… Also enjoy this beautiful 10 days of Ganpati bappa??… My most fav festival… I pray to my Ganpati bappa that my all friends and their family dreams come true and they and their family always stay happy..God bless them…????

    My mosttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt Favvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvfestivalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll….??????????

    ?!!गणपती बाप्पा मोरया!!?
    ?!!मंगलमूर्ती मोरया!!?
    ?!! एक दोन तीन चार गणपतीचा जय जय कार!!?

    (?!!Ganpati bappa mourya!!?
    ?!! MangalMurti mourya!!?
    One two three four Ganpati’s Acclamation !!? )

  28. Nyc episode…….i just luv this serial….its unique story with fabulous actor make it more beautifulll…i am very proud that i am watching this serial…..

    KYU GUYS????

  29. What a nice episode. It is just wow ….now we will see actions of sandhya…and my imagination was true that they are making bomb there …Yipeeeeeeeee =)

  30. It is not easy to produce nuclear products easily. We will see how the story is going?k

  31. does it matter

    thanks great episode, I wish this track would end why drag it so much

  32. Stupid Chandu ??… will u stop our Sandhya to know abt.medical reports….see Sandhya easily got that chote raj medical reports??

  33. I feel meenakshi is doing over action. I guess she only created this situation to send Lalima out. Otherwise why people has to interfere when Sooraj did not trouble anyone.

    Baboo can’t see her son in that situation and in mental hospital. But all these situations make Sandhya family life complex. Please cure Sooraj immediately.

  34. see this i dont trust in trp

    for all of u i am posting

    TRP of Top 10 shows of week 36 (2015):
    1 Kumkum Bhagya – 4.8
    2 Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi – 4
    3 Saath Nibhana Saathiya – 3.8
    3 Swaragini – 3.8
    4 Udaan – 3.7
    5. Sasural Simar Ka – 3.6
    6 Ye Hai Mohabbatein – 3.3
    6 Balika Vadhu – 3.3
    7 Diya Aur Baati Hum – 3.1
    7 Chakravartin Ashok Samrat – 3.1
    8 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – 2.5
    8 Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma – 2.5
    9 Suhani Si Ek Ladki – 2.4
    10 Thapki Pyaar Ki – 2.2

  35. s.sathyanarayanan

    Nice episode. Sandhya will find out the plan of Garjana.

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