2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 17th September 2015 Written Episode Update

2025 Jaane Kya Hoga Aagey 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Ganga coming to know by Patel that Rithika is married and is sent back by her in-laws. Whole family gathers in a room and Inder says it is his mistake that he did not enquire thapars. Naveen says it is his mistake, Nirmal says her mistake, his son says his mistake. Naisha says he was not born at all. He says if he was born, he would not have let this mishap happen. Rithika says it is her mistake that she could not serve her in-laws. Naveen says how she could not use dishwasher, burnt her mother-in-law’s hair with hair straightener, etc.. Ganga says it is her mistake that she died before settling her children’s lives, but now she will set things right and settle Rithika’s life. She asks who is her damad. Inders pics shows in different get ups. Ganga asks what is sit. Naisha says jiju is an actor.

Rithika gets video call from her husband. She gets happy and also nervous that she does not know how to pick video call. She somehow picks and sees her husband in jail uniform. Husband says he went for an audition and even ate her favorite chole pav. He asks her to open door as he is standing outside her house. She says situation is worse at home and he cannot come. He insists. She silently opens door. Ganga asks Inder why did he get Rithika married to a struggling actor instead of well-settled boy. He says he was well settled, but got bitten by acting bug.

Deepmala tries to wake up Paresh. He does. She shouts fire. He wakes up in a hurry. She says she saw thief. He says he will find only bapuji’s expired chewing gum and should go to neighbor’s house instead. She says she saw thief entering neighbor’s house and they should go and warn them.

Rithika feeds food to her husband. He says it is very tasty and that is why he married her. She says she could feed him only for 2 months. He says so what, he cannot live without her and once he gets role in a film, he will tell his mom that either she will stay at home or Rithika. Rithika asks he cannot tell mom like this. She asks when will he get role. He says he has given auditions and will get role soon.

Patel’s come out of their house silently and bapuji asks where is thief. Deepmala says she saw him entering into Joshi’s house. They go and silently knock joshi’s door. Deepmala says Naveen/nano’s automated watchman must be not working, so it is not shouting. Paresh calls Nano. Bapuji disconnects call and says he should not waste money and wait till he calls back.

Ganga tells Inder that she will go and speak to Rithika. He says she can in the morning. She insists. Geetu brings food and says it is for Rithika as she did not have anything since morning. Ganga says she knows how to open Rithika’s door and asks Rithika to open door. Rithika gets tensed hearing Ganga’s voice and asks her husband to hide.

Precap: Rithika’s husband wears white bedsheet and tries to leave. Bapuji also wears bedsheet trying to find thief. Paresh and others beat Bapuji thinking him as thief.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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