Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th February 2015 Written Episode Update


Diya Aur Baati Hum 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj telling Sandhya that he is not convinced and asks her to come. Bela sees Vikram and hides thinking she won’t be saved today. Vikram talks on phone and does not see the kids. Misri tells Bela that she did as she told her. Bela says yes, and tells the guy that we came far but Vikram was here. The guy counts money and says next time, we will take them far where their family does not see them. Sandhya sings Mere bindiya teri nindiya…………….. and tries to woo Sooraj. Sooraj gets her medicines and hides.

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She hugs and thanks him. Chotu says Bhabho is calling, come soon. Meenakshi and Emily are at

home. Emily says its last day to pay fees. Bela says she will manage kids and gives them tea. Misri asks for chocolate in beggar’s style and Meenakshi is shocked. She asks who taught you, tell me, I will beat you. Bela says don’t beat them, I can’t see anyone being strict to kids, I will leave job if you beat her. Emily says no, we are afraid seeing her beg like this, its wrong to beat kids, you take Misri.

Meenakshi says don’t know where she learnt this. Bela tells Misri that she should not do this at home, else her mum will not let her go out and get chocs. She asks her not to tell her mum as its their secret and hugs her. Sooraj gets the medicines and shows to doctor. The doctor says its just painkillers, but its powerful, its used when there is much pain, who take this medicines. Sooraj says my wife. The doctor asks does she have any illness or wound. Sooraj says no, she is healthy. The doctor says why is she taking high dose, we use it when person lose strength by pain. Sooraj thinks why is Sandhya taking this medicine.

Sandhya tells Babasa and Bhabho about swimming pool. Chotu asks Chavi to come. Chavi says I don’t know swimming. Chotu insist and she falls by mistake. Chavi calls for help. Sandhya and everyone are shocked. Chavi starts drowning and asks them to save her. Sooraj comes there. Sandhya thinks she has to save Chavi, but her stitches will get wet.

She wears a safety waist tube and stops seeing a trainer saving Chavi. Sooraj brings Chavi out and sees Sandhya. They cover Chavi and Sooraj thinks why did Sandhya not help Chavi, why did she wear tube, what is she hiding, I have to find out her secret. Sooraj comes back to resort and checks Sandhya’s bag. He gets more of her medicines and is shocked.

He says so many medicines in her bag and checks them. He says its like Bhabho’s medicines. He comes to Bhabho’s room and checks her medicines. He compares them and sees its same. He thinks Bhabho eats it as she went through kidney operation, but why does Sandhya eat this, and gets a paper. He reads it and cries. He says its same doctor who did Bhabho’s operation, whats all this. He thinks and says doctor told the kidney donor wants to keep identity hidden, it means Sandhya gave her kidney to Bhabho. He cries and recalls how Sandhya covered up the matter. He recalls how she shouted to get down the ride.

Sandhya asks Sooraj what is he doing here. He holds her by her waist and she moves away. He stops her and she gets tensed. He asks why is she going away from him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So truth is going to b out …

  2. yes finally this kidney drama seems to be coming to an end 🙂 🙂


    1. What is the speciality of detective skill you find in Suraj? Any husband of ordinary prudence would have detected it long back by the wife’s strange behaviour. Further the falling of the strip of medicine from the bag is accidental event created by the director to make Suraj to find the truth about Sandya.

  4. Finally kidney came out…………..

  5. nice episode without any suspence.

  6. 🙂 🙂 I think the got brain again to end up..!!!!

  7. Thank god.Kidney drama going to end.But how Sooraj ‘ll make Sandhya tell this herself.Let’s wait & watch.

  8. Thank god.. Getting bhored to watch this serial from last one week.. Finally revealed…

  9. What a great effort Mr.Sooraj…….did a good job
    Now Sandhya’s count down started……………

  10. Now be ready to watch kids begging episodes….

    1. it’s not fair this kind of child begging episodes i don’t like it. what happen to directer?

      1. Yes , this is pathetic. In reality, this dirty unsocial work is caused. Don’t like this work and support this.
        But director has braveness to show that dirty real unsocial work in their telly soap.

  11. sreenu.. no offence, butit is the kidney secret thet came out.. kidne came out long back..

    1. Yeah u r right….
      but i just mean to say kidney came out for sooraj

      1. Sry. I won’t agree.
        Kidney matter came out for us long back.But not in the show….
        So it’s finally out for sooraj

  12. sooraj should divorce sandhya. why he bears a handiccaped woman in his whole life ?

    1. never happen this nc because sooraj don’t do this. whenever his lovable wife sandhya.

    2. never happen this nc because sooraj didn’t do this. whenever his lovable wife sandhya.

  13. Like mother like daughter. Misri proves that she is daughter of minakshi

  14. Bhaboo always thinks that sandhya will say good news (pregnancy)
    But sandhya always gives a shock to bhabu.
    This time it will going to be a big shock

  15. nice …lets see how bhabhu react when she comes to know about this…..some people scolding this serial everytime..then y r they watching this continuously and give comment.. the director ready to show scenes as it s in the u all agree that and have patient to watch….just enjoy the screenplay…..dont compare serial to real…

  16. I think that i heard sandhya saying to ankur that the she will go far from the rathi family? she did not donate her kidney to be ” mahan” i don’t think suraj will let her go. really ranjani we all r still watching this serial comment karte karte

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