Humsafars 17th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 17th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir thanking Arzoo for giving him new memories and says it will be saved in his heart forever. He wishes her Happy Valentine’s day. His phone rings. He checks and tells him that it is Australian clients’ call. He picks the call and asks Arzoo to get the file from the cupboard. Arzoo comes to her room and sees the file of Lucknow project. She opens the file and sees her design. She thinks how did Sahir get my design. She recalls throwing phone in the car and thinks it was Sahir’s car. She thinks of their meeting. She sees the project and gets shocked. She thinks Sahir burnt the factory and made the bull dozer crushed it. He saved me, but……She gets shocked and thinks he is the one whom she hates the most. She recalls their happy moments and thinks every time I think I am understanding you. I get to see your new color. Sahir comes to the room and sees her sleeping. He thinks she might be angry as he attended the business call. He covers her with blanket and sits on the couch. Arzoo thinks our relation has become confusing. Our relation have become hatred one. You knew the truth, but you hide it. I am hurt as you hide the fact from me.

Sahir wakes up in the morning and sees Arzoo missing. He wonders where is she? What happened to her. He then thinks she must have went to make breakfast. He asks the servant. The servant says he didn’t know where she went. Sahir thinks why she is running away from him. What did I do now?

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Kurti Apa caresses Zeenat’s face and says she is looking beautiful. She says Sahir won’t leave you. He is yours and will always be yours. Zeenat gets angry. Kurti Apa goes to bring the Lauban. Zeenat takes out her phone from the cupboard and talks to someone saying she can’t act lying like a dead body. We have to target Anam as she knows her. She can dance on our signs. She can make us reach our target. Kurti Apa comes to the room and sees her sleeping.

Sahir calls Arzoo, but she didn’t pick his call. He wonders what happened to her. He thinks to check her in the outhouse. He comes there and couldn’t find her even there. He comes to his office and thinks about their conversation. He looks in the cupboard and sees Lucknow project file. He understands and throws the file in anger. Arzoo gets Nausheen’s call. She asks about everyone. Nausheen says we are all fine and have shifted to our new house. Arzoo asks, new house. Nausheen says she can’t refuse her son. She says Sahir gifted the house as a son. Arzoo thinks it is difficult to hate Sahir. Nausheen says she will tell her everything and disconnects the call. Arzoo wonders what to do? She thinks she can’t meet Sahir and can’t even go to her room. She wonders where to go? Sahir comes to the office and sees her in the cabin. Arzoo closes the door and puts the table on its way. Sahir asks her to open the door. Arzoo asks him to open the door. Sahir pushes the door and come inside. She asks what are you doing here. I don’t want to see your face.

Sahir says you have the right to get angry on me, to confront me. You can’t sit here alone. I am worried for you. It is my responsibility to protect you. Sahir says he can’t changed what he has done. He can just try to rectify his mistake. Arzoo says glass once broken can’t be repaired. She says sometimes I feel that I know you and sometimes I feel like you are a stranger. Who is the real Sahir? Sahir is good or bad. Sahir says he is a human and not a god. He is having some faults too. Whenever he realized his mistake, he tried to correct it. He says what I am is not known, what I want to become is known. He asks her to come to room. Arzoo says she needs some time and will stay there. Sahir says ok and says he will stay there too. He sits on the chair. Arzoo gets angry.

Sahir tells that his project will be finished. His promise made to Zeenat. He says Zeenat will win and I will lose. She can’t win.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Plssss update fast

  2. Nice episode. Secrets are unfolding for Arzoo. Loved the way arzoo questioning Sahir and his reply. Interesting… Love u SaAz/HarShiv 🙂

  3. Allah! I don’t know how many secrets Sahir is having…….How does he keep his secrets and pain hidden from everybody….Now I think that in these 3 days Saiyaara will become /come in the top 10 list of companies and then Zeenat will stop her acting and Alvira will show her real face by taking away Saiyaara from Sahir and throwing Sahir and Arzoo out of the house…..Now SaAz will come on road with nothing in their hands but will start their new life by forgetting their past /atith ……..

  4. I think so that the show is not going off air bcoz IN 3 DAYS THE PRODUCER GUL KHAN CANNOT FINISH THE WHOLE STORY IN A SUSPENSE……U ALL UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN TO SAY ?AND IT IS RIGHT TOO….IN 3 days WHAT WILL SHE SHOW – SAHIR and Arzoo GETTING OUT OF THE HOUSE /REAL CULPRIT OF THE ACCIDENT /ZEENAT’S AFFAIR with SOMEONE /SAHIR’S REAL REASON FOR BURNING THE FACTORY /SaAz’s fight and their apologization to each other or their close moments…..What will Gul Khan show in 3 episodes?

  5. Its simple only just the time slot is changing bcoz Wikipedia is a type of webpage which can be edited by anyone at anytime

    1. I hope so…

  6. Why doesn’t Arzoo allow Sahir to sleep with her on the bed?

  7. Only 3 more episodes to go ……feeling very sad

  8. Lets wait n c wat happens in this 3 days

  9. Does sahir love zeenat or not?

  10. In the yesterday epi, I wrote that the time slot is changing for this show and it is extended. There is little more to this now. The show extended for one more week to end on feb 27 and it will be air on 8pm. I read this in HS Facebook page. Only one week extension, so sad. I love this show and want more of SaAz. Love u HarShiv 🙂

  11. What can I say. Has any one hear the American Movie name (. Fifty Shade Of Grey ) so for today episode , that movie come to my mind. And I believe that in the whole world there are men that fit in this catalog and now question come to ask if you were married to this man what will be your reaction? That is the reason why I love India culture it’s so diversity . So soda to hear that we have just one week, of our show, and I agree with earlier post that maybe it will help that if the show will go to another Chanel and maybe another time slot, that might help………….. Peace Out

  12. THis shw is extended till 27 feb. good news right.

  13. Very happy for the extension of the show

  14. Hi, Any body can explain… what is “CHARAS BO DENA” … Aarzoo often use this word

    1. i was Also thinking about if comeback to KNOW please write

  15. Sis man Vivian please stop it with that movie …. That’s not what s*x is all about that is complete abuse

  16. Plz post today’s written update feb 18, 2015. Plzzzzz

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  19. Where is the written update for !8th February 2015?

  20. Update quickly fast

  21. Have anybody tried to write to gul khan via Facebook or something??

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