Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj filling Sandhya’s maang. Sooraj tells Sandhya that he won’t be able to fill her maang, as he and Bhabho are going to meet Mama, by train, Kolkata to Ajmer train. Sandhya is shocked and thinks she has to stop Bhabho and Sooraj. She drops the kerchief and he keeps it. He says don’t worry, we will come back in 2 days. She thinks to stop them and rushes to talk to Bhabho. Bhabho packs the bags and says Sooraj would have told you that we are going to Kota. Sandhya says its nearby, go by car, it won’t be any problem. Bhabho says I don’t like to waste money.

She takes the ticket and Sandhya thinks what to do, she has to stop them from boarding the train. She calls Bharat and says its big problem. He asks what. She says my mum in law and husband are going

by same train to Kota to meet Mama ji, as he is unwell. He says find the coach number. She says s4. He says it will be away from our coaches, people will not be affected, you just have one hour now, get ready and come. She says yes Sir and ends the call. Sooraj talks to Mama ji and says Bhabho and I are coming by train. Sandhya looks at him teary eyed. Sooraj says I told you we are coming for 2 days, I will call you after reaching station.

Sandhya thinks she has just one hour to stay with Sooraj, and wants to see him. He asks her not to be sad, he is going just for 2 days. She thinks don’t know how long will he have to wait for me. He says Bhabho said sindoor is good in kota, I will get it for you, and send me list of things you want, I will get it. He packs his bag and holds her seeing her sad. He asks whats the matter. He says this face is like mirror, which can’t lie to me, you know we are like Diya aur Baati, we are meaningless without each other, we can’t stay without each other and still we have lived away from each other, strange, first you went for police training, then duty when I raised Ved, but now we will be together forever after I come after 2 days, there won’t be any tears or sadness. Diya aur baati……….plays………….

He asks Lord to keep them together else he won’t talk to him. She cries and hugs him. They have a moment of peaceful love. Sandhya gets ready in her police uniform. She sees the photo album and recalls Sooraj’s words, and his promise. She does aarti and tilak to Sooraj and Bhabho.

Ved asks Bhabho why do they do tilak when person goes away. Bhabho says its for the safe return and journey. Bhabho gives the house keys to Sandhya, and asks her why is she seeing like this, she is eldest bahu and have to see home responsibilities, get habitual from today. Sandhya thinks she can’t take this responsibility. Bhabho asks her to give medicines to Babasa and control the kids, take care of them and yourself, she are strong one in my house. Sandhya wipes her tears. She asks Bhabho to bless her, to succeed as she has taken responsibility on her shoulders. Bhabho blesses her and says I m sure you will do this well. Everyone go to drop Bhabho and Sooraj. Sandhya cries seeing the keys.

Sooraj comes back inside the house. Sandhya asks what happened. He says this is not right, see this, and corrects her name badge. He holds her hand and says Sandhya wo Aini. She says Wo aini Sooraj ji. Bhabho calls him and he leaves.

The family resumes normal routine. Sandhya looks at them and thinks its time for her to leave. Ved and Misri study. Sandhya goes to Babasa and says she is leaving. He says yes, go for duty and come back soon, we will have dinner together. She says don’t wait for me, I don’t know when will I come, you have to take medicines, have food on time. He says don’t worry. She goes to kitchen and thanks Meenakshi and Emily. Meenakshi asks what did we do. Sandhya says you both take care of all the responsibilities in this house, so you keep this keys Meenakshi. Meenakshi refuses being afraid of Bhabho. Sandhya reminds Bhabho’s words and asks Meenakshi to obey her.

She asks Emily to take care of Ved, manage him. Emily asks what is she saying today, Ved is not just yours, but our son too, you go for duty, I will make Ved have food and sleep. Sandhya hugs them getting teary eyed. Meenakshi asks her to go and catch the thieves, and not worry.

Sandhya hugs Ved and kisses him. He asks why so many kisses today, is it any special day. She says she loves him a lot, and asks him to remember not to do much mischief, he is her smart son, take care of yourself and dad. Ved asks how, Papa has gone to Kota. She says yes, but till Sooraj comes back, take care of everyone at home. Ved asks will she not come tonight. She says I will be on duty. Ved gets glad that Sandhya is going too, now kids can enjoy. She walks towards the door and recalls Bhabho’s words about tilak’s importance. She cries and applies tilak to her forehead. She prays to Lord to take care of her family, she is going now as her country needs her. She wears her cap and looks at her home with tears.

Bharat calls Sandhya and asks where is she, she has to be here with him. Sandhya is in Sagarika’s getup and hides seeing Sooraj. She gets shocked seeing him in other coach.

Update Credit to: Amena


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    MUMBAI: The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal by Vijay Mallya to overturn charges against him for allegedly violating foreign exchange rules, adding to the legal challenges facing one of the country’s most prominent businessmen.

  10. GuFe

    NEW DELHI: The Pakistan high commission in India has invited Hurriyat leaders and other separatists from Kashmir to its Eid Milan party to be held on July 21.

    “There is nothing unusual about our invite to Hurriyat leaders,” Pakistan high commissioner Abdul Basit told IANS.

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    Please read…Future is bleak for youths:
    To battle attrition that’s at an eight-quarter high and keep its young workforce motivated, Tata Consultancy Services plans to reduce the time that an employee spends on a project.

    About 80% of employees at India’s largest software exporter belong to Generation Y — typically the layer with the highest level of people leaving. The company clocked a 15.9% attrition rate in the quarter ended June.

    “Mobility is important and time factor needs to be reviewed,” said Ajoy Mukherjee, global HR head of TCS. “Rotation (between) roles probably needs to happen a bit faster because this generation wants everything fast. Although nothing is defined, depending on the ability of roles, it needs to be faster than 1.5-2 years.”

    If TCS reduces time spent on a project to about a year, it would be among the most flexible companies in the industry. Since large employers such as TCS cannot alter benefits or salary structure often, quick project transitions, both at home and international postings, may prevent change of loyalties, although there could be other consequences.

    “It could help lower attrition since being unable to get off a project does cause people to leave,” said an analyst with a Mumbai-based brokerage who declined to be identified. “But if they bring down minimum time spent on a project too much, it could upset clients, who typically prefer the people on their projects to stay for a while.”

    The company is planning online learning and focus on digital tech.

    “Work has to be challenging and you have to keep them motivated. TCS allows rotation and faster ones are in the pipeline,” added Mukherjee. “In the employee pyramid, there was strong attrition in the range of 3-6 years,” Girish Pai, an analyst with Nirmal Bang, said in a note.

    Attrition in IT companies is often higher after the first quarter because a segment of the workforce leaves for higher studies. Mukherjee said in places like Latin America, attrition is high because employees are often inducted on a project basis and asked to leave when it gets over, which is the norm there. However, he said this does not mean that projects that get completed over longer time frames will not continue.

    Faster rotation comes after ensuring employees have the necessary skill to hop on to another task and the present one is complete.

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    NEW DELHI: Indian tennis players making their presence felt in the Grand Slam as legendary Leander Paes, Sania Mirza and youngster Sumit Nagal cruised to Wimbledon titles with their respective partners at All England Club over the past weekend.

    READ ALSO: Sania Mirza-Martina Hingis win Wimbledon women’s doubles title

    World number one Sania created history by becoming the first Indian to win a women’s doubles Grand Slam title with Swiss partner Martina Hingis in London. Hingis, 34, and 28-year-old Sania came from a set down and 2-5 behind in the final set to beat Russian duo Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina 5-7, 7-6 (7/4), 7-5.

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    BERLIN: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government stressed today that ‘Germany did not stand alone’ in hammering out a tough deal to prevent a Grexit with other eurozone members.

    ‘This is an agreement that was reached through hard work over 17 hours by 19 member countries of the eurozone,’ said Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert.

    Deal on Greek Debt Crisis Is Reached, but Long Road Remains
    For France, Mission Accomplished as ‘Grexit’ Averted
    Impact of Greek Developments Will Be Indirect: Finance Secretary
    Answering reporters’ questions, he rejected the notion that an overbearing ‘ugly Germany’ had pushed through a painful reform package which news site Spiegel Online labelled a ‘catalogue of cruelties’.

    Seibert said that many other eurozone leaders had said they ‘shared the German position’, and that Greece’s left-wing Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had defended the deal on Monday morning.

    ‘Germany did not stand alone at any time in any way,’ Seibert told a Berlin press conference, several hours after the marathon session ended in Brussels.

    ‘The German chancellor, the whole government, acted on the basis of a European conviction and European responsibility,’ he said.

    Commenting on the reform list, he said: ‘What it says in this agreement, point by point, are steps that other European countries have also applied and which have led to good results in these countries’.

    ‘There is nothing particularly exotic in there… These are measures from a policy tool-kit that aims to kindle free-market forces and for companies to create jobs if given the right conditions,’ he said.

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    LUCKNOW: Hours after Uttar Pradesh IPS officer Amitabh Thakur said Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav had no right to scold him, Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav spoke up on behalf of his father, saying he saw nothing wrong in what he did.

    “When Mulayam Singh Yadav can scold the chief minister, there is nothing wrong in his scolding an official,” Mr Yadav said, in response to media queries in Farrukhabad.

    ‘Give Me Security’ Says IPS Officer After Mulayam’s ‘Sudhar Jao’ Threat
    ‘Return Gift From Mulayam Singh,’ Says Top Cop Booked in Rape Case
    Akhilesh Yadav Promises Lucknow Metro Before Next Assembly Elections in Uttar Pradesh
    The 75-year-old SP chief is known for not mincing his words – on occasions he has even criticised his son, the Chief Minister, in public for his government’s policies.

    This time, he had apparently called up Mr Thakur and asked him to mend his ways, and added that if he failed to do so, it would have serious consequences.

    As his party rushed to his defence, pointing out that he had merely scolded the officer, Mr Thakur, in an interview to NDTV today, said, “He (Mulayam Singh) has no right to scold me. He is not the Chief Minister”.

    Mr Thakur, who alleges that he is being targeted because his wife filed a corruption case against a minister, also asked the Centre today for security, claiming his life was in danger.

    The SP contends that Mulayam Singh has asked Mr Thakur to mend his ways (saying “sudhar jaiye”) as the officer was violating service rules and his wife was filing numerous petitions against the government. “It was not a threat,” SP leader Gaurav Bhatia said.

    On Saturday, Mr Thakur had filed a complaint with the police regarding Mulayam Singh’s phone call and submitted an audio recording of the conversation.

    Hours after, as a rape case was filed against him, he accused the SP chief of pursuing a vendetta, pointing out that the timing of the case was suspect since the complaint by the woman dated back to January.

  20. GuFe

    NEW DELHI: Kashmiri separatists have been invited to celebrate Eid with the Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit early next week. Last year, India cancelled talks between the Foreign Secretaries of both countries after the Pakistani envoy insisted on hosting the separatist leaders before the dialogue.

    Mr Basit told NDTV today, “There’s nothing unusual about our invite to Hurriyat leaders. The hype being created by some is unfortunate, to put it mildly. Pakistan will continue extending its full moral, political and diplomatic support to the people of Jammu and Kashmir in their legitimate struggle for self-determination.”

    3 Days After Talks, Pakistan Back to Seeking ‘More Evidence’ on 26/11 Case
    Opinion: How Pak Has Reacted To News of Modi Visit
    Opinion: Pak Talks Need More Than Modi’s Event Management
    The comments come just days after big breakthroughs were resulted in Ufa, Russia, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi met with his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif in a resumption of talks. After that session, it was announced that National Security Advisors of both countries would meet in Delhi for a discussion on combating terror. The Ufa developments were hailed by analysts in both countries as a much-needed thaw after months of violence along the border in Jammu and Kashmir and provocative statements by leaders on both sides.

    But already, the progress that was made appears to be in question. Today, Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Sartaj Aziz said that his country’s trial of Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi who masterminded the Mumbai attacks of 2008 cannot be speeded up, as agreed to in Ufa, because more evidence is needed. The comment appeared as an attempt to once again shift the blame for the inaction to India, which has committed to purveying more voice samples.

    Mr Aziz also said that his Prime Minister had reiterated concerns of “India’s alleged interference in the internal matters of Pakistan, particularly its continuing support for insurgency in Balochistan.”

    Members of the ruling BJP said the comments are aimed at combating criticism in Pakistan, where the Opposition has derided Mr Sharif for “appeasing India” by omitting a specific reference to Kashmir from the joint statement of both countries in Ufa.

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    “Hazardous Activities and Industries List clearly stipulates the hazardous engagements in which children cannot be employed”.

    Noble Laureate Kailash Satyarthi on Monday urged the Central Government not to tinker with or prune the Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL).

    “Tinkering with or pruning the Hazardous Activities and Industries List (HAIL) as already enunciated in Child Labour Act 1986 would defeat the purpose of its Amendment,” Mr. Satyarthi said.

    The list, he said, shouldn’t be touched as it clearly stipulates the hazardous engagements and processes in which children cannot be employed or engaged,” the Noble Laureate said while addressing the members of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry under aegis of its Family Welfare Foundation here.

    He also lauded the provision of imposing a penalty of Rs 50,000 for engaging children below 14 years of age in any venture under the Child Labour Amendment Bill.

    He, however, supported the engagement of children by their employer in case their education and general routine including pleasure are not sacrificed.

    Mr. Satyarthi pointed out that children throughout the world are engaged in some form or other in ventures to assist their families that do not lead to their exploitation in particular.

    He sought the support of industry, government and civil societies to liberally invest in children’s education to enable India achieve the growth trajectory it intends to scale up.

    Mr. Satyarthi was also of the view that in the proposed Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Amendment Bill the definition of labour and family ought to be defined with clarity to remove the existing ambiguities in the current Act.

    According to him, in the last 20 years world over, the numbers of children engaged in various industrial activities have fallen to 58 million as against 130 million.

    “This indicates the concern of the humanity towards child labour but lot more is required to be done to eliminate child labour,” he stressed.

    The President, PHD Chamber Alok B Shriram presided over the meeting in which the Nobel Laureate was invited to.

    Keywords: Noble Laureate Kailash Satyarthi, Satyarthi plea, HAIL list, Hazardous Activities and Industries List, Child Labour Act

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    The ‘adoption allowance’, effective July 10, can be used towards legal, agency, regulatory costs or any other expenses that may arise during the adoption process.

    After relaxing maternity and paternity policies, e-commerce major Flipkart is now offering an allowance of Rs. 50,000 to employees looking to adopt children.

    The “adoption allowance”, effective July 10, can be used towards legal, agency, regulatory costs or any other expenses that may arise during the adoption process, a Flipkart spokesperson told PTI.

    According to data from Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), 1,368 children found new homes in the January-March quarter of 2015. The adoption rates have been dismal in the country even though India has one of the largest population of children who are abandoned, deserted or are in institutional care.

    According to the new policy, Flipkart will allow its female employees adopting a child below the age of 12 months the same benefits as under maternity leave policy, i.e., six months paid leave along with four months of flexible working hours.

    For children aged over a year, the employee can avail three months paid leave and four months of flexible working hours, the spokesperson said.

    The male employees can avail up to six months of paid adoption leave (can be availed within the first six months) and four months of flexible working hours.

    “If the employee is looking at extending their adoption leaves, but they don’t have enough leaves left, they can take unpaid leave for up to three months and continuity on the same job is assured,” the spokesperson said.

    Effective July 1, the Bengaluru-based firm has also liberalised its maternity and paternal leave policy, aimed at providing flexibility to employees to help them take care of personal commitments as well as be productive at work. Flipkart’s maternity programme gives new mothers six months of paid leave as well as flexible working hours for four months with full pay. If needed, they can also take a one-year career break without pay.

    It provides up to Rs. 600 per day transport reimbursement to its women employees for two months before they go on maternity break. For dads-to-be, Flipkart now allows 10 days paternity leave as well as three months of flexible working hours. The company also offers maternity claim benefit of Rs. 65,000 in case of normal delivery and Rs. 80,000 in case of C-section.

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    I complete my tour of Central Asia. My visits to these 5 nations convince me that India & Central Asia must reconnect on a larger scale.
    Strong ties between India & Central Asia are important for the future that we seek for our countries & our region.

  29. GuFe

    Narendra Modi
    48 mins ·
    Tajikistan visit has been special. It has laid foundations for an enduring partnership. Thanks to the Govt. & people for their hospitality.

  30. GuFe

    Narendra Modi added 3 new photos.
    3 hrs ·
    Bust of Gurudev Tagore highlights the deep cultural & spiritual links between India & Tajikistan.

  31. GuFe

    Narendra Modi
    3 hrs ·
    Have attended programmes on trade, finance, manufacturing overseas but in Tajikistan, I attended a Workshop on Agriculture Cooperation. It is natural for India & Tajikistan to cooperate extensively in agriculture. Together we can achieve a lot.

  32. GuFe

    Narendra Modi added 4 new photos.
    3 hrs ·
    At the India-Tajikistan Field Hospital, a symbol of our enduring friendship.

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    Narendra Modi added 3 new photos.
    9 hrs ·
    President Rahmon’s personal commitment & leadership is a source of great strength for India-Tajikistan friendship.

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    Feeling so sad for little ved!
    Oh god keep sandya safe and secure

  38. dabh fan

    Gm friends

    Episode was fantastic.

    Seeing sandhya, I am feeling happy ?.

    She gave responsibility to meenakshi and Emily. Thatt was awesome secene

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    Sandya has another mission awaiting when she come back home safely that what meena had done a KHAND
    Billi ko doodh ki rakhwali Jo di hai

  42. vaishnavi

    If anything wrngly happens in tis mission i think aft some days sandhya will definitely cme…

  43. Then sandhya go and ved say today bhaboo and sandhya nt in home so we can do lot of masti ??????✌???✌????????????????????????????????✌??????????✌

  44. use @gufe mental ko re comments pat karo dosto.kunki hum jitna uske comments to re comments karenge utna oh hame pareshan karega.

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    Most awaiting…???????????????????????????????????????

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    How can sooraj loose is possible sandya to loose memory by hitting her head somewhere during the mission.sooraj should be in mental dilemma not memory lost.what an easy way to overcome sorrow when ur loved ones die by loosing memory

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    meenakshi, sandhya emiliy scene was so emotional

    i even can’t stop my tears in my eyes

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    Dabba dummy serial.I completely hate this…so long story line.just hate it.guys this is my point of view do take as wrong.

    • anu

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    because we don’t care about all stupid things.

    we fans of dabh show never qiut.

    and this series will go on…………………..

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    • serial

      Ya nonsense stupid idiotic show… much of dragging…..hate it hate it hate it…just hate it………

    • Kk if u dnt lyk dnt watch no one r forcing u.. ..but for us it iss the beeeeeessst show…nd only this serial is differnt frm oders…not lyk oder wich dey show romance,revenge..etc but in our serial they ill b thrilling….dat we dont get frm oder …so it is a unique shw…..wich only rare ill get too…see….i am so lucky to watch thus show….

  56. KM

    Dabh is the best serial.u guys who don’t like it pls switch to others which are thrilling and interesting.its no use saying over and over again u don’t like this.they are going to listen to u and stop the serial as long as we are it

  57. It’s kindly request u guys plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzzzzzzz dnt recmt that useless people.????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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