Dil Tadap ke kehta hai – part 17

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Recap: shivom conversation, dadi-om’s plan, anika hurt seeing shivaay with meghna and leaves OM. Shivaay angry at her for leaving without meeting him
Pov: how could she leave without meeting me. She told everyone but me. And why am i getting hurt over this, so what if she left, it’s not a big deal. She had to leave anyway after my marriage. If she didn’t bother telling me, then even i don’t care.
Well he was pissed he tried to sleep but couldn’t.
Next day, when anika arrived they were having breakfast. Pinky asked her to join, shivaay waited for her response, but she declined the invitation politely and started her work. She worked the entire day and didn’t speak with anyone unless necessary. Before leaving she went to meet dadi
Anika: dadi

Dadi: ha bol puttar {{ yes dear}}
Anika: vo dadi mujhe kal chutti chahiye{{ i need off tomorrow}}
Dadi: sab theek haina? {{ Is everything ok?}}
Anika: ha dadi, bas mai sahil ke saath thoda time spend karna chahti hu. Vaise bhi zyadatar kaam ho gye hai, functions ke kaam same din me karne hai or baki kaam mai parso kar dungi {{ yes grandma, i just wanted to spend some time with sahil. And i have already done most of the work so I’ll do that day after}}
Dadi: theek hai puttar, dhyan rakhio or ha apni maa se milte hue jana {{ ok dear, take care and do meet your mother before leaving}}
In jhanvi’s room

Anika: aapne bulaya {{ did you call me}}
Jhanvi: ha anika, yelo tumhari salary ka cheque or saath me ye gift {{ yes, here’s your salary and here’s a gift for you}}
Anika: jhanvi maa gift ki kya zarurat thi{{ why did you get me a gift}}
Jhanvi: meri beti itni mehnat karti thi gift to banta hai. Or mai chahti hu tum ye shaadi me pehno {{ my daughter’s hardwork should be rewarded and i want you to wear this on the wedding day}}

Anika: ok jhanvi maa. She took her salary, and informed her about her leave.

Shivaay thought of talking to her on her way home but by the time he got there she had already left with om. She told him about her leave and he was happy that she was trying to have a life without shivaay.
Here shivaay wondered why anika avoided him. Pov- kal mai anika se baat kar ke rahunga. Vo apne ghar gayi to usne nahi bataya, aaj bhi bina mile chali gayi. Ye ho kya gaya hai use {{ tomorrow I’ll talk to her at any cost. She left without meeting me and today she ignored me. What’s up with her}}

The next morning he was waiting but she didn’t show up. It had been hours since her reporting time. Shivaay was constantly pacing here and there in his room.
Rudra: bhaiyya, aap pareshan kyu ho {{ bro, you look worried}}
Shivaay: kuch nhi rudra, tu bta kya hua{{ it’s nothing rudra, tell me what brings you here}}
Rudra: bhaiyya ye envelope aapke liye anika didi ne dia tha {{ bro, anika didi gave this envelope for you}}

Shivaay: vo khud bhi to de sakti thi, kahan hai vo{{ she could have given it herself, where’s she}}
Rudra: vo nhi aayngi {{ she won’t come}}
Shivaay: kyu{{ why}}
Rudra: vo aaj vo chutti pe haina islie{{ she’s on leave today}}

Shivaay: envelope kab diya fir usne{{ when did she give you the envelope}}
Rudra: subah jab mai unke ghar gaya tha. Bhaiyya aap ye envelope rakho mujhe or bhi kaam hai. Aapke to sawal hi khatam nahi hote {{ this morning when i was at her place. Bro just keep this envelope, i have a lot to do. Your questions just don’t seem to end}}
He opened the envelope and found money and a letter – ye loan ki last installment, hisaab me kuch galti hui ho to bata dena, baki meri taraf se sab khatam ho gya hai {{ last installment of the loan. Let me know if there’s some mistake. It’s over from my side}}

Pov- The last line, what does it mean. Why would she write this. She could’ve used any other words then why this. Why do i feel, she’s going away, like I’m going to lose her. why did she give the envelope to rudra when she could’ve given it to me tomorrow. I don’t know, but it feels wrong.
He kept on thinking the whole day, her words filling up his mind. It was date night with meghna but he kept on thinking about anika. On his way to pick her he remembered something. He immediately called meghna and cancelled his date making some lame excuse. He turned the car around and drove fast.

Pov- how could I forget such an important day. Last year on this day i had gone to her house for the first time and it was sahil’s birthday. Oh god that’s why she’s on leave today.
He bought a gift for sahil and drove to her house. It was past dinner time but he had to see her. He rang the doorbell. Anika was not expecting anybody at this time, she opened the door with a broom in her hand
A: aap yaha{{ what are you doing here}}

S: ha, koi problem{{ any problem}}
A: nahi{{no}}
S: ab andar bulaogi ya jhaadu se marke bhagane wali ho{{ will you invite me inside or do you plan to hit me with this broom to shoo me away}}
She kept the broom away. He called out sahil’s name
S: happy birthday sahil (gave him the gift)
Sa: sso aap subah omru ke saath kyu nahi aaye {{ sso why didn’t you come in the morning with omro}}

He understood that’s when anika must have given the envelope
S: kya karta sahil, mujhe kisi ne party me bulaya hi nahi ( he looked at anika, who was avoiding eye contact) par lagta mujhe der ho gayi aane me {{ what can i do sahil, i wasn’t invited to the party. I think i took too long to come around}}
Sa: ha party to kabki khatam ho gyi, didi safai kar rhi hai lekin aap mere saath chalo, mai aapko cake khilata hu {{ yeah, party got over a while ago, didi was cleaning up. Come I’ll give you some of my cake}}
Shivaay picked him up in his arms and they sat together to have cake
S: sahil ye cake tumhari didi ne to nahi banaya na {{ sahil, i hope your sister didn’t bake this cake}}

( he tried to joke but anika still didn’t look at him, she was busy cleaning)
Sa: nahi, ye to anika didi special banwa ke layi hai mere liye. Or aap meri didi ki taang mat kheecho vo best khana banati hai {{ no, she had it specially made for me. And don’t trouble my sister, she makes the best food}}
S: lagta hai tumne apni didi ke haath ka mix vegetable soup nahi piya {{ i guess you haven’t had her mix vegetable soup}}

( he smiled thinking of that day, he was hoping she would too but then he saw a tear drop escaping her eye)
Sa: ha theek hai meri didi aapke jaisa tasty khana nahi bnati lekin vo mere liye jo bhi banati hai usme bahut saara pyaar daalti hai, islie vo sabse best hota hai. {{ Yeah her food isn’t as good as yours but she always cooks with love which makes her food best}}
S: ha sahil, tumhari didi sabke liye pyaar se hi karti hai jo karti hai. Okay champ ab mai chalta hu, good night. Anika muje tumse kuch baat karni hai.{{ Yeah, whatever she does, she does it with all her heart. Ok champ i have to go now, good night. Anika i need to speak with you}}
They stood at the door, looking at each other
S: tumne btaya kyu nahi ke tum OM se jaa rahi ho {{ you never informed me about leaving OM}}
A: bata kar hi gyi thi{{ i did inform}}

S: mujhe to nhi bataya, apne dost ko bhool gyi tum ( he said it with pain) {{ you didn’t inform me, did you forget this friend of yours}}
A: aap or meghna busy the {{ you were busy with meghna}}
S: phone kar sakti thi{{ you could have called}}

A: omru ne bata to dia kya badi baat hai{{ omru told you, so what’s the big deal}}
S: tumne nahi bataya, or kal bhi nahi mili tum, kya baat hai anika tum mujhe avoid kar rhi ho{{ are you trying to avoid me anika? You didn’t inform me, yesterday you didn’t meet me}}
A: aisa kuch nahi hai shivaay, mai kyu avoid karungi. Mai bas busy thi,9 din me aapki shaadi hai, itne kaam the fir sahil ke birthday ke liye chutti bhi leni thi bas isiliye. Aapko kaise pta chala aaj sahil ka birthday hai, omru ne bataya hoga na {{ it’s nothing like that shivaay, why would i do that. I was just busy, you are getting married in 9 days and there’s so much to do and then sahil’s birthday so i didn’t get time. How did you know it’s his birthday, omru must have told you}}

S: nahi, mujhe yaad tha{{ no, i remembered}}
A: lekin maine to aapko kabhi bataya hi nahi {{ but i never told you}}
S: last year pehli baar tumhare ghar aaya tha aaj ke din {{ last year on this day, i came to your house for the first time }}
She stood quietly. Pov- why are you doing this shivaay, don’t make me feel important in your life when I’m not.

A: bahut raat ho gyi hai, aapko jana chahiye sab wait kar rhe honge{{ it’s getting late, you should leave. Everyone is probably waiting for you}}

Shivaay understood what his words might have implied so he left. He understood what om meant
Pov- om was right, i never thought about her feelings about our friendship. She looked so hurt when i told her how i remembered. She feels alone i can sense that. May be i was as important to her as she is to me and now that I’m getting married even she feels we’re going to lose our friendship. I guess that’s why she’s avoiding me. But i can’t let her go, what if she’s more to me than i thought. Mallika is my friend, she is also my ex but i never felt bad when we were not in touch. Even if she’s more than a friend to me, i can’t do anything about it. Is nkk really that important. Of course it is, lineage defines a person. But not every person with a good lineage is actually good, look at bade papa, he’s a good business man but he failed as a husband. And anika has made her identity on her own but is her lineage really that important? I don’t know, i just don’t know what to do.

Precap: surprise for you…..

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