Mr and Mrs. Maheswari Raglak episode 10 original one

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Dayal:- what happen did I said anything wrong.

Ragini:- no actually matter is.

Dev:- we are having new phones with us that’s why no photos and Yaa my gallery is empty why don’t we all take pic…

Saying this he drags all while dev and ragini both looks at each other in assuring way while dayal face fells..

After few minute…

Ragini:- are u sure tomorrow we will get information bhai.. They are not even saying anything to me.

Dev:- don’t worry I contacted my friend here and he was an cbi officer he will help us..

Ragini:- when we are going to meet him then.

Dev:- I called him here only, once we get to knew who was behind these all our all problems will solve.

Ragini:- mystery will definitely solve bhai but what about these people visiting mom. Do you think they will come you didn’t see how stubborn they are.

Dev:- hope for the best ragu ones they got to knew truth they will forgive them as they were not fault and after what they did because they were left with no option.

Ragini:- let’s solve fast before situation slips from our hands.. And the kids in this home don’t even knew that they have elder bua. By the way what his name.

Dev:- Neil Khanna cbi officer. If he comes we can get our information immediately.

Ragini:- OK…

Next morning…

Ragini comes down for breakfast all were sitting and talking.. Calling bell rings servant goes and comes says..

Saab some one came to meet dev jii and ragini beti.. His name was Neil Khanna.

Dev:- he is my friend here I will meet him and come ragu..

They both goes outside.

All gathers at hall…

By hearing shoes step sounds everyone gaze turn to entrance and sees dev coming along with some young aged man and ragini who were talking with each other with cute smile on their faces by seeing them Laksh get irritated and thinks.

Laksh pov :- it’s been 3 months she came here untill now she never talked to me pleasently or with this smile which she is showing to him.
His thoughts were disturbed by Arjun and Pradeep who both leans to his ears on both sides and says.

Pradeep:- they both are looking good na Laksh.i don’t why but I feel like from now she won’t fight with you as she will be busy with her new boyfriend, (Laksh glares him) I mean best friend.

Arjun:- I think something is burning here.

Laksh:- you both stop thinking too much as your brains cant take so much pressure and I don’t care with whom she will be. She was just guest here saying this he goes away by seeing ragini and him about to approach them while making him introduce to all.

Neil:- who is he.

Ragini:- Laksh Maheswari also known as weird persons.

Neil:- weird person will be always interesting you knew.

Ragini:- very funny. Anyway meet Pradeep bhaiya and Arjun my sweet friend.

Arjun:- hi Neil you look dashing…

Neil:- cbi officers will be dashing.

Pradeep looks on and Arjun too..

Neil:- why are you looking at me like that. Did you never saw cbi officers. Or do you follow any rules like we should not talk to police officers..

Pradeep:- nothing like that. Nice to meet you.
Shake hands with him.

After a while Neil dev and ragini were sitting in cafe and discussing..

Neil:- I will try to get recordings and information about who collected letters from your home.

Ragini:- it’s their home not us..

Dev:- ragu just..

Ragini:- no bhai. It’s enough no one is innocent from that house. One person is main responsible these all while remaining all believed that person false stories and threw our mom out from that house and few are at fault by watching all like they are helpless..

Neil:- may I knew completely about what ever happened.

Ragini and dev looks at each other and dev continues..

Dev:- harish Maheswari has one son and two daughters.
Dayal elder son and Sumitra gadodia last daughter..
My mom was second daughter janaki . Dayal and my mom were harish first wife son and daughter after giving birth to my mom his wife died and after many years he married to his wife sister Pravathi and

Neil:- Sumitra was their third daughter right.

Dev:- no.

Ragini:- Sumitra was…. Looks on..

Dev and Neil too looks at her direction and finds dayal standing with tears filled eyes..

He comes to them cares dev and ragini hairs and says.

Dayal :- I knew it I have special connection with you that time I met you. And you always reminds me my sister janaki..
He hugs them emotionally and says this much time her mom took to come here. Did she forgot me too. I knew I was not with her when she needs me. I was in states but later they can call us at least she can inform me about her whereabouts..

Ragini and dev looks at each other and explains everything and about janaki health too.

Dayal:- some one is doing these all and we should move fast we have to meet your mom.

Neil:- we almost near uncle. I will find out by tomorrow morning who was behind all these..
Neil leaves from their.

Dayal hugs dev and ragini..

Dayal :- can I talk to your mom.

Janaki:- hello ragu is everything OK why you called me at this time.

Dayal:- janu..

Janaki:- bhai… Bhai is that you. How are you bhai.

Dayal:- how are you janu. I am fine here everyone is fine here. I am so sorry at that time i was not with u or else I would never let that happen.i am so much angry on u janu these many years took for you to reach us at least you would have contacted me.

Janaki:- I was bond to promise bhai. To stay away from all especially you.

Dayal:- who, our so called dad.

Janaki:- no bhai someone else but I can’t relieve it and don’t ask bhai plss.

Dayal:- ragu is just a little bit of u and alot like Ajay and dev is just like you.

They both keep on talking while ragini and dev watches them emotionally while ragini hugs dev.

Ragini:- I am so happy bhai. Finally mom will be fine now, once I got that culprit I won’t leave anyone who ever behind my mom and dad sadness.

Dayal about to rush inside home but stopped by ragini.

Ragini:- don’t say anything to anyone dayal Ji at least untill everything sets at its place. Untill I found who was that person behind these all.

Dayal nodes and says :-  I will but stop calling me with my name, I am your mama.

Dev:-  untill we find that person and untill we prove mom and dad being innocent we can’t accept relations with your family.

Dayal:- it’s OK I understand. Let’s go.

Three goes inside and Laksh and Pradeep were shocked listening to them and looks at each other and says Family…

Pradeep:- they both are our family but how. Who are they.

Laksh:- I am not understanding anything. I think I should confront them. Mainly ragini. She started all this..

Pradeep :- in that case first we should ask Dr. Atul who introduced her to us. We should go early morning as it’s already late night.

Even I am ready.

Laksh and Pradeep both looks back and finds Arjun standing with college bag.

Arjun:- before that we need important discussion to be done let’s go to private room.

Three walks away from their.

Arjun throws one photo of a lady and says..

Janaki Singh Saxena.

Another photo of middle aged man.

Ajay Singh Saxena..

Laksh:- why are you showing these photos to us.

Pradeep:- don’t tell me you selected your in laws.
Being stressed of Laksh not getting married.

Laksh and Arjun looks at Pradeep.. While he mutters sorry.

Arjun:- fine final two photos..

He throws one big family photo of their Maheswari.
Finding janaki in young look close with dayal ND Sumitra.

Arjun:- shocked right close your mouths onces because you have to open again wide than before.

Saying this he throws one more photo leaving all shocked more..

Photo relives of.

Janaki, Atul, ragini and dev.

Laksh holds his head and sits while Pradeep says frustration.

Pradeep :- who the hell are they and how they related to us..

Laksh:- and what’s happening with us why they came in our family..

Arjun:- we all were blood related bhai. We all were one family.

Precap:- Raglak moments

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