Dil Se Dil Tak 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Aman comes to Teni excited but Teni wonders if they are going on a date that he is so excited. Aman holds her hands saying he is happy that finally on the turmeric ritual, she would colored for his name. Then she will get mehndi on her hands that will connect them both. Teni prays for some way to know if Parth read the letter or not.
Later, Teni sat in the hall. Shorvari notices she was tensed, Teni says she is only nervous about marriage. Shorvari understands the nervousness. Sejal calls Aman to bring a cake, they will cut after Pooja. She thinks to feed Rishab with her own hands after Pooja. Shorvari notices Teni sat lost in her thoughts as she asks her for the necklace to be placed around idols.
Sejal watches Jagruti decorating the floor while she hadn’t done his part. Shorvari watches

Sejal come to ruin it from the other corner and asks what is she doing, Sejal says she was only giving finishing to Jagruti’s Rangoli. Jagruti says it was fine earlier and corrects it. Shorvari gets worried.
Baa comes to Jalpa with her jewelry. She tells Jalpa to wear one on Pooja tonight and one on the wedding. Jalpa wasn’t ready to accept them. Baa says she knows what Jalpa has done for Bharat needs much courage, she has sold every of her saving and jewelry and even mortgaged her property. She assures Jalpa that her efforts would definitely bring colors, she is proud of her as a daughter.
There, Bharat discusses his hospital plan with a friend. His friend discuss that Jayu doesn’t resemble Bharat at all. Bharat minds it and sends him away.
Teni was worried if Parth even read the letter or not. Aman comes to her but Teni was irritated by him. Shorvari comes and asks Teni if she left Pooja preparations to come to Aman. Aman discusses with Shorvari about some honeymoon for shopping, later after delivery of their child they will celebrate the real honeymoon. Shorvari watches all the locations and tells him about going to Paris. A servant comes to tell Aman go upstairs as Parth called him.
Sejal clicks a selfie with the decoration appreciating herself. Shorvari says she and Jagruti equally worked and did good decoration. Rishab comes home, Sejal asks to go on a date with her. Shorvari signals Jagruti to go and meet Rishab. Jagruti says Rishab didn’t come to meet her. Rishab tells Sejal he came to meet Jagruti, he has something to do with computers. Shorvari brings Jagruti to Rishab who asks for some help with Photoshop. Shorvari takes Sejal to help her for tea. Sejal thinks about complaining to Mohini that Shorvari came between her and Rishab this time.
Mohini stops Shorvari in the corridor and scolds her for forcing Jagruti between Sejal and Rishab. Shorvari says Sejal is trying to get between Jagruti and Rishab, she has seen her already faking a muscle strain before as well. Mohini blames Shorvari to have done this for getting Parth’s attraction. Baa scolds Mohini for speaking so bitter, she calls Shorvari pure and sends her to the room. Mohini was given the whole responsibility of Pooja. Mohini watches Shorvari from upstairs and thinks she sent Jagruti with Rishab because she was her true sister in law, and made her innocent Sejal stay outside. Indu finally taught Shorvari to distinguish between family members.
In the room, Teni was worried about a way to find out if Parth even found the letter. She thinks about doing something and decides to go to speak to Parth face to face.

PRECAP: Teni speaks to Parth about falling in love.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Teni’s Parth parth jaap is getting into my nerves now. Entire episode she was only behind that letter only. She is so damn irritating. Sick woman don’t bother if he have read the letter or no. Think about your wedding and go die somewhere after marriage.

    1. Parth belongs to shorvari only

      ??chill buddy..this parth teni ka disgusting scenes and bakwas stories are not gonna end anytime soon..teni right now is like i want to be with parth coz main sachcha pyaar karti hun blah blah bullshit..on the other hand she wants aman so tat if parth doesnt happen aman will ensure a lavish lifestyle and amrica dream also will come for free..so is playing safe now..but dont worry.we wont be given mukti from teni’s parth jaap..even if they show her extremely miserable becoz of her one sided love m not going to melt for her..she is not worth sympathy at all..in the end they might make her look like mahaan by showing tat she dint destroy aman’s life by cancelling the wedding..and she walking out of pari’s life with her one sided lusty feels for parth in heart..and she will be names sati savitri

      1. He he he.. I agree with you..teni is always shown as mahan all the time wherein she is not all the one.. She have played with parth and shorvary in the name of their baby.. I read the spoiler it says Teni will be go into depression due to Parths direct rejection and shorvari will handover parth to Teni.. She will ask parth to spend time with teni and keep her happy. I mean this is seriously a shit

    2. true .. so annoying ..

    3. Parth belongs only with shorvari..

      Once again shorvari should compromose for tbat b*t*h..all in the name of baby..seriously..the biggest mistake they made is choosing this woman as the surrogate..now all depression and all..why should we feel bad for a woman who is depressed coz she is rejected by a man who is married for three years to the love of his life? Ridiculous..and if shorvari doesnt send parth to spend time with him..these parth teni fans will curse her..telling she shud leave parth..she is selfish..she never sees teni’s pain..teni’s love for parth is true.. teni deserves parth etc etc..teni can never be shorvari..the love shorvari has for parth is something teni can never have..do h think teni will go theough wat shor went thru and do the compromises she makes for keeping parth and his family? Never..teni is one selfish b*t*h who only thinks of herself..thays why this depression ka naatak also will come…tat woman doesnt deserve both the men..parth never belonged to her..she doesnt deserve aman..she needs to land up lonely and suffer to understand and value relationships…b*t*h

  2. Plz… Stop criticizing teni… It’s story of chori chori chupke chupke… Guys ll accept it when Salman, preity do der roles.. Not teni n parth …wow.. N preity was a butch in dat mve….. N u guys never say shovari as a selfish she never saw tenis pain.. Always baby baby… Teni has sum innocence left… Orways she won’t even realize dat it is a mistake to luv..

    1. It was movie yes and der was intimacy involved btwn Salman and preity do love feelings is natural but here it’s pure surrogacy ppl expect some decency coz its television shows not a 2-3hour movie..this is the difference btwn TV and movies..

    2. Parth belongs to shorvari only

      What pain of teni dint shorvari understand? If ur talking about teni’s one sided feelings for parth and her lusty imaginations..then i hope shorvari never understands it..i wid rather be happy that she remains selfish for eternity wrt parth..And why shudnt shorvari be selfish for her baby? Who is teni to shorvari at the end of the day? Does teni alone have this copyright of being in pain and no one else shud huh? And wat is tat thing about teni being innocent and thats why she knows its wrong to love? Achcha? Is tat why she still cribs tat shorvari will share anything but parth? Movie and tv is different..preity got pregnant with salman’s kid..there was physical intimacy involved there..so it was natural for preity to fall for him..and here..there is no bullshit like tat..so please ..stop saying teni is innocent..innocent girls dont play around with boys for lavish lifestyle and for materialistic pleasure like what teni is doing with aman

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