Swabhimaan 18th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Naina asking Karan what he is doing here and says you would have woken me up, I got late today. Karan stares her and says he is taking peaceful breath. Naina says who takes such breath. Karan says I didn’t wake you up as you becomes my teacher and says you have pain in your feet. Naina says she didn’t have any pain and says today in the yagya, she wil…..Karan says beautiful..and asks her to see Shiv and parvati’s idol and says they will never be separated like them. Naina smiles. Nand Kishore rings the bell and says this bell brought discipline in everyone’s life. Dada ji asks him if he wants to say something. Nand kishore says he will take important decision today, and says after today’s yagra either Naina will leave the house, or stay here as Karan’s wife. Sandhya thinks all Bundi family will go, and thinks Sharda will go with her daughters. Naina tells Sharda that she is her inspiration and have completed the haryali teej puja. Sharda asks why you are giving credit to me as you have done puja. Naina tells that Maa Kali have destroyed her enemies and tells that she has something for her and applies black bindi on her forehead.

Pandit ji asks the couples to sit. Meghna and Kunal sits. Nirmala asks Karan and Naina to sit. Nand Kishore stops them and tells Naina can’t sit as Pandit ji told that only couples. Nirmala says she can sit after keeping nirjala fast. Nand Kishore says they can’t change the rules and can’t let nurse sit in the puja. He asks Karan to sit with family members. Karan says when Naina can’t sit then why me. Nand Kishore says you are family. Dada ji says they will sit in the ahuti and nobody can stop them. Everyone smiles. Nand Kishore asks pandit ji to start puja. Sharda tells Naina that God blesses us with good deeds and asks her to make Prasad. Naina happily goes. Karan follows her. Sandhya thinks she is waiting for CM and thinks Sharda has worn his favorite color. Karan enters kitchen and asks what she is doing? Naina asks him to tell some dialogues for the beautiful matka. Karan asks why do girls tease guys. Naina shyly tells that they like the attention given by their loved ones. Karan talks romantically. Tu Pyaar Hai plays as they have an eye lock.

Sandhya thinks why CM is not coming and asks him to come. Dada ji asks Khyati to go and check why Prasad is not brought till now. Khyati goes and coughs seeing their eye lock. She says Dada ji asked for Prasad and teases them. Karan says Khyati. CM comes there. Dada ji is surprised and says you came at the right time, puja is going on now. Sharda is about to get up. Sandhya asks her to sit. CM sits beside Sharda and asks how are you? He says it seems like years passed meeting you. Meghna sees CM looking at Sharda and gets tensed. Sharda gets up and is about to go. CM goes near Sharda. Meghna looks on. Naina brings Prasad. Dada ji asks her to keep the Prasad. CM asks Sharda to listen to him and says I am very ashamed for that day. Sharda says your position is big, but in your office. She asks him not to come on her way. CM holds her hand asking her to listen to him. Meghna gets up and runs towards CM, and slaps him hard. CM is shaken up and shocked. Everyone is shocked too. Media clicks the pics.

Meghna tells Kunal that Sandhya wants to ruin happiness of the house. Kunal asks if you are mad and says that Sandhya have done so much for family and you are blaming her. Sharda apologizes to CM on Meghna’s behalf.

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    Sharda tries to talk to CM who leaves without uttering a word. Meanwhile, NK tries to blame Sharda but Nirmala and Sujaan Singh Chauhan end up supporting her.
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    NK persuades the police commissioner to not involve the media in Sharda and CM’s affair. Meanwhile, Meghna travels to Chittorgarh to find Pushpa.
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    Sandhya panics when she comes to know that Meghna is on her way to meet Pushpa. Later, Meghna meets Pushpa who tells her that Kunal is Sandhya’s illegitimate child.

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