Dil Hi Toh Hai 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Rithvik and Palak inch closer to each other

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The Episode starts with dance instructor thinking palak to be Rithvik’s girlfriend. Rithvik says she is not my girlfriend. Palak is going. Rithvik comes to her and says sorry on Vicky’s behalf. Palak tells him that mom wants her to meet some guy and she don’t want to talk to her. She says phone is hanged while she tried to switched off. Rithvik offers help and is about to manjeet’s pic on her mobile screen, just then palak tells that phone is off. Rithvik tells Palak that he is not interested to dance, but dancing for Reva. Reva gets Ananya’s call and tells that’s he will talk to her. Vijay says your mehendi will get ruined. Reva talks to her friend and asks her to come soon. Radhika is also there and organizing the decoration. Reva says she doesn’t like it and asks her to change it. Radhika

says it is all approved and asks her to talk to her boss. Reva scolds her and asks where is she? Radhika says she went to vendors. Reva asks her to do just as she said. Samar comes there. Reva tells him that the wedding planner is not listening to her. Samar sees Radhika and says he will handle. Reva kisses on his cheeks and go inside. Radhika asks Samar so if this is his marriage. She says if I haven’t come here, then I wouldn’t have known that you are marrying Vijay Padh’s daughter. She asks if he would continue to cheat on her. Samar asks her to listen to him. She says she don’t want to hear him. Samar asks her to listen. Radhika says I can’t decorate flowers in your marriage and goes. Reva hears them. Radhika goes.

Palak asks Rithvik if something happened? Rithvik says he is nervous as his sister is getting married. He says I feel scared due to Samar and says if he is like me then. He says if he do anything then I will not leave him. Palak says you don’t want him to be like him. Rithvik says I don’t promise any girl and they know what I can give. He tells that he don’t know how Samar is. He asks her if she will marry? Palak says she needs someone who understands me. Rithvik says this marriage is not my cup of tea. Aman comes there and tells Rithvik that it is for the first time he called someone home from office. Rithvik invites her for the family function. She refuses, but he insists. Palak leaves. Rithvik tells Aman that she is a nice girl. Aman teases him.

Sethu asks Palak to be careful. Palak asks her to accompany her and convinces her. Sethu agrees and teases her. She says your boss is hot and he is close to you. Palak says he is not her type and teases Sethu that someone will be happy if she comes. Sethu refuses to come. Palak convinces her.

Vijay and Rishabh talk to each other. Mamta asks what is the matter? Vijay tells her that he was thinking to make Samar as ghar jamai and says they can’t leave without Reva. Mamta says girls are strong and tells that Reva will make her home. Rishabh appreciates her thoughts. Samar’s mom asks him to smile. Rohit sees Sethu and Palak and comes to them. Sethu ignores him and tells that they shall greet the bride. Palak says after something. Rohit thanks Palak for bringing Sethu there and goes following her. Palak sees Rithvik dancing with his family. Rithvik comes to her and compliments her on her dress. She says she got it made from her mum’s saree. Rithvik says sometimes curtain, sometimes saree and tells that he needs his curtain back. Sethu comes to get soft drink.. Rohit comes there. he takes drink for himself.

Rithvik is with Palak when a girl comes to the function. She comes and greets Rishabh’s wife and Vijay. Girl goes past Rithvik. Rithvik says she is hot. He then says sorry and tells that I know you are not used to hear. Palak says she is hot. They do hi five. Shivam comes there and tells Rithvik that he hopes that he lose as the girl ignored him. Rithvik goes to the girl and asks her to add some more ice in the drink. She asks him to jump in the pool. He asks if she wants him with her. She goes. Palak and Shivam smile seeing her ignoring him. Rithvik tells Palak that someone ignored her for first time. Palak asks him to ignore her so that she feels jealous. He asks for a dance. She says she called him friend so she will dance. They dance. Lejaye song plays…Rithvik asks her to relax and says I am your boss. Palak smiles.

Rithvik asks if that girl is looking at him. Palak says no. Vicky comes there and says you said that you have nothing between them, but there dance is showing. Palak says he says anything and makes anyone as couple. Rithvik asks if she likes any guy here. Palak sees a man and says like him. Rithvik says he is of my type,.. Mamta sees Palak and Rithvik dancing and asks Vijay. He says your son’s girlfriend, may be. Mamta says matter is something else this time. She gets Bindu’s call and goes. Rithvik asks if she is looking at him. Palak says no and asks him to tell his favorite line, calling girls to see his shoe collection. He says his shoe collection is really awesome and asks her to see. He takes her to room, just then he hears girl’s voice calling him. Palak says she will leave. Rithvik asks Palak to hide else the girl will think that he is double timing her. She says I didn’t do this even for my best friend. He says your best friend was not Rithvik Noon and opens the door. Girl comes to room and pushes towards the wall. She gets closer to him and tells that she was waiting to meet him alone. Palak looks at them from hideout.

Rithvik thanks Palak for saving him and hugs her. Manjeet comes and says you both are together. Rithvik asks what are you doing here? Palak calls her Mamma. Rithvik asks if she is your sister. Palak says yes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Varshini

    palak was looking beautiful in pink . loved the dance between rithvik-palak , mamta noticing something was different was nice . hope rithvik-palak are good friends even after he knows manjeet is her mother , if he does not continue being a friend it will become like any normal daily soap , the only thing which keeps me watching this show are the twists like , i expected palak to get fooled by rithwik after signing the contract but that did not happen , i expected him to hate her more after she scolded him for rumors , but that too did not happen . the show is going good

  2. Rithwik ka kya problem hai with palak mother I didn’t get it…………..nice episode and nice dance on hawayein hawayein song…….and I agree with varshini story is really gud and it will remain gud in the upcoming episodes

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