Dil Hi Toh Hai 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritvik falls prey to another misunderstanding

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Ananya asks Ritvik for a dance. He instead thanks her for bringing a smile on Reeva’s face. She asks him which serial he saw. They have a conversation and she goes back to where everyone is.

Rohit brings Setu to the party too. Reeva looks so strong. Her heart and marriage broke yet she is standing strong. Setu agrees. They again argue over their love angle. Ritvik notices Rohit talking to Setu. What is she doing here? Rohit’s father looks at a photo in his phone and smiles. He meets Setu. Setu speaks of her father. He is an IAS Officer. He smiles and tells them to continue.

Palak’s mother comes to Palak’s room. She speaks of some guy she has seen for Palak and talks of his salary as well. Palak says people mistake you on your intentions. They don’t see that you love your

daughter. They only think that you love money. Palak’s mother says I say the truth. Palak reasons that she can speak nicely too. Her mother reasons that every parent checks the salary of the guy before fixing their daughter’s alliance. Package sounds good but salary does not sound good? This is a normal question. Palak says it creates lot many misunderstandings sometimes. You are very nice. You don’t think about yourself. You only think of me. You did so much for me, for this house, for this family. No one respects that. She hugs her mother. Palak’s mother says I always try to find a rich guy for you as we lost your brother right in front of our eyes. He left us! I couldn’t do anything even after being his mother. You say you have become a doctor for him only but I don’t want you to face anything like that. I don’t want you to look at your bank balance to protect your own kid! I know you are responsible enough. You will manage everything on your own. I am worried that life might cheat you. This is why I want you to be secured. I hope you understand your mother. Palak hugs her mother.

Reeva hugs Ritvik. Please slap me once. He jokes that if he does that then she wont stand up again. She says I know that but I deserve it. I was so mean. He says who else you would say such things to if not to your step brother. She tells him not to remind her of her stupidity. There cannot be anyone as real as you. He says that’s the responsibility of a good brother after all. I will keep reminding you of that. She says whatever happened was better. Samar wasn’t my match after all. He affirms. I don’t know what you were thinking. They begin to talk about it. Their younger brother joins them. Reeva says I got rid of him. Her brothers wonder when they would get rid of her. She tells them that that’s not happening ever. Plus my room will always be mine. They share a happy hug.

Ananya tells Ritvik’s parents that they pacified. Ritvik’s mother gives her the credit. Ananya says I had to do it for my friend but I don’t mind accepting it. Vijay is teary eyed. His wife sweetly says I love you to him. He asks her why she loves him. She says I love you as you aren’t afraid to show you emotions to anyone. He lies that something got in his eyes. She does not stop teasing him. Your love is hiding behind your tears. I love you for that. Vijay says I am very strict also. I would have slapped Reeva anytime soon. His wife smiles knowing it well that that is impossible. Ritvik and Reeva know what’s going on between their parents and tease Vijay. They all dance on Breakup Song. Rohit’s father keeps looking at Setu. He tells Rohit that the girl is really nice. Do you like her? He nods. I thought you will say they aren’t as rich as us. His father does not mind it. We are happy seeing you and Ananya happy. Go and ask her. Rohit hugs his father happily. Rohit’s mother tells her husband that Setu does not fit in their family. He points out that she will help him pass his 300 crore deal. I do everything for my benefit. They also join the dance. They pull Aman in the dance as well. He praises Reeva. You look really nice when you smile. Keep smiling. She tells him to keep smiling and she will also smile. She hugs him taking him by surprise.

Rohit asks the servant to bring something. Ritvik asks Rohit why he brought Setu here. Reeva will be hurt. Rohit says she is out of that already. Ritvik calls it a sham. Rohit tells him to think through. Palak’s mother came here with the bill the next day when the wedding broke. What was that rubbish after all? Rohit convinces Ritvik to meet Palak once. Don’t ruin your friendship for a small misunderstanding. Do it for my sake.

Ritvik leaves for Palak’s home.

Palak’s mother takes Palak to her room. I will help you pack your bag. Radhika apologizes to Manjeet for coming uninvited. We were thrown out of the house. Manjeet says it does not matter. This is a small house but our heart is big. Palak is anyways leaving.

Palak asks her mother when Samar will stand on his feet if she will let him stay here. Manjeet says Samar is the only child of his parents. They will be happy seeing him happy with his family. Ritvik comes just then. He overhears Palak’s mother telling Palak that Samar dint love Reeva. If we will help her in his hard times then he will remember us when he will resume his work. They would know rich people. This way we will make new connections. I am thinking about future. Palak says Ritvik already feels I am behind all this. If you will let Radhika and Samar stay here then he will only become sure about it. Manjeet tells her to focus on Mumbai. Ritvik heads for the airport. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays in the background.

Palak is also thinking about Ritvik. Her father asks her to hurry up. It’s time to go. She goes out with her bags. Manjeet gives her food. Palak gives her hard drive to give to Aman. She leaves with her father.

Palak’s phone is dead. Ritvik gets Aman’s call. She has left wrong hard drive by mistake. Ritvik smiles sarcastically. Maybe she wants us to suffer. I know these kinds of people very well. Leave it.

Ritvik assures Rishabh they will manage everything. She will give it for some ransom. Like mother like daughter. She will give it. Rishabh goes inside. Palak hands over the hard drive to Ritvik. I gave the wrong one to Aman by mistake. Rishabh comes back just then and takes it inside. Palak tells Ritvik she does not know what wrong she did. Don’t know why there are so many misunderstandings between them. He offers her money. You only know this language. You took so much of pain and came here all the way. You worked extra also. You deserve this! This is what you worked hard for. She looks at him in shock and takes it from him. Ritvik says I knew it that you would need it. She nods. That’s why I took it. He heads inside leaving the bundle of money in her hand. Palak leaves as well.

Palak gives money in temple. Feed 100 people. This was someone’s wish. It is his money and do it in his name only. She tells Ritvik’s name to Pundit ji who agrees to do as told.

Precap: Ritvik’s mother tells Ritvik she has no problem if he does not wish to marry or wish to stay alone. I don’t like the reasons because of which you wish to stay alone. Setu is speaking to Palak on phone.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yvonne Codner

    Ritvick is so arrogant…did he check his phone to see how many times Palack tried to reach him? I guess not, it is so easy to label her a golddigger. SMH!!

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