ISHQBAAZ FF- Our Angel, Ishana – Chapter 12

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Hi!!!! I’m back with the update!!! First of all, very very very very sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry for not updating for long time. I wanted to end one of my FF before continuing this. That’s why I kept it hold for some time. Now, the book is almost end. Only one chapter left. That’s why I thought to update this story. I know a sorry is not enough for making you all wait. But, I don’t know any other way to apologize to you all. Please accept my apology and continue supporting me.

Recap: Few guys try to harm Ishana but the girls hit them back. Gauri was injured while saving Ishana. Shivaay helps Ishana and hit them. Omkara scolded Ishana. Ishana gifted Annika a bed lamp.



RiKara’s Room

Omkara is changing Gauri’s bandage while Gauri is looking at him.

Gauri: Omkara ji, why did you scold that girl?? Poor girl, her face has fallen after listening to you.

Om: Then, what should I do?? You are injured because of her.

Gauri: How long you are going to repeat the same thing?? You are forgetting that she is the one saved all of you from getting arrested by police yesterday.

Om: (smirks) That is not help, Gauri. She only gave a suggestion for her bhabhi to interrogate us here. She did that for her bhabhi only.

Gauri: No, Omkara ji. You are mistaken. She did that to help you all. (Omkara looks at her in confuse)

Om: What do you mean??

Gauri: Omkara ji, the police jeep get punctured because of her only. She is the one punctured it. (Omkara is shocked hearing Gauri)

Om: What?? She punctured it??

Gauri: (nods) Yes, Omkara ji. Last night, I watched the CCTV footage and I saw she is the one pulls the air from the tyre. But I don’t know why she did like that. That is why I didn’t hesitate to save her just now. Moreover, you know right that she is having some medical issues with her health.

Om: Yeah. Thrombestenia something. I too felt bad for scolding her just now. When I saw you are injured, I can’t control myself. That’s why I blasted her without thinking.

Gauri: (mutters to herself) This is what you always do. Say everything without thinking.

Om: Did you say something??

Gauri: Yes. Did you notice something?? She just knows us yesterday, but she knows that Annika bhojai fear of darkness and bought a bed lamp for her. How she knows that?? These many days we are with bhojai but we never thought to buy her a bed lamp. Sometimes, I felt like I’m seeing Shivaay bhaiya inside her. (Omkara is again shocked with Gauri’s statement)

Om: Yeah. I too noticed that. You are right. How she knows about Annika bhabhi’s fear when no one tells anything to her??

Gauri: There is something within her but don’t know what. If not, why she saved you from getting arrested yesterday??

Om: (cups her face) Meri pyaari biwi, we will discuss about this tomorrow. It’s getting late now. Let’s sleep.

Gauri: But, Omkara ji…….

Om: I know you won’t listen to me. (He lifts her in his arms. She smiles feeling shy. He places her on the bed and covers her with the blanket) Good night.

Soumya’s Room

Soumya is about to switch off the light when she heard a knock on the door. She is confused who came at this time. She goes and opens the door. She is surprised to see Annika there.

Soumya: Annika di, you?? At this time?? Come inside.

Annika: Soumya, I need to talk with you.

Soumya: Yes, di. Tell me.

Annika: Just now I went to Om’s room to see Gauri and I heard their conversation. (She tells about RiKara’s conversation)

Soumya: That means Ishana is the one punctured the jeep to save them from getting arrested. Why she has to save them??

Annika: I don’t know, Soumya.

Soumya: Di, let’s go and watch the footage.

Annika: Ok. I’ll ask Khanna to get the footage for us. (Soumya agrees)

After a while, Khanna comes bringing a tab with him. He hands over the tab towards Annika. Annika takes the tab and asks him to leave. AniSou watch the footage.

Soumya: Gauri di is right. Ishana is the one made the tyre punctured. But, why she has to do like that?? (Annika shrugs her shoulder) Annika di, see there!! (pointing towards the clip. Annika too sees there. They see Ishana is talking looking at somewhere. They look each other in confuse.)

Annika: With whom she is talking?? There is no one there. This girl is so confusing. We only can know if we talk to her.

Soumya: We will meet her tomorrow, di. You go and sleep now.

Annika: Ok. Soumya, take this back. (hands over a table light) Thank you for borrowing this lamp. I don’t need this anymore.

Soumya: (smiles and takes the light) It’s ok, di. I know you are scared of darkness. That’s why I gave this to you.

Annika: (smiles) Good night.

Soumya: (hugs her) Good night, di.


ArShra Room

Shravani is busy reading a file. Arjun just enters the room and sees his darling wife involved reading a file. He goes and hugs her from behind.

Arjun: What are you reading, Shravani??

Shrav: I asked to find details about Dr Veer Prathap Chauhan. That is what I’m reading now.

Arjun: So, anything interesting??

Shrav: Not really. He has grown up in an orphanage. He studied for medical with scholarship.

Arjun: (sighs) That’s all?? (Shravani nods) I thought when you and Ishu were talking about him, he is the main villain. But, his details never said anything interesting about him.

Shrav: Maybe the details are not having anything interesting. But, there is something fishy with him. His behaviour and body language after seeing me at the Oberois house yesterday is very strange. In fact, Ishu too feels the same.

Arjun: Shravani, why are you considering Ishu’s thought?? She is too young and she doesn’t know anything about criminals. She must have judge a person by seeing from outside.

Shrav: Arjun, stop saying like that. Maybe she is young but she knows well how to differentiate between good and bad. And, she is not a person who will judge someone from outside. Now, I understand why you always argue with Ishu. It’s because, you didn’t think from her perspective. You are thinking that she is too young and she can’t take decision on her own. But, I’m not like that, Arjun. I will think from everyone’s perspective.

Arjun: Ok, baba. I won’t talk like this anymore. It’s getting late now. Close the file and let’s sleep. (Shravani nods and closes the file.)

Next Morning

ShivIka Villa

Shivika’s Room

Annika wakes up stretching herself. She looks at the bed lamp and smiles. She switches it off and touches it.

Annika: After these days, I have slept peacefully last night. I felt like Shivaay was beside me. This lamp given by Ishana but I felt like Shivaay has given it to me. (Looks at Shivaay’s picture beside the lamp) Why am I feeling like this, Shivaay?? Are you somewhat connected with her?? Tell me na, Shivaay. Why am I feeling like this?? You won’t tell me, right?? Fine. I will find it myself. What is the connection between us and that stranger girl?? I’m going to meet her today. That Om has scolded her badly yesterday. I need to apologize to her on his behalf. (Kisses his picture and leaves to washroom. Shivaay who was sitting beside her just chuckles seeing his Annika who is getting back to her khidkithodh mode.)

Shivaay: I don’t know you will believe or not if you know the truth. It’s unbelievable for me too, how you will believe it?? (Shakes his head and disappears from there)


Ishana crawls silently towards a room. She opens the door and crawls inside the room. She sees a file on a table and crawls towards the table. She takes the file and goes under the table. She opens the file and reads it.

Voice: What are you doing?? (Ishana covers her mouth in shock hearing the sudden voice. She turns and sees Shivaay.) Relax. It’s me.

Ishu: (sighs in relief and whispers) You scare me!! What is the need for you to appear like a ghost??

Shivaay: Why?? It’s your wish right to meet a ghost?? This is how the ghost will appear. It won’t tell you ‘I’m coming to meet you now’ before coming to you. Ok??

Ishu: For your information, you are not a ghost and I didn’t wish to meet any ghost. I wished to meet a spirit or soul only and it has happened. The soul is sitting beside me.

Shivaay: Ok. Now, tell me what are you doing here secretly?? What file is this??

Ishu: This is my bhabhi’s file which is having information about that Thangabali, I mean your friend, Veer.

Shivaay: What?? I don’t understand. Why you both are suspecting him?? He is a good guy, ok??

Ishu: Maybe for you but I still doubt on him.

Shivaay: So, what is written in the file?? Is he a criminal??

Ishu: Nothing interesting. It’s only having about his education and career.

Shivaay: See, I already told you. You have wasted your time thinking about him. Now, go and get ready. Annika will be coming here to meet you.

Ishu: What?? Annika is coming here?? But why??

Shivaay: That Om scolded you yesterday, right?? That’s why she wanted to apologize to you. Besides that, she is confused why she could feel my presence whenever you are with her.

Ishu: Because you are with me. That’s why she could feel you.

Shivaay: But you can’t tell her that. (Ishana nods)

Ishu: You are right. If I said that your soul is beside me, she will think that I am mad.

Shivaay: But you are already mad!! (Teasingly)

Ishu: (feels irritated) You!!!! (About to hit him but her hand penetrates his body and she falls on the floor. Shravani just came out from the washroom and shocked to see Ishana fell in front of her feet.)

Shrav: Ishu!!?? What are you doing here??

Ishu: Shravs!!?? Woh…. I….. (Shravani sees her holding Veer’s file.)

Shrav: Ishu, why did you take this file?? (Takes the file from her. Arjun wakes up hearing Shravani’s voice.)

Arjun: Shravani, with whom you are talking??

Shrav: With Ishu.

Arjun: (confused) Ishu?? (Goes towards them and sees Ishana still on the floor) What are you doing here in this early morning?? (Ishana gets up from the floor. Shivaay just laughs seeing Ishana’s state.)

Shrav: Wait a minute. How did you enter the room at first?? The door was locked. (Raises her eyebrows at Ishana while Ishana is thinking what to answer her ACP bhabhi.)

Arjun: (sees Shravani holding the file) Did she take this file?? (Shravani nods)

Shivaay: (towards Ishana) You always give ten answers for single question. Why are you keeping quiet now?? They are asking you, right?? Answer them.

Ishu: You just keep quiet. It’s because of you.

Shivaay/Arjun: What I did?? (Laughs) / Why did you take her file??

Ishu: (angrily) Will you just shut up!!!?? (ArShra are shocked hearing her.)

ArShra: What??

Arjun: You are asking me to shut up?? (Ishana shakes her head) I’m your brother ok?? Have some respect.

Shrav: It’s too bad, Ishu. You can’t talk to him like this. I didn’t expect this from you.

Ishu: Shravs, I didn’t say that to him.

Shrav: Then, you said that to whom?? Me?? (Ishana sighs holding her head. Shivaay laughs terribly making her pissed off.)

Ishu: (towards Shivaay) Sshhh!!! (Again ArShra are shocked.)

Arjun: Oh!!! Now, you are behaving rude with your bhabhi too?? (Towards Shravani) I already told you to not to pamper her very much. Now, see how she is behaving to you. She is not respecting papa, me and now you too. You are the one have spoiled her, Shravani.

Shrav: Why are you blaming me?? She never have behaved like this with me before this. How could you say that I’m the one spoiled her?? She is not a small kid to get spoiled. (Ishana shakes her head seeing them.)

Ishu: Will you both just stop fighting?? I’m sorry for entering your room and read the file without your permission. I won’t repeat this anymore. (Leaves from the room before they could say anything.)

Arjun: (towards Shravani) Strange girl. She did everything and now she is asking us not to fight. What is wrong with her?? (Shravani shrugs her shoulder)

Ishana’s Room

Ishana closes the door and sigh in relief. Shivaay chuckles seeing her.

Ishu: Stop laughing at me. All because of you.

Shivaay: Me?? Am I the one asked you to go to your bhaiya bhabhi’s room and read the file?? You should have some manners, Ishana. You can’t simply enter their room. It’s very rude.

Ishu: Really?? Why did you enter the room too?? Don’t you have manners?? (Shivaay understands her logic.) I too have the manners, Shivaay. And I won’t simply go to their room. I know they are married couple. Shravs was fasting yesterday. That’s why I go to their room daringly.

Shivaay: Ok. But still it’s wrong, Ishana. I know you went there to help me but don’t do like this anymore. (Ishana nods)

ArMan already went to their office. Shravani is on call with someone at the living room. She ends the call after a while. Ishana goes and hugs her.

Ishu: I’m sorry, Shravs. (Shravani smiles and turns towards her.)

Shrav: It’s ok. I’m not upset with you.

Ishu: Really??

Shrav: (pinches her nose) Really!!! How I will upset with my baby??

Ishu: (grins and hugs her) Love you, Shravs!!! (Shravani kisses her head and hugs her.)

Shrav: But Ishu, how did you enter my room?? I remembered the door was locked.

Ishu: (breaks the hug and looks at her) Woh…. I opened it using my hair pin. (Shravani looks at her in shock and twists her ear.) Aaaarrggh!!! Shravs, it’s paining!!

Shrav: You have become so naughty!!! If you want to read the file, you could have asked me.

Ishu: Would you have given it to me if I have asked you earlier??

Shrav: Yeah. I already told you that I will tell you if I get any information about him.

Ishu: But Shravs, whatever stated in the file are not interesting. It was just normal information only.

Shravs: I know, Ishu. That’s why I asked to find more details about him. (Ishana nods her head)

Shivaay who is standing at the stairs just shake his head.

Shivaay: I don’t know why this both girls are running behind Veer. (The door bell has been ringed.) It must be Annika.

Shrav: I’ll go and see. (Goes and opens the door. She is surprised to see Annika and Soumya who are smiling at her.) You?? Please come inside. (They enter inside the house. Shivaay grins happily seeing Annika.)

Ishu: He always stayed with her at night but still he is reacting like seeing her for the first time. (Smiles to herself and goes towards AniSou) Hi, Annika, Soumya.

AniSou: Hi. (Shravani gestures them to sit at the sofa. Ishana sits beside Shravani.)

Shrav: You both are here?? Anything important?? (Annika looks at Ishana and Ishana shakes her head signing her to not to tell about yesterday’s incident.)

Annika: (understands her) Actually, I wanted to thank Ishana for gifting me the bed lamp. Yesterday I couldn’t thank her. (Looks at Ishana) Thank you. I slept well last night.

Ishu: (smiles) Don’t mention it. Did you like the lamp??

Annika: I loved it.

Ishu: (mutters to herself) Of course you loved it. After all, your husband selected it.

Shivaay: (heard her) Hey, I didn’t know that you would gift it to her. So, please ah…. (Ishana jerks from her place hearing Shivaay’s sudden voice. AniSouShra are confused seeing her.)

Shrav: What happened, Ishu?? Are you ok??

Ishu: Yeah. I’m ok. (Shravani mobile rings and she excused herself leaving from there to answer her call.)

Soumya: Ishana, she didn’t know about yesterday’s incident??

Ishu: No. I didn’t tell her. Or she will worry a lot. She is a strong cop but will fall weak if it comes about me.

Annika: That is called love, Ishana. I can understand how much she loves you when we saw her crying for you when you have fainted at our house that day. (Ishana just smiles. Shravani comes after a while.)

Shrav: You three carry on. I need to leave now. Some emergency case has come. (IshAniSou nod and Shravani leaves from there.)

Ishu: You two wait here first. I will go and get something for you to drink.

Annika: It’s ok, Ishana. We will take our leave now.

Ishu: No. You both have come here for first time and you can’t leave without having anything. Just five minutes. I will come. (Leaves to the kitchen while AniSou shake their heads looking at each other.)

At kitchen

Ishana stands in front of the stove thinking something.

Ishu: How I’m going to make?? I don’t even know to boil the water. (Points towards herself) Ishana, if you don’t know, why you said to them. You should have kept quiet. Ufff!!! I can’t tell them now. (Shivaay who is standing at the kitchen’s entrance chuckles looking at her. Ishana turns towards him.)

Shivaay: So, you don’t know to cook?? Why am I not surprise with this?? Never mind I will help you.

Ishu: You know to make coffee??

Shivaay: (smirks) Not only coffee, I can cook well too. In fact, in my family, men are the one will be doing the cooking job. (Ishana looks at him in surprise.)

Ishu: Really?? First time I’m hearing this. Ok. What I have to do now??

Shivaay: First, boil the milk. And we are going to make tea and hot chocolate. Annika loves tea very much and Soumya loves hot chocolate. (Ishana nods and do as he says. Shivaay holds her hands and help her making the drinks.) It’s done. Now, go and serve them. (Ishana nods and brings the two cups to the living room where AniSou are waiting.)

Living Room

Ishu: (towards Annika) Tea for you and hot chocolate for you. (Towards Soumya. AniSou take the glasses and look at her surprisingly.) What?? Why are you looking at me like this??

Annika: These are our favourite drinks.

Ishu: Really?? These are my favourites too!! Taste it and tell me how is it. (AniSou have a sip and again look at each other in shock. Ishana smiles and thinks.) I already expected this reaction. Now, they will say it tastes like Shivaay’s made. And I need to think again what I have to answer them. (Towards them) What happened?? You don’t like it??

Annika: Woh…. It tastes like my husband’s. That’s why we are surprised.

Ishu: I think you are missing your husband very much. That’s why you are feeling like this.

Soumya: But, I too felt this hot chocolate tastes like made by Shivaay bhaiya.

Ishu: You are missing him too. It’s simple. So, what is your plan for today??

Annika: We are going to visit Shivaay at hospital. You can follow us if you want.

Ishu: It’s ok. I will follow you another day. You both go and see him first. (AniSou nod and leave. Ishana closes the door and turns towards Shivaay. She is shocked to see him falling on the floor holding his head. She screams.) Shivaay!!! (Runs towards him)

To be continued…..

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      Thank you very much, bro… You know right, Ishu is quite naughty in this story… You will know what happened to Shivaay in next chapter…

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