Dil Dosti Dance 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 27th May 2013 Written Update

The team is in the rehearsal hall when Rey asks them to make partners for Dancing.Neha says that her will be Babu.Vicky says that his partner will be Aashi.Just then Aashi comes in and Vicky asks her will she be his partner.She agress to it.The team asks she is back from vacation.Sharon stops and goes to her and asks hom is her mom.Aashi says she is better and is at home now from hospital.Aashi then asks they did the quarters without her and will they win.REy asks are the results out.Aashi is about to say when Taani comes in and says they have qualified for the semis.The gang gets happy and all hug each other.Rey and Taani are about to hug but eave.In this Aashi falls over Swayam and he gets hurt.She gets up and Sharon runs to see if he is fine.She scolds the guys to behave.She says everything

is a limit.Even at the marriage they did so and now to.They need to behave.Swayam and boys are suprised by the concern for Swayam by Sharon.Simmi comes in and asks her to control.Swayam gets up and moves to medical room.Rey is about to assist him but Swayam says he will manage.

Rey asks the team to start the rehearsals.He teases Sharon saying her care was so obvious.She needs to control.Sharon moves forward and thinks.Swayam goes to the medical room where the in-charge asks him what happened.Swayam says he has hurt and shows his shoulder.The in-charge says that its bit more and asks when is his performance.Swayam says they dont know the date.He asks does he see and the in charge replies saying yes he does.Swayam says thanks.Sharon comes in and attender asks her what.Sharon says that the dates for NDC are announced and its by next week and leaves.She comes back and asks Swayam if he is fine.The in-charge says he will be.

Sharon is in corridor thinking about what she did in rehearsal hall when she gets an call that is an invite to the event Jashn and sees the amount as Rs 2.5 lakhs.She is excited and then remembers NDC.She feels the team must decide and hey meet in canteen where she informs all about it.The team gets into confusion as to what they have to do.Barath says 2.5 lakhs is not a small amount.Amar says they wont such big events so easily.The team is confused.Aashi goes with NDC and so does Vicky.Neha says just because of Aashi you are accepting NDC.Vicky says its his personal decision.Rey thinks that this is nice when Taani will come to know she will get into pressure and force team.Swayam says they must not let anyone know especially Taani as she will get hyper.Rey texts Sharon that they need to let Taani know.Swayam sees the talk between Sharon and Rey.

Rey is in the projector room waiting for Sharon where he tells her that they must let Taani know as she will create the importance.Sharon says but Swayam has said personally not to let Taani know. Rey says that Swayam does not know about the plan.
In the canteen Swayam asks guys to vote and majority goes for NDC.When gang asks his vote Barath says he will ask Sharon.

Precap:Rey forces Sharon to tell about event to Taani and she does partially.Sharon bangs on Swayam when she comes after speaking with Taani.Swayam again notices Rey and Sharon speak.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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