Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 27th May 2013 Written Update

Aaru praises Anisha and Madhav also praises her and says it’s nice to see that someone cares for him.
Anisha comes there and they leave. Dadi is irritated with Aaru for taking Anisha and spoiling her plan. Aaru asks Anisha to sit with Madhav in front and enjoy Madhav’s company. Madhav is shocked when Anisha sits with him but goes along..
Anisha puts Madhav’s favourite song for him and they enjoy hearing the song. Aaru is happy to see Madhav and Anisha enjoying. Anisha suggests going to an art exhibition. Madhav and Aaru agree.
Madhav, Aaru and Anisha are in an art gallery. Madhav and Anisha are appreciating the art while Aaru tries to moves away from the two and thinks that their tastes match. Madhav tries to stay near Aaru though but she moves away. She decides she is doing right by bringing the two closer.
Anisha urges Madhav to enjoy street food and Aaru starts gets a bit jealous.
Prerna and Rahul are enjoying their dinner. Dadi is irritated as Rahul is not picking the phone and Madhav and Aaru have yet not returned. Infact Dadi blames Anisha to be delaying their return.
Madhav Aaru and Anisha return and Smriti asks how it was.. Madhav tells he’ll go and give Dadi medicines but Aaru tells she will go. She goes to give medicines to Dadi. She finds that Dadi has had the medicines but is irritated with Anisha still.
Aaru asks Dadi the reason for the hatred towards Anisha. Dadi says that she feels Anisha is quite shreud. Aaru tells her not to think that Anisha is coming between Madhav and Aaru. Instead she asks Dadi to remove Aaru and think of Anisha then she will understand that Anisha is a very nice person.. Dadi is confused hearing this.
Aaru leaves and in her mind asks forgiveness from Dadi that she can never be a wife for Madhav but only a friend. She also thinks that Anisha suits Madhav and will keep him happy.
Aaru reaches her room and Madhav asks about Dadi. Aaru replies that she had already had the medicine.
Aaru’s parents call and are angry that neither she had called nor Madhav had returned the signed divorce papers. Aaru tells her father that she’ll ask Madhav to send the papers once they reach in Jaipur. She also asks him to tell sorry to her mom and that she will call tomorrow. Madhav who heard this is heartbroken.
Aaru tries to tell Madhav about sending the papers and he replies that he will do it at the earliest.
Aaru then tells Madhav they will remain friends forever. She also asks him his plans after their divorce. He says he’ll try to concentrate on his work and he asks her what she will do. She hesitates and then says she’ll go on a world trip.
They both wish the best for each other. Madhav also tells her he will never remarry as he believes one should marry the one they love and love happens only once. Madhav leaves and Aaru promises that she’ll give him his happiness before she leaves.
Madhav remembers his previous interaction with Aaru. Aaru are thinking in the room and goes out.
Madhav feels that Aaru had come there to console him. He tries to make light the situation of their divorce. On turning he doesn’t find Aaru and leaves to find Aaru. Anisha who heard all this was shocked.

Precap: Anisha questions Aaru how could she divorce Madhav. She tells Aaru that she considered Aaru a very lucky girl but now she thinks Aaru is the most unlucky girl.

Update Credit to: Maria

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