Dil Dosti Dance 24th September 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 24th September 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 24th September 2013 Written Update

Vicky and Barath are preparing the boys speech. Vicky says the speech must be impactfull . Simmi and Sharon come in atrium thinking of a space. She sees two people practicing the moves in wrong way. Sharon says its wrong are they doing even the basics wrong. Simmi asks Sharon to tell them but Sharon says she wont. They continue doing the dance in wrong moves and Sharon says it Salsa and not bollywood. Simmi says this is the basics and they are doing it wrong. The boys continue doing the preparations. Nilesh is at the reception desk confused when Rey comes and participants to inform in a order.Swayam is with few boys when he asks ho will handle participants. The boys says all have the list.Swayam says but we need an incharge. Aashi comes in just then and asks shall I become the

incharge. Swayam agrees and says the participants and announcements you become the incharge and that will become easy. Swayam and Aashi are walking in the corridor speaking when Aashi asks you are letting me what to do when I must. Swayam says such events need experience, Swayam asks Aashi to see and learn.They both were laughing .Sharon and Simmi see this. Sharon gets angry. Once Swayam moves Sharon goes to Aaashi and says they need to speak.

Aashi follows Sharon.Sharon asks what was she doing with Swayam. Aashi says she was discussing about the event participant. Sharon says Boys Vs Girls is still on and they are working for it. Aashi says that is just a game why is she taking it as serious ones like kinder garden kids.Sharon gets angry and says Hello.Aashi replies with even I know to say Hello.No wonder why people hate you.Sharon says people don’t hate her but are scared of her. Aashi says yes they are scared that they don’t get mad as you. I don’t know why you are angry with me but I know you are wrong now Sharon wrong and moves away. Simmi asks Sharon why does she have so much anger, she had turned good then why this. Sharon says cause if I don’t get angry now I’ll cry.I don’t know others to know that things affect me. Simmi asks what affects you Sharon Love’. Sharon says she did not tell so. Simmi continues saying that she had known Sharon for long nothing has effected Sharon as Swayam does. Sharon says what rubbish Swayam does not affect me at all.

Swayam is in the boys locker room when Rey comes and says finally he could catch him alone. Swayam teases saying yes there is no one else here too. Rey tells Swayam that he feels really guilty that cause of him Swayam and Sharon have had a break up. Swayam says they never used the term break up. Swayam continues saying that I don’t know but you please don’t think you are responsible. What happened was cause of the things we had within us. Rey asks that means there are still chances that they both can come together. He asks does he still love Sharon. Swayam says he will till his last breadth. Swayam says this time I wont try if Sharon does not come to me I won’t go. Rey prays to God to help them out.

The gang is in the canteen saying that scores are same. Rey asks so the girl things they can win. Sharon says they will. Just then Aashi comes and informs team there is trouble. The team asks what the trouble when Aashi says the couple who were to do the opening act have backed out. The team says we will make other team do when Rey says rest are team performances. Sharon says this is seriously trouble. Rey says guys think something VP sir has high hopes from the cultural team and this fest too. The opening act has to be of high energy. The discuss about bringing in new dancers but then think it will not work .Rey says if no one else dances then we must. Its the reputation of the college. The team says they wont dance. Rey says he knows they wont dance. He is ready to dance but that would be a solo act. Rinni says that won’t be impactful .They all agree. Rey calls Swayam but Swayam stops him saying not to think of it. Rey says he has an idea they can involve the audience in the opening act. They asks for plan but he asks the team to leave the responsibility on him and other events for them to take care. Its the first day and they need to keep it grand moreover as the theme is bollywood too.

The team is all set to perform when they check the mike. Sharon says Rey is on line one,Herself on line two and whole team is on line 3.Swayam says conveniently the Gs forgot about line 4.Swayam continues with he is on line 3 and rest all can connect on line 4. Nil informs Swayam there is some trouble and Swayam says he will look after it.The team people were complaining that there is not enough space for girls to change in dressing rooms. Swayam asks them to keep quite and says even last year they had same.The team says they did not participate last year as team but this time. They says they would leave and go. Sharon just then comes and asks them to leave. She continues saying they are event organizers not their slaves. The guys ask she must organize and show when Sharon says she is the GS. Swayam pulls her away asking her to stay silent as they have three acts.

Precap: Rey says spotlight will be on two persons and they have to dance and not back up.Spotlight on Swayam and Sharon…

Update Credit to: asmaju

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