Dil Dosti Dance 24th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Dil Dosti Dance 24th May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 24th May 2013 Written Update

Surveen walks with her room mate discussing about the rent issue. The D3 gang is in the room telling NDC had screwed them and this seems so good. The girls Vs boys takes place and Rey tries stopping them but they continue. Swayam says these guys will do you arrange for costumes. Sharon says there are 11 and she may need help. Swayam moves with her. In the mess Sharon falls down and also paint falls on the dress .Rey shouts on the gang saying they must be careful it could have hurt Swayam and they have only one day remaining. Vicky says let them drop the plan. Sharon says she has already got the advance and they can not ditch their customer. The says they can buy new clothes but lack funds.The team decides to go with a new costume designer. Nilesh suggest Sharon knows man people and she can

see her contacts if she knows any designer.
The gang is rehearsing and they feel if Sharon can make the arrangements. Barath says hope we are able to perform the dance tomorrow. Suvreen and Soni reaches a caf and they meet Suvreen. Sharon speak with Suvreen to make costumes for them. Suvreen first hesitates but agrees on Soni’s insistence. Sharon tells this to gang and the team fees perplexed. They feel Suvreen is not professional. Sharon says she needs it and lets give it a try slowly Rey and Swayam agree with Sharon. Sharon says they don’t have other options and we lack funds and being the costumes head she wants them to give a chance and she is going with Suvreen.

Sharon meets Survreen in the caf and gives her details of each one. She describes the gang and says to Survreen that she has mailed the details too. They speak as if they have trial by tomorrow afternoon and Suvreen says she will try and she needs a back up. The gang rehearses in atrium and Suvreen is busy making the dresses for them with the help of few people around. Suvreen comes and gives the dress and Sharon is walking in and around and Suvreen says she is tensed about it. Neha walks in saying they cant dance in this dress. Vicky says its not even getting it.Its impossible to dance. The D3 team gets hyper. Suvreen asks them Sorry. Simmi comes and says Sharon they are in big trouble. Rey asks Suvreen to chill. Suvreen says she is sorry and will do the changes soon and moves.

The team arrives at the required place and they take her to a room. Sharon informs a lady that their costume designer is about to come and to escort her. Rey tells gang that Suvreen will come and asks them to chill. Suvreen gets a cab to reach the place .Rey asks the team that they will watch TV and relax.The promos of Crazy Stupid Ishk takes place. Rey, Swayam and Sharon says Crazy stupid Ishk to themselves. Neha says Srvreen has not yet arrived. Simmi says all are waiting and they will have to perform.Suvrren comes in and gives them the dress. The lady asks them to get ready as they will have to perform soon. The team goes in to change and Sharon says what dress Suvreen has made they will have to dance in it .Suvreen asks Sharon how is the dress and she stays silent. Simmi says its perfect. Suvreen does not hear it. The girls hug her and says they love it. Its all perfect. Suvreen is happy. Rey says its superb creative. He has not seen a traditional attire so well. Vicky tells she will be a good designer. The team performs dance on Bale bale soniyo di rang. After the dance Swayam and Sharon have an eye lock moment. The people around congratulate them for their dance and say their dress is all awesome. The girls say the credit goes to someone and they must take a picture with her. The move and people congratulate Suvreen and the pics are taken with the whole gang. Rey thanks Suvreen. Suvreen thanks Sharon and then moves as she gets a call and Samar tells her to come tomorrow.

Update Credit to: asmaju

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