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Sharon blows a candle, and Swayam makes her eat the pastry. She says thank you to him, it was amazing. She asks he did this all. He asks who else would do it, Rey and Sara helped him but he planned it all. Sharon says she needs this coupon to be cashed. Swayam says she must take appointment for this. She says she has all the time in the world for him. They laugh, and looks into each other.
Rey was lost, Sara says he must be thinking for some girl. Rey says he is thinking about Sharon, and they feel they have grown up. Sharon is trying to get engaged, married and will get busy to meet them too. Sara says this is ten years afar, and says she wants to have ice cream. Rey orders two, but Sara says she will have ten. She takes them all in hands and eat from all of them. Rey helps her finish

them all.
Sharon sits with her head on Swayam’s lap. She says she will get angry on him, fight him but then will get her mood well with him. She loves him. She says she agrees she is getting angry, but his dadi and bua say a lot to her. They want her to leave her job, but she told them she talked to Swayam already. Swayam was quiet.
Rey and Sara sit with a terro card reader. She says that she can see name, fame, money in it. He has come from a relationship just now, and is running after a dream to come true. The card reader says his dream will get fulfilled, but he will have to struggle. Rey leaves cheery. Sara goes inside to pay the lady, and says thanks for saying what she told him. She turns to find Rey listening.
Swayam tells Sharon that he will have to ask Dadi about it. Sharon is annoyed.
Sara takes Rey on the way, she says she did it to build up his confidence. He only thinks about his dream all the time, and forgets about himself. He asks what should they do then, she says they must have another ice cream.
Huma tells Karma she has her assignment and notes ready, but will share it with Raghv and Ishika only when they make up. She heads to leave with Karma, they stop her and says okay they are sorry. She asks them to hug and make up. Karma bucks them up. Raghv and Ishika get up the chair, hug and sit down. Huma asks was this really the hug. They tell her to not push it. Huma asks them to go and celebrate. They head for admin and library. Huma says she won’t really give them notes. They sit again. Huma’s phone’s battery goes dead, she asks Karma’s phone to call her mom. She reads a message, saying the time for him to get Huma in, is ending. She is shocked, and takes a leave from them. They keep stopping her.
Sharon says sorry to Swayam, that she wasn’t angry. Swayam says it isn’t about sorry, he doesn’t understand why she is angry. It will take some time to get adjusted with the family. Sharon shouts that everyone in after her job, she can’t handle the pressure that some one observes her 24/7. He assures that he loves her the way she is, she must adjust a bit for his family only. She goes to bring water for him.
Raghv comes to Ishika and asks did she find the house she is looking for. She says there are a few. He asks if he says she won’t leave. She asks is he effected by her staying here. He says yes, he is. She says that today he is in good mood, but tomorrow when he will fight her again then what. She says she has taken the decision. He holds her hand. He kneels down to request. She asks him to leave her hand, and asks who is her here for her. He says Dida is here, she likes her a lot. Ishika says Dida will stop her by herself. Raghv says that this house, the walls, the bed, the pillow all likes her a lot. She says she doesn’t see anyone’s feeling. Raghv says he… then stops. She says when he doesn’t have the courage to say this all, why this drama. She leaves.
Sharon comes to Swayam’s home. Bua says this is Swayam’s fiancé. The ladies talk about them, and ask she know anything about cooking etc. Bua says she knows dance, and asks her to show them hers. Sharon says what?

PRECAP: Sharon was frustrated, and says she wants a break from his family, and Swayam too. She says ‘Swayam Shikhawat! Let’s break up!’

Update Credit to: Sona

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