Dil Dosti Dance 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 17th July 2013 Written Update

Rey attends Taani’s farewell party. He says It is Tanni’s farewell party then how could he miss it. They share an eyelock.

Simmi reminds them of the cake. All say wheres the cake. Simmi says Nilesh was going to bring the cake. He points at Bharat. Bharat says I was suppose to bring the cake from garrage or what. Then he and Nilesh says that Neha was about to bring the cake whereas Neha is clueless about the cake part and says I did not even know I had to bring the cake. She points at Aashi. Aashi points at Rinni. Rinni is cluless too so she points at Amar. Amar says if go to bring the cake they give me something else because of my stammering and as usual they start blamming each other.

Here Rey and Taani are sharing a moment looking into each others eyes full of emotions.

Meanwhile Swayam just smiles at the Gang and goes inside the kitchen and brings out a large cake box.

Everyone tries to grab the cake but he says as it is Taani’s farewell party its her favorite cake flavor meanwhile Rey interrupts and says Black Forest. Taani and Rey again share a eyelock.
Tanni cuts the cake and feeds everyone. She comes to Rey to feed it. But Rey holds her hand and takes it to his mouth.

They click pictures with the gifts and with the Gang. Taani and Rey are very sad and steal glances at each other.

Simmi misses Sharon and Swayam says Sharon is not there but she has sent you a gift.
The audio visual setup is done and then plays the Video which Sharon has made to bid farewell to Taani. Everyone appreciates the hardwork behond making the video and Taani feels guilty for thinking wrong about Sharon. Swayam pacifies her by saying Past is past.
The background music playing is Tune jo na kaha.

While the video is being played everyone gets emotional and Rey cannot hold himself so he goes to the washroom and cries. Taani comes in and makes him promise her that he will be happy as he first used to be and he will move on when she leaves from Mumbai. He promises her that he will. Then Taani leaves. Rey is still in his trance till then Taani comes back holds his hands and takes him outside. They come out where the Gang is enjoying. Swayam watches them and goes and HUGS both of them. They all are crying when the entire Gang HUGS them.
Next day the Gang is shown in the Rehearsal Hall. All are sad and trying to concentrate but they are not able too concentrate. Simmi puts on the music and they try to dance but they cant as they are feeling LOW.

Here VP calls Swayam Aashi and Rey for a meeting. Rey does not attend the meeting so VP asks for his absence. Swayam says he is not feeling well so he could not attend the meeting. VP says ok and asks them to suggest candidates for GS post as Taani has left the college now. Aashi suggests Rey’s name but Swayam says no as he may not be in a good state of mind to take the GS position. VP comments that he knew something was up between Rey and Taani and his absence today and wrong state of mind proves it.

Then Aashi suggest Sharons name and says she is strong candidate for this post. Swayam says I second this thought. VP agrees and says he will give it a thought meanwhile if they think of any strong candidate they should let him know.
Here in the Rehearsal Hall everyone is sitting depressed. Swayam and Aashi enters and tries to cheer them up. Swayam says if they behave so broken then imagine Rey. They should be strong. He says solution of this depression is DANCE. So lets DANCE. Simmi asks Swayam wether REY is fine. He says he has not contacted him so he doesnt know but his depression will also be solved by DANCE.
Rey enters the college campus in his own thoughts when someone calls out his name. He is the New Entry. He says to REY that you DANCE so well you have looks and maybe intelligence too. So here I am for you. Rey doesnt get his point so he introduces himself as Aditya. He is the Talent Manager of most of the people and wants to make REY a star because of his talent. Rey says he is not ready for this stardom yet and leaves.

PRECAP:- Gang makes a plan of cheering up REY by partying. They are dancing in the classroom when lecturer enters and reports about it to VP sir. VP says that he had not expected such behaviour from Rey and Swayam. They say sorry but he does not listen and gives then detention.When they walk out Gang is enquiring about the cabin scene when VP calls put Rey again. There Aditya is waiting for him. He says I cant force you to Dance but you come to me soon.

Update Credit to: namratajadhav

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