Chanchan 17th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Chanchan 17th July 2013 Written Episode, Chanchan 17th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Umaben seeing the clock and calling out the maid. She enquires about Chhan Chhan. The maid says Chhan Chhan prepared the breakfast. Umaben is shocked. Chhan Chhan greets Umaben. Umaben sees the dishes ready. Umaben sends Chhan Chhan out of the kitchen and asks her to rest for some time. Umaben tries to spoil the dishes. Chhan Chhan asks Manav to taste the food. The Dhokla are burnt. Ranjana says what have you done Chhan Chhan. The dishes have spoiled. Dada ji is making Manek exercise. Dada ji gives him some tips. Umaben brings lemon juice for him. She says Chhan Chhan is making breakfast for you. Dada ji says its good. Umaben praises Chhan Chhan.

Manthan brings snacks for Dada ji. Ranjana says Chhan Chhan has spoiled the food. Manthan says Dada ji needs food on time. Manav asks Chhan Chhan to make the food again. Manav and Manthan come to Dada ji. Umaben says maybe the breakfast is ready, so they came to call you. Manav tries to spend some time with Dada ji so that Chhan Chhan gets time to cook again. Dada ji and everyone start the yoga. Dada ji asks Umaben to call Matilal and Mokut also. Manav says yes, call everyone. Chhan Chhan cooks the breakfast again. Dada ji shows them how to do yoga. Umaben goes to check Chhan Chhan, but Dada ji stops her. He says you also do this yoga. Umaben says me… He says yes, you do some easy yoga.

Manav laughs and asks about another Asan. Dada ji says them how to do it. Dada ji scolds Manthan. Ranjana sees the clock and thinks why is Dada ji late today. She checks what Chhan Chhan made. Dada ji’s time passes. Manav sees the time and smiles. The breakfast is made. Ranjana sees the dishes and thinks Chhan Chhan has made everything, Manav has stopped Dada ji. The maid asks Chhan Chhan to come and see Manav in the garden. Chhan Chhan smiles seeing Manav. Manav says now we are hungry, we should have breakfast now. Manav calls Chhan Chhan. She greets Dada ji. Manav asks her is the food ready, she says yes. Dada ji says I hope she made good food. Dada ji goes to have food.

Manav and Chhan Chhan spend some time. Chhan Chhan thanks him. Manav says the food was god, so Dada ji did not tell anything. Manav says just thanks, I need something else. She asks what. She says you will get my thanks in my way, she asks him to go for office. Chhan Chhan meets her sister Rushaali and have a talk. She says I want a tattoo. Sonali meets Chhan Chhan. Chhan Chhan says I want a tattoo of his husband’s name. She says my fiancee’s name is Manav Borisagar. Chhan Chhan is shocked.

Chhan Chhan asks her what he does. Sonali says he has a big family, we are not engaged officially, but his mum likes me. Chhan Chhan thinks about Umaben’s words. Thakkar calls her daughter Sonali and Sonali says I came to do Manav’s name tattoo. Thakkar says don’t do anything like that, Umaben won’t like it. Sonali leaves. Chhan Chhan thinks about the coincidences and get shocked. She thinks how far can Umaben go to keep her out of Manav’s life. Chhan Chhan doubts on Umaben. Rushali comes and asks about Sonali, Chhan Chhan says she left. Chhan Chhan is tensed and says she does not need a tattoo.

Chhan Chhan tells Manav about Umaben’s plan.She introduces Manav to Sonali.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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