DIL BOLE OBEROI! A story full of love,pain,hatred,disbelief and trust (Episode-14)

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Recape:Shivika stuck in rain,Omri fight,Roumya meeting and Svetlana provoked Tej against Omkara.

Tej in call…
Tej:Then who did this?
Svetlana:Yes Omkara. Only he wanted to defame u as he don’t like me. And he didn’t do it by himself.
Tej:What do mean? Do u want to say someone else is also involved in this?
Svetlana:Yes. And it is Jhanvi.
Tej:Have u out of u’r nuts? Jhanvi can’t do this ok. Never.?
Svetlana:Oh really? Then why didn’t she divorced u and come out of Oberoi Mansion? She just want u’r money Tej only money. She doesn’t love u but I do I love u very much. And if u marry me then everything will be slipped from her hand and that’s why she did this via Omkara so that u get defamed and end our relation.
Tej:Shut up Svetlana. What do u think my wife and my son will do all this to defame me huh? I don’t want to hear u anymore. Don’t dare to call me again.?
He cuts the call. He is angry but the things Svetlana says didn’t out of his mind. He is in confusion.

Priyanka’s university…
Prinku’s exam finished today. She come out of the exam hall gossiping with friends. Her car didn’t reach there so she is waiting there. Suddenly some ppl come having mask in their face and pressed a cloth on her mouth. She struggles to make herself free but failed and at last she becomes unconscious. Her car comes and the driver tried to stop them but they beat him and goes taking Prinku with them. The driver went to the nearest police station. A man was talking with the head officer. The driver explain everything to the head. He asked him Prinku’s name. The driver says Priyanka Singh Oberoi. Hearing the name the other man shocked. He run out of the place and sit in his car.

In road…
Shivika is still shouting.
Shivaay:What the hell. How would I know what to do now?
Anika:You create all this now u have to set it.
Shivaay:Then why don’t u stop me from coming in this road.
Anika:Arey toh kaya ab mujhe sapna ayega ki car ka tyre puncture hojaye ga??(Arey will I get dream that the car’s tyre will be punctured?)
Shivaay:Anne chahiye. Sapna anne chahiye. Warna tumhe toh kuch bhi samajh mein nehi aata.(Should get. You should get dream otherwise you doesn’t understand anything.)
Anika:What do u mean I don’t understand things?
Shivaay:Exactly. If u understand then u wouldn’t ask it.
Anika:Toh abb apko mere puchne se bhi michmichi machti hain huh?(Now u have michmichi with my asking also huh?)
Shivaay:Watch your language. What is this machmachi?
Anika:Not machmachi,,,,,michmichi.
Shivaay:Haa vohi. Tum kaya proper language mein baat nehi kar sakti? Problem kaya hain tumhe? Jab dekho ajib o gareb language mein baat kar ta rehti ho.(Yes that’s it. Can’t u talk in proper language? What’s your problem? Always talking in strange languages.)
Anika:So what’s your problem?My mouth,my voice,my language. What’s your?
Shivaay:My problem.
Anika and Shivaay continues their fighting. Suddenly Anika shivers and sneezed.?
Shivaay:What happened?
He too sneezed.?
Anika:Oh God we are fighting in this rain from hours. We’ll get cold.
Shivaay:Now what to do.
Anika:Let’s find a place to stay and now it’s almost becoming dark.
Shivaay:Ya but how will we find any house in this empty area.
Anika:Look(she points towards a little hut 1-2 meter far.) Maybe we can stay there.
Shivaay:Ya let’s go.
Both goes and saw it was empty They sat on floor. Anika is shivering. Outside the rage of rain is increasing more and more.

In party…
Rudra:You’re that director. Bcoz of you I was so insulted that day.
Sowmya:Oh really? U weren’t insulted bcoz of me u were insulted bcoz of your foolishness. It was u’r fault that u didn’t understand that it was a shooting spot and u showed u’r herogiri there.
Rudra:How can someone know that it will be a shooting in park? And the way your heroine was running na everybody will think it will be real.
Tina:Wow Sowmya your shooting was so realistic that he becomes fool.
Sowmya:Tina according to a research of University of California 70% boys try to prove themselves as hero infornt of a girl who is in trouble.
Sowmya:Yes and you’re one of them.
Rudra:Tum jante ho main kaun hu?(Do u know who am I?)
Sowmya:Nehi bata do tum kis khet ki muli ho!!(Nope. Tell me who’re u!!)
Rudra:I am Rudra Singh Oberoi. The great business man Shivaay Singh Oberoi is my elder brother and the world famous artist and sculpturist Omkara Singh Oberoi is my private shayri listener.
Sowmya:And what is u?? I don’t think u do any work rather than partying all the time and bakbak nonsensically.?
Rudra:Hey I can write shayri also ok. And that too in anywhere anytime.?
Sowmya:Then say one now.
He thinks a bit.
Rudra:Abhi yaad nehi araha hain. Baad mein suna dunga. Nehi toh bhai mere bolenge fassi mein jhula dunga.
Rudra does his logic wala sign.
Sowmya:Shayri sunao.(Tell us a shayri.)
Rudra:I have just tell.
Sowmya:What? When?
Rudra:I just tell na. “Abhi yaad nehi araha hain. Baad mein suna dunga. Nehi toh bhai mere bolenge fassi mein jhula dunga.” This is my shayri. One of Rudy’s masterpiece.
Sowtina(Sowmya and Tina) gives him a what the wuck wala look.
Sowmya:What the hell. This is your shayri? Seriously your mad. Totally insane.
Tina:You’re ri8 Sowmya. Really Rudra this the lamest thing I ever hear.
Sowtina didn’t have him a chance to talk and they went from there. Rudra stand there like a dumb. His friends jaw just dropped that how Sowtina dumb him.

In OM…
Tej is sitting in his room disturbingly. Jhanvi comes there.
Jhanvi:What happened Tej? Why are u so disturbed?
Tej:Nothing just like that. Btw can I ask u something?
Jhanvi:I know what u want to ask me. I heared u while talking with Svetlana. Do u really believe her?
Tej:Jhanvi listen…
Jhanvi:Listen? What is left to listen Tej? Do u think Om will do all this by my saying. Really you’re awesome. U don’t believe your own wife,not wife u don’t believe your son your own son. Tej now I get to know that why On always avoid u.
Tej:But I didn’t mean that.
Jhanvi:You didn’t but your eyes did. They are clearly showing that u are doubting me Tej. You’re doubting Om.
Tej:Jhanvi stop it. I believe you guys. I love my son.
Jhanvi:Really Tej? If u believe me and love your son then why did u make relation with Svetlana Tej? Answer me.
Jhanvi:Enough Tej. I know u don’t have any answer for this. Forget it but I am telling u that nor me or my son did anything. And don’t say anything to Om. Already u make his life a hell now don’t force him to leave this .
She turns to leave but get a shock.

Tia’s house…
Mrs.Kapoor:What happened Svetlana?
Svetlana:Mom I have done it. Tej is hell angry now. Tejanvi’s will be no longer together.
Gayatri:Good job Svetlana. Btw Tia did you did the work I asked u to do?
Tia:Yes aunty I have done it. Soon she will be here.
Roop:Excellent. Now we have to just wait for ri8 time.
Ragini:But mom what to do with that detective? She is just ruining all our works
Roop:Forget her. She is just a small audience of our big game. Focus on the gamer dear.
Ragini:Ri8 mom.??
Gayatri:And now we have to be very much careful as we’ll now play the most dangerous game.
Romi:Are u talking abt them?
Gayatri:Yes they are the only that we can easily use and ruin the Oberois.
Romi:But aunty is it would be safe for us to say all this to her?
Roop:Romi,Romi,Romi don’t forget that if you wouldn’t take risk you will not be successful so be calm. They will never caught our lie.
Mrs.Kapoor:Yes and they themselves will destroy the full Oberoi family.
Rotilana:Ri8 mom.???
Voice:Why did u call me here?

Precape:Gauri consoles Om——–Shivaay gets a threatening call.

What do u think guys why is Jhanvi shocked?
Who kidnapped Prinku and why?
Who was that man in police station?
Who did Tia call?
Any guesses???

Well guys that’s for today.
Stay tune for the answers.
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