DIL BOLE OBEROI! A story full of love,pain,hatred,disbelief and trust (Episode-12)

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Recape:CD case solved,Shivika fight,Omri fight.

A girl is pointing gun toward AniShivOmRu. Anika takes out her gun. The girl shoots towards Rudra. He falls.
Sometime before…
In Oberoi Mansion….
The day of going to Delhi. Anika comes to OM and was waiting for them. Both comes.
Anika:So you both came ok now let’s go.
Rudra:Wait di one more person is coming with us.

Anikara:Who Rudy?
Rudra:Toh pes hain Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
Anika is shocked. She never expect this. Shivaay has come with his suitcase.
Anika(whispers):Rudra what is this billuji doing here?
Rudra(whisp):Didi he is also coming with us.
Anika(whisp):What but I haven’t book room for him in the hotel.
Shivaay:What are this whispering?
Anika:You can’t come with us. I haven’t book room for you if you come then you have to stay outside.
Shivaay:Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesn’t like to hear no. Khanna did it yesterday. So let’s go. Khanna take my suitcase in car.

Khanna takes it. Anika is shocked.
Anika:But what’s the needed for you to co me with us?
Shivaay:I have to come with you or else staying with you my brothers would also become mad.
Anika:What? You started again. Uff.
Shivaay:Then why are you asking?
Om:Shivaay are you really coming with us?

Shivaay:So am i doing circus here?
Om:No actually you don’t like all this detective matters so I just confused.
Rudra:Ya you said truth O. Btw bhaiya from when did you got interested in detection matters?
Rudra:Mean you used to hate this matter.
Shivaay:What? When did I tell you that?
Rudra:You tell that I clearly remember.
Shivaay:Stop doing you logicless hypothesis ok or else I will slap you so hard that you’ll straight land in Delhi.
Anika:Now can we proceed we’re getting late.
Anika:What now Rudra?

Rudra:My mobile is missing don’t know where it gone.
Anika:You go to your room and search for it we are waiting for you in car.
Rudra goes from there. Anishivkara went to the parking.Omru load the suitcases in the car’s deck. Anika went inside the car and sits in the driving sit.Shivaay saw this.
Shivaay:What are you doing why have you sat on the driving sit?
Anika:Bcoz I am gonna drive the car.
Shivaay:What the wuck.You’re gonna drive?

Anika:Yes any problem?
Shivaay:Of course if you drive then not Delhi we’ll reach straight to God.
Anika:What do you think that I can’t drive the car?
Shivaay:Yes coz girls can’t do anything properly.
Anika(murmurs):I will drive the car only and billuji you just sit in the car for once I will give you such a drive that you’ll neve r forget it in your whole life.
Om:Everything is ready guys let’s go.
Anika:Yes let Rudra come then we’ll go. Look there he comes.

Rudra comes he didn’t find his phone so he took Prinku’s phone with him.
Om:Anika are you going to drive the car?
Anika:Yes Om why?
Om:No just asking actually there is a big bag on the back sit so only two can sit there one of us have to sit in front.
Hearing this Rudra jumps on the car and sits in the back sit. Shivaay was looking at Rudra . Om was also about to get in but Shivaay shouts.

Shivaay:Om you sit in the front na.
Om:No Shivaay(he gets in the car) I am ok in the back you sit there.
Omru giggles. Shivaay got in the car and sits next to Anika. Anika starts the car. Soon they were in the high way. Anika speed up the car. At first Rudra was having fun in high speed but after sometime Shivomru is hell shocked to be the witness on Anika’s driving. She run the car in full speed and start overtaking other cars dangerously. Others in the car was falling here and there. Shivaay caught his sit and try to cool Anika.

Shivaay:What are you doing. Be careful.
Anika:Arey billuji what so scary about it? It’s a normal speed just enjoy it.
Shivaay:Ok I apologise stop it and drive it carefully.
Anika:Can’t you say sorry?
Om:Ok Anika cool down. Let it go. Shivaay don’t know to say sorry so no use of asking him about it.
Rudra:Didi why are you giving us the punishment of bhaiya’s fault? Don’t do this I don’t want to die.

Shivaay:Ok stop it Rudra Anika you stop the car.
Anika:I am decreasing the speed but not bcoz you said so I am doing it bcoz Omru is here or otherwise..?
Shivaay understood. He just stares her. After about 2 and half an hour they reach Delhi. They went to the hotel and do check-in. All goes to their rooms and freshen up. Then they went out. Ragavhan has already send her location now they just have to find her and enquire her about the video. The tracked area Ragavhan said was a slum area. Anika and Omru doesn’t have any prob with it but Shivaay is having maichmichi with it.

Shivaay:What? We have to go to slum area for her? Didn’t this girl find any other area to live I am not coming.
Anika:You have to come coz there is danger in staying back here alone. The real culprits have been already come to know that we’re here so they will try to harm us.
Om:No but vut you’re coming.

Rudra:Yes if you doesn’t come then we’ll not have circus and I will be bored there. You two always entertaine us.
Om tries to control his laugh but he spit it,and laugh at the top of his voice and was unable to stop.
Shivika(together):Shut up Rudra.
Shivaay agrees to go. All went there. The area was very big.
Anika:Looks like this area is very big let’s divide into teams and search.
Rudra:Ok me and O are one team u both go.
Shivaay:What no I am not going with this girl.

Anika:Ok bye.
All goes lefting Shivaay alone there.
Shivaay:Hey where are you going? Hey stop there.And he runs.
After a long one hour searching and hearing Shivaay’s bakbak at last Anika get Shanaya’s house. They entered there. The room was dark and all the furniture were covered with white shits. Suddenly someone hits Shivaay with some rod or like that behind his head. He falls.He tells her to go behind the person and Anika runs behind her. Meanwhile Omru also reached to the same way and they saw Anika running behind a person.

They understood the reason and they also run behind them. All are running and suddenly the girl bumped to a cart and fall. Anika catches her and makes her stand. The girl was trying to run again but Anika is holding her with full energy. Shivaay comes there with cops and the police were about to arrest her but she bites Anika’s hand and takes out her gun and point towards them. AniShivOmRu was standing still. Anika tries to take out her gun but without anyone’s knowledge the girl shoots. Om pull Shivaay to opposite side and Shivaay pulled Anika. Rudra was standing like a rock and after two three sec he fall. Shivkara got a thousand volt shock seeing it. Anika with a jerk kick on the girls hand and the gun fell from her hand. Police hurriedly catches her and wore her handcuffs.Shivkara was looking at Rudy he surely fell but he is unhurted. They saw a girl sitting on the ground and her hand is bleeding. They help the girl and make her sit on a bench nearby. Rudra saw her and says:Romi? Anika goes toward the girl and take off her scarf over her face and slaps her with her whole energy.

Anika:How dare you? First you make a scandal and now u shoot on us. You’re not gonna live Miss Shanaya Chabbra.
Shanaya:Kill me. I am not frightened of u.
Anika:I will surely do that work but first tell me why did u do all this?
Shanaya:That’s non of u’r business.

Anika slaps her again.
Anika:Don’t tell me what I have to do and what not. Just ans me or else…
Shanaya:Ok. Gayatri told me to do all this.
Anika:Gayatri told u and u do this. Really shame on u. Being the daughter of such a person u did this.
Shanaya:I did this bcoz of him only. She threatened me that if I don’t do it she will harm Dad.Anika:But you did wrong.U will surely get punished for this.The police took her to custody.
Now everyone focused on Romi. Between all this work Omru did her dressing after taking out the bullet.
Anika:Are u alright?

Romi:Yes I am but Rudra are u alright?
Romi:Thank god.I saw that girl and just pushed u.
Anika:U did the ri8 thing at ri8 time. Thanks a lot.
Shivaay:Yes Romi you save my brother’s life I will be always grateful to you.
Romi:No no it’s my duty.

Rudra:But Romi why you come here?
Romi:I come here to give your phone back that u left in party I went to u’r house also but then I got to know u all came here and I also come.
Rudra:Oh ok. Thank you for saving me Romi.
Romi:No need to thanks and here is u’r phone.

Rudy take it and O’bors and Anika drop Romi to her home and they went to their hotel. They will go back after two days bcoz of some work but suddenly Om gets a call from his workshop that some important work has come so he have to went there. AniShivRu becomes sad but bid bye him. Om goes.

In workshop…
Om enters there and without knowing just pushed Gauri and she fall on colour pots that were nearby. Her dress got spoiled by stains of colour. She is astonished to the hell. Om also got surprised he cups his face with hand.
Gauri:What have u done?
Om:I..I am I…. am so sorry. I didn’t do it purposely.
Gauri:Don’t tell now that u didn’t saw me. You’re not that tall and I am not that short that u’ll not see me Mr.Zulfi.
Om:Hey don’t call me that ok

Gauri:You messed up.
Om:You started it.
Gauri:I will surely take revenge Mr.Oberoi.
Om:Come on take it. What will you do? And he laughs.
Gauri with a jerk she hug him tightly. Om is shocked. All the colour of Gauri’s clothes make stains in Om’s clothes also.

Precape:Convo continue——Shivika come back to Mumbai——Svetlana provokes Tej against Jhanvi.

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