Sanyukt 1st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 1st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rahul takes Shree home and tells family that he wants to marry Shree. Family is shocked. Rahul says Ila that she wanted him to forget Tanu and marry someone, now he wants to marry Shree. He asks Rita to convince Shree. Rita requests Shree to marry Rahul. Gayatri speaks next and requests Shree to marry Rahul. She nods okay. Ila gets emotional. Parimal wipes her trears and jokes with Rahul. Whole family is happy except Sam.

Uday brings Tanu’s bags and keeps it in Rahul’s room. Ila tells Rahul that he will sleep in her room and Tanu will sleep her. Tanu says she will stay in hotel for some days. Ila says she changed Rahul, how can she let her stay in hotel room. Uday goes to Sam’s room and says whole family is happy. Sam shouts shut up.

In the morning, Uday calls Prachi and informs her about Rahul and Tanu’s marriage. Prachi says it will break Hetal and Sam’s relationship further. Uday asks to think positive, Sam and Hetal’s relationship may fall in place and soon they will also be part of family. Hetal asks Prachi whom she is talking to, Hetal. Prachi asks so what. Hetal says she should stay away from that family and she is telling her as she considers her as sister. Prachi says she could not think good of her real sister, how will she think good for her. Hetal stands in a shock.

Shree prays with Ila. Gayatri and Rita taunt her that she is trying to get into her MIL’s good books. Shree says not like that. They both laugh that they are joking. They then cook and see Rahul and Tanu staring at each other, discuss it does not look like they know each other since 1 day. Ila gets suspicious and goes to Rahul’s room. She searches and finds Rahul and Tanu’s photo. She goes to Rahul and Shree/Tanu and angrily says she needs to talk to Shree, Rahul should go in. Rahul asks Shree to go in as he needs to talk to mom. Shree leaves. Rahul says last time, Bapuji came between him and Tanu, this time he will not let anyone come between them. Ila thinks she is his mother and will expose Tanu’s truth.

Hetal in her room cries reminiscing Prachi’s words. Door bell rings, she opens door and is surprised to see Ila standing.

Precap: Ila asks Hetal what did Shree do. Hetal says her papa died because of Shree’s boyfriend and his family, she hates them all and curse that they will never be happy in life. Ila gets teary eyed hearing this.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Awesome episode. I’m so happy for Ranu. Now none can separate Ranu. All my fear is about Hetal. She didn’t allow Tanu to marry Rahul even after Tanu explained​ what are all happened in Rahul’s life . And as Prachi said this will create problem in hatel and Sam’s relationship too. Hope everything will go smoothly. A suggestion​ to CVS, Whatever happens please don’t separate Ranu. Love you Ranu forever.

  2. I don’t understand what is ila’s problem. She has no problem with shree then what’s her problem in accepting Tanu. Coz both Shree and Tanu are one and the same. Tomorrow she’ll​ come to know what are all the miseries Tanu has under gone. I hope that she should accept Tannu. I eagerly waiting for next episode.

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