DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) episode 15

Hey friends thanks for all your love and patience for my ff….
From here on I would like to dedicate each episode to one or two of you…
If you want me to dedicate an episode to you then please comment on it a day before…
Hope you like this one!

The brothers and gauri reach oberoi mansion…jhanvi comes running to om and hugs him…
Jhanvi: thank god you’re okay! I got so scared! ( everyone else also come)
Om: mom, i’m fine…relax…nothing can happen to me when I have all your love and blessings…
Buama: omki i’m glad that you’re okay…
Om: see..who I got with me…( he moves aside and gauri comes from behind…
(buama and jhanvi smile)
Om: she’s going to stay with us for a few days…
shakti: but she…

Om: yes I know…but everything is cleared between us…we’re friends now…
Jhanvi: i’m so happy…gauri, thank you so much for protecting him….
Gauri: no ma ji..I mean Aunty ji, it was he who protected me first..if he had not come, then probably I wouldn’t have been here…
Buama: you both have protected each other…
(Gauri and om smile)
Om: (feels the sudden pain of the sword on his back)I just need some rest if you don’t mind…( he goes to his room, shivaay sees his back and notices the sword mark)
Shivaay: om! Wait! Bade papa, I think we should call the doctor…
Tej: why?

(shivaay shows them om’s hurt back)
pinky: o my Maata! He’s got badly hurt…call the doctor shivaay….
Rudra: I’ll call…( he calls and asks him to come)
Om: actually..it’s not needed…
Shivaay: how is it not needed? it must be paining so much!
Om: no shivaay, it’s…
Shivaay: no excuses….go and rest until the doctor comes…go..(he takes om to his room)
Later the doctor comes and checks om)

Jhanvi: will it be alright doctor?
Doctor: don’t worry Mrs.oberoi…it will take a little time but once he regularly takes his medicines then he’ll feel better and it will heal quickly…
Jhanvi: thank you doctor.
Doctor: no problem..
Rudra: you heard the doctor O? You have to take medicines on time!
Om: okay okay…doctor wait for a minute…can you check gauri’s wound also? She’s got hurt on her arm…

Gauri: omkara ji, there was no need for check up..please..
Om: let doctor decide that…
(gauri slowly opens the cloth that om had tied around her arm and doctor checks the wound)
Gauri: aah! ( she controls the pain, and the doctor puts medicine)
Doctor: i’m prescribing some medicines for her too…please ensure that she eats them on time…
Jhanvi: ok doctor…thank you…
(om and gauri together- thank you/thanku , they look at each other and laugh)
Later in shivaay’s room:-
( shivaay comes from om’s room and sees Anika sitting in the bed)
Anika: (controls her smile) I saw…I saw…
Shivaay: what?

Anika: eh? What what?
Shivaay: uff! You only said now, you saw it.. What did you see?
Anika: oh! I saw it!
Shivaay: now will you just tell me what you saw?
Anika: that only! Mr.superman!
How you were fighting as though you were a superhero! (she laughs)
Shivaay: what…what is so funny in that? I am a hero by the way…for my brothers..okay?
Anika: (sarcastically) o bete ki!! So much tadi? I never knew that you were a hero also!
Shivaay: Anika!
(Anika stops and looks at him…he looks back at her…both of them start laughing)
Shivaay: you make such bad jokes!
Anika: if it was bad then why were you laughing? Tell me!?

Shivaay: woh…woh…you looked funny when you were laughing…that’s why…
Anika: don’t give any excuses okay…(she comes closer to him) waise you fought well! I’m proud of you…but if anything happened to you then…
Shivaay: nothing would happen to me…
Anika: (sees a small wound of his hand) you didn’t tell me! Why didn’t you tell the doctor? You didn’t even put bandage!
shivaay: Anika, Anika , Anika! Calm down will you! it’s just a small hurt! It will heal on it’s own…

Anika: how? Wait I’ll get the first aid box…
shivaay: but…(anika gets the box and dresses shivaay’s wound…shivaay looks at her…o jaana song plays)

Precap: soumya goes to rudra’s room and says that she wants to tell him something…rudra gets shocked an asks at this hour of the night?!

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