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Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se 14th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with a goon holding Shivani hostage and informing Raghu and her that he wants to tell secret of that well. Just then, Veer comes there and shoots him dead. Raghu asks Veer why did he kill him. Veer says he was holding knife against Shivani, so he shot him. Raghu says he wanted to tell us secret. He checks his pulse and says he is alive. Both Raghu and Veer carry goon to hospital.

Vivek gives Maya and Baburam a dress to disguise. Baburam says he will be identified soon. Vivek says nobody will. Baburam agrees to disguise and they all think of revening Sumitra.

Veer, Raghu and Shivani come home. Daadi asks if they are okay. Veer says yes and says he shot goon thinking he was trying to harm Raghu/Shivani, so I got bail because of that. Sunanda comes

and starts alleging Raghu and Shivani that Veer’s life is at risk becuase of them. Madhavi comes and says goon is caught because of them, we should thank them instead.

Sumitra comes to jewelry shop with Latha, Ginni and her mother to sell Saharia family’s jewelry. Roopesh disguised as nawab comes with his maya as his wife and asks jeweller to show jewelry for his wife. Maya likes Saharia family jewerly and Nawab says he will buy it at double cost. Sumitra says she will not sell them. Roopesh gives his fake visiting card and says if they think of selling jewelry, they can call him. Maya’s veil drops while greeting goodbye and she gets tensed, but escapes as Sumitra was checking it on the other side. Sumitra’s parents as Sumitra to leave while they finish their work at market and come home later. Sumitra agrees and leaves.

Raghu thinks about the goon kidnapping Shivani, Veer shooting him and then Sunanda alleging them. He breaks water glass in anger and injures his hand. Shivani sees that and asks him to calm down. Raghu says he does not want to talk to her.

He asks what if he would not have reached on time. Shivani says she wanted to know well’s secret. Raghu asks how can she believe anyone like that. Shivani says did not have time to wait for him and wanted to know secret eagerly. Raghu says her life is more important that secret. Shivani says she wanted to know it as she had gone through a lot of fear and says even she will not talk to him if he does not. Raghu says ok, but not to go without informing her.

Sumitra’s parents sell jewelry to Roopesh for 10 lakhs rupees and happily go from there holding money briefcase.

Shivani is helping Veer’s son complete his homework. Phone bell rings and she picks it. Person on the othe side asks when will she give his money. She asks what money. Sunanda hears her and takes phone from her. Shivani asks who was it. Sunanda scolds Shivani for interfering in her matters and goes from there.

Sumitra’s father gives her brief case and says he sold jewelry for 10 lakhs to Nawab. sumitra angrily asks why did they sell. Her mother says they got 5 times more money than jewelry’s worth and asks her to check money. Sumitra checks moneyand gets happy, but gets shocked when she sees only 1 note of bundle is real money and rest is plain paper. She scolds her parents for their mistake. Latha and family smirk seeing their drama.

Goon comes home and asks Sunanda to give his money. Sunanda says she will give his money in 3 months. Goon gives her 24 hours time, else he will get it from her family. Shivani watches them and thinks Sunanda is hiding something from her.

Precap: Veer tries to keep hand on Shivani’s shoulder trying to console her. Shivani and Raghu are shocked to see that.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Veer is so cute

  2. This story is scrap. How will one come to a city for an operation knowing she is rich to. Do the operation herself.

    I really dislike d program and should be taken off air.

    A man who looks at another man’s wife in a provocative manner should be stopped

  3. its totally crap!!!! it should go off air

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