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The Episode starts with Rajnath scolding Shekhar. Shekhar says I m not your enemy, but your friend, I m helping you in bringing the truth out. He tells Durga that her game is over. Dayal says I don’t need to prove anyone that you are mu daughter, lets go. Shekhar stops him. Sakshi thinks why are they leaving, is Shekhar right, she is not Durga. Shekhar asks Dayal to clear the doubt, if they go, it will be proved I m right and this girl is wrong. Dayal asks Durga not to think, lets go. Durga says no dad, he is right, I have to clear the doubt from everyone’s mind, and if you are with me, I m not afraid of anyone, I told you that I will not let anyone point finger on you.

She says we can’t go like this. Dayal says but for an idiot. She says its ok, come Shekhar. She sits on the sofa and

says the decision of truth and lie will be done by your way. She shows her leg and Dayal gets tensed. Shekhar laughs and says not left,right leg. He says what happened, did you forget your birth mark, come on, show it to everybody. Everyone looks at her. Sakshi smiles and thinks your game is over now. Shekhar says prove me wrong, come on. Dayal says you don’t need to prove anything, let’s go. Shekhar says wow uncle, strange, you both are nervous as you know she is not real Durga. Dayal shouts what rubbish.

Shekhar says come on Durga, show your right leg and prove me wrong, everybody is waiting. Durga shows the birth mark and Shekhar is shocked. Dayal is relieved. Sakshi and Raima can’t believe this. Shekhar says this can’t be possible. She says its birth mark, which always stay with us. He says I don’t believe this, you are not Durga. She says match with the pics you have stolen. He thinks of her words. She taunts him. Shekhar says trust me, this can’t happen.

Dayal slaps him hard and says enough your nonsense, shut up now, I don’t let anyone to speak a word against him, get lost, else I will teach you a lesson. He says Durga, lets go. Dev stops him and says I m sorry for this, let me handle this. Dev talks to Shekhar and says police will come to take you now. Shaurya thinks Dev is being a hero and talks to Shekhar. He says you came to my house and insulted Durga. Shekhar says trust me, she told me she is not real Durga. Shaurya beats him. Dev stops him. Rajnath says enough drama, call the security.

Sakshi thinks is he out of his mind, maybe he was fooling me and I became a fool in his words, what a mess. She acts sweet and says we would have not bear him. She scolds Shekhar and says you will be punished, how can you do this with our guests and coming to our house. She calls the security. She says take this man out and don’t let him be around. Shekhar gets angry and thinks about Akash who has heard his plan. He looks at Durga. Durga thinks there is still time in 24 hours. She smiles. Rajnath apologizes to Dayal.

He says this should have not happened. Durga says don’t show me fake love, my name is Durga Thakur. She says how can you call me Beta, if you don’t love me as your children. She says if Shaurya was there in my place, you would have broken his hand, but when I was forced to prove, you all were quiet. She tells Sakshi what did she say, I wanted to prove him wrong, I proved him only for him, but for you all.

She says I saw a question in your eyes, that maybe Shekhar is right. She says Shaurya, you call me your friend and in your presence, my identity was questioned. Shaurya says no, I was not leaving him. She says enough Shaurya, business deals are done by thinking. She says respect is just given, I felt you all are using me for the cancer project deal is with you. She says if we have to close this deal, we would have done when we knew about Shaurya’s fraud degree case, but we stood by you in your bad times and respected you, and you did this, by insulting us. Sakshi thinks stop this drama now.

Dayal says calm down. Durga says who is Shekhar to come here and point on me, unless someone here is helping him. Sakshi asks Durga to calm down, but she can’t accuse her family. Durga says why should I not think so, you did not like me always, I don’t know why, but its ok, I did not come on this city to make a personal relation, I have an identity, self respect, work and I m proudm but if someone points on my self respect I will not bear this. Suchitra says calm down. Dev apologizes to Durga and says we know your anger is justified.

Durga says everything is said and done. She says the cancer project deal is with you, but I won’t be related to you personally. I will never enter this house again. Sakshi thinks thanks, that’s a relieve. Dayal looks at Durga and signs yes. They leave from there in anger. Shaurya is miffed on Sakshi for doing all this drama.

Rajnath talks to Sakshi and says Shaurya has a bet with his friends for 5 crores, for getting Durga, so let him win, don’t take any step against Durga now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I didn’t understand that how did birth mark came on her right leg ??? can please any body tell me how !!!!!

    1. ofcourse in today’s episode they will definitely show. and as akash know that shekhar is going to durga’s house to find proof against her, then its obviously known that he would hav told durga about it.

  2. I think durga did the birth mail with tattoo machine bcoz it can’t be wash by water or with anything else 😀 n 2days epi ws gd but why durga did this drama for what?? n DID U GUYS SEE THE NEW PROMO ?? 😀

    1. Thank you riki and didn’t see the precap can u tell me what happened in the precap

  3. sorry * mark * spelling mistake 🙂

  4. Ya i saw the new promo

  5. Now Durga n dev should unite…n make a solid team

  6. no my answer is not ryt well durga will talk to dayal tht how she make the mark I guess 🙂 we will knw then how 🙂

  7. the new promo is that dev getting gun shoot by a trained shooter appointed by shaurya and durga and dayal comes there and sees dev lying on the road and durga shouts dev

  8. Dev dies?????aliya

    1. how can u think that dev will die?if he dies, then nothing of this serial

  9. no he won’t die guyz so relax……….;-)

  10. So this means durgaa will know that dev really loves her ?? yipeeee !!! sorrry if there is any spelling mistake

  11. @aaliya yeah u ar ryt 😀

  12. no guys i think that dev will not die because if dev dies there will be no story or meaning of watching this
    i think that durga will take dev to hospital and the doctor will give his ornaments to durga and durga sees his locket and finds that nithya is his lover

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