A different side of saathiya (Episode 10)


In the early morning at the breakfast table all are waiting for Kinjal to come. She says the maid that she needs time so let them have. Ahem says I am getting late I’ll have it and leave.kokilla says okay beta then we will also have. Kinjal goes to Jigar and asks him why are you sitting here lets have breakfast common. He says no I am not interested please leave me. She says do you feel guilty for what you have done and was unable to face ma rite. I haven’t done anything wrong but I have to apologise her for these people and especially ahem bhai he will not leave me tell me how could I do this. She says if you don’t feel sorry why you have to. Just leave it. Noway I have to apologize her give me an idea because if I go infront of her if she again slaps me I’ll be a fool there I don’t want this to happen. Okay bhai send a bouquet with a greeting card that’s it. That’s cool chalo we will get the bouquet. Wait bhai I am starving and have to have something. Okay you have and come. No lets have together. No no no I will not come downstairs. Okay lets have it in your room ill bring it here. He gives a smile at her and says Kinjal you will not leave me until your wish is done. They will eat together and goes outside. He orders a beautiful bouquet with white Lillies and sends to her house. Gopi receives it as rashi already left to office and sees an apology card in it she reads the card and letter which was placed in it and got to know about the incident and sees the name and gets shocked seeing Jigar Modi on it. She calls sharanya and asks her to meet along with Jigar at a place and asks her not to tell Jigar of her presence and keep it a secret. Just make it a casual meeting as if you both are meeting. He says okay baby ill reach on time. Kinjal asks is it sharanya. Yeah. Okay bhai chalo then I am going to meet your girlfriend then. They reach and Jigar finds gopi he wishes her casually but murmuring why these girls always come in the middle of lovers. Gopi slap him hard and says you have been such a crap. I never knew this that you will get down that low to take revenge from a girl but I am leaving you because even you made her drink you took care of her and brought her home safe. Remember this whenever you want to harm my didi I’ll be always before her to face it. Sharanya comes there and fights with gopi don’t ever utter a word at Jigar he is mine. Gopi says I don’t need you as my friend if you support these kind of people. They start blaming each other (mute conversation). Kinjal sees what’s happening lets leave come and takes sharanya and Jigar away. Gopi also leaves.

In the office ahem says I have an official meeting in Delhi go book my flight tickets and hotel room. Don’t forget this is of very important. Okay sir I’ll do it now itself. She leaves.

Precap: Ahem claps and will be very happy seeing gopi receiving medal. Rashi shocks seeing Jigar receiving medals not only for being topper but also the best out going student award.

Credit to: aruna

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    gopi slapped jigar.but liked 1 thing she said-tho jigar made rashi drink he took care of her n brought her home safe

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