Did you like Zee’s Sarojini by its start?


Sarojini premiered on July 20 at the 6.30 pm slot, replacing Service Wali Bahu on Zee TV. This is the second show being announced in the Zee bouquet after Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani. Sarojini traces the journey of Sarojini, a strong, well-educated girl who gets married into a family with a regressive patriarchal set-up – a household dominated by her over-bearing, chauvinistic father-in-law Dushyant. Dushyant is a control freak father-in-law. Sarojini is a free spirited girl. What would happen when Dushyan. Sarojini endeavors to highlight how education serves as the wind beneath a woman’s wings, giving her the self-esteem she needs to assert herself. Sarojini is a well-mannered, straight forward and vibrant girl studying in Delhi and aspires to be a teacher. Sarojini is a strong-headed woman who stands for woman empowerment.

Sarojini will follow her journey as the daughter-in-law who will motivate the meek women in the house to find their voice and speak up for their rights. Somendra is Dushyant’s younger son and a spoiled brat. He is pampered by his father and the favorite child of the family. Dushyant is the head of the family, a corrupt politician and an evil landlord that even the villagers are petrified of him. He treats women within his family as puppets and dictates their lives. Shiny Doshi is essaying the title role of Sarojini. Mohit Sehgal plays the role of Sarojini’s husband Somendra. Pankaj Tripathy plays the role of her father-in-law Dushyant. Sarojini takes the challenge head on and strives for a healthy balance of power and influence in the household, leveraging education to her advantage. Did you like Sarojini by its start? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. Very nice….serial..gud pairing…

  2. loving this show.mohit sehgal just awesome.he is an versetile actor he proved again.mohit-shiny just awesome onscreen pair.very good looking due.

  3. very nice show.Mohit nd pankaj ji one word mervelous
    pairing..both r gorgeous looking.

  4. Very interesting show, enjoying a lot. Mohit is awesum as Somendra, and scenes with Pankaji and shiny are super.these 3 make strong back force for the show. Mohit – Shiny lovely jodi.

  5. Osmmmmm show mohit is doing superbbb acting

  6. Yes it’s interesting, funny and entertaining. Entertains as well as highlights and educates you about the social issues and gender inequality that still prevails. Mohit Sehgal is a revelation here he plays Somendra so convincingly that we forget that we are looking at Mohit only see Somendra and Pankaj Tripathi is too good as Dushyant you hate him for his cruel behaviour yet manage to laugh at his antics he is the only villain you hate and adore at the same time. Overall a good show I’m entertained well keep it up!

  7. Yes enjoying the show Sarojini. Mainly Somendra’s role is the most interesting. Mohit Sehgal is doing a great job.. Be his UP accent, body language, voice modulation, he has done a terrific job.. Enjoy watching Somendra-Sarojini nok jhoks, looking forward to their love story.. Dushyant n Somendra scenes are enjoyable too..

  8. yes love this show Mohit Sehgal is amazing mohit shiny jodi looking fab onscreen

  9. Superb actng. Luv shiny she’s so beautiful gd jobs of mohit shiny

  10. Loving this show. Its very entertainning n interesting. Mohit & Pankaj ji stole the show with their fabulous performances. Mohit his acting is beyond excellence from his acting , expression , look ,UP accent n his body language just brilliant…. Also wanna mention Mohit n Shiny their chemistry are rocking…their nok joke is too good …. loving it so much…

  11. Mohit is looking nice in this look his language acting is fab mohit shiny good Jodi and the villain is sometimes funny sometimes really bad.
    Luv the show.

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