Dewana dil Part 48

Sanju at the hospital canteen is sitting with varun.
Varun: did u ask Sam ??
Sanju: about wat??
Varun: about Tanaya??
Sanju: yes, but why r u so much interested.
Varun: OK , I m not gonna lie to u. U r my best friend. So here is the truth ‘ I and Tanaya love each other’ saying so he closes his eyes with a fearful expression on his face.
Sanju: wat?
Varun: a bit fast this time ‘ I and Tanaya love each other’
Sanju gets the words and for a minute processit and sstarts to scream. Ohh my god!!
Varun ask her to keep quite As its hospital. Butsoon she looses her happy face to concerned face.
Sanju: but tTanaya needs stability and supportin her llife, and I don’t think that u could provide her that, u run after girls, u r a Casanova, and I would hate if she gets hurt by u.
Varun: hey!! I was their when. U talked to Sam about her. And I know everything. And I just want to b with her. At least I could try to b 10% of wat Sam does for u. And leave the decision on her. And let her decide wat she wants.

Sanju: I m very proud of u varun. But u have to convince me that u r good enough for tanaya. Before taking this talk to Sam, deal?
Varun:(smiles) deal!!
Vikram comes to their table.
Vikram: its amazing sanju, how u get to enjoy ur husband and his best friend.

Sanju: Dr. Vikram u must behave with me, or else, as the board member of the hospital, I could get u suspended for misbehaving with me!!

Vikram: ohhh!! Dear!! That’s not misbehaving , misbehaving is(he tries to touch her face but varun stands up and hold his hand) ohh !! I totally forgot, wat the difference !! Ur husband left the hospital to u, and now u r enjoying u power with ur boyfriend. Good going girl.

Sanju feels disgusted at vikram’s allegations on her and varun’s relation. And their have been many rumours too, as Sam is mostly out of town. On the other hand varun drives her home many a time( so that he could meet Tanaya) and also they have lunch together and r seen in the party together as well.

Sanju is driving angrily in her car, and is thinking of vikram’s words. She feels that she is giving everyone a chance to spoil her character. As she is thinking of all this when a deer runs in front of her car and she looses control of her car and has an accident with railing. She tries to restart the car but it doesn’t. She comes out and call Sam to pick her up.

Sam drives her home. He is aware that sanju though human is a good driver, and also could feel her alleviate pulse. He hears her story howdeer came on front of the car and she lost control. But he kknows that it was a piece of cake for sanju to handle, that means she was in deep thoughts. So now the question is wat was she thinking?? Is anything bugging her?? Maybe its because I can’t spend time with her!! She was after all asking about Tanaya being so lonely, that means she feels lonely too. And I m not around for months together!! Should I do something about it?? But she has a life over here, she studies, and also handles the hospital administration!! Then wat is it?? Has she lost interest in me??( he looks in the at her, who is staring outside the window) maybe?? I m not around these days?? Ohhh god this is frustrating!! I wish if I could read her mind for once,then I need it most right now!!
As this thinking train is running in sam’s mind they reach gill mansion. Sanju goes to sleep without a further more word. This gets sam’s suspicions , a proof that sanju has lost interest in him.
On the other hand sanju is still thinking about vikram’s words.
Sam in his mind thinks I m in so much trouble. But I have brought this upon my self. We had such passion between us, now we didn’t even talk. I returned after so many days and she has no mood to talk with me. This will not do Sam. I will create that spark again. Whatever I will have to do , I would do. But I won’t let my relationship with sanju die.

Next day sanju is sleeping. Sam comes close to hears and whispers. Sanju in a shock screams, the plate that Sam had brought for sanju’s breakfast falls on the bed. Sanju has been sleeping alone, since last 60 days, and sam’s whisper had frightened her.

They both apologizes to each other. Sanju goes for bath. Sam cleans the bed. He thinks that the spark is all lost. He thinks to consult Kahn for advice. He calls Kahn and ask advice for his married friend who has lost spark in his wedding life. Kahn says that he and his wife often fought but they both loved their children very much. So no matter how much bigger the fight was, they would patch it up for their kids. Hearing this Sam gets sad.

He puts the phone down and thinks that its true. But he couldn’t give a kid to sanju. And he can’t even convert her. As she is sensitive to serum and would die rather than convert. He feels sad as he can’t give that one thing to sanju. That she wants

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