Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 8th February 2013 Written Update

While plays the damru, Shani dev joins his hands showing his reverence towards him.. Parvati devi and Narad rishi are perplexed to see this sight.
Shani dev is in a trance hearing the damru..Shiva stops playing the damru as Parvati devi nears them.

Shani dev says “For give me mother, I’m late. I have come here for your darshan. Lord has accepted my plea and played damru for me, and I forgot everything around me…my grief and even your darshan.” Shani dev feels blessed to meet Parvati and Parmeshwar.saying so he leaves.
Parvati ma looks at Naradji with pained eyes..NAradji takes their leave.

After the go, a serine Mahadev gets up and Parvati ma has a frown on her face… he says to her “Are you happy now? I have not allowed Shani dev

to enter Kailash”
But Parvati devi doesn’t respond then.

Ganesh, Kartikeya and Nakush are gathered at a place.
GAnesh asks KArtikeya if they could take Nahush along with them, as Ashok Sundari would feel good. Kartikeya replies that it won’t look decent. Besides Nahush needs to focus on his shiksha at the gurukul.

Ganesh says that he needs to be a little more patient.. then they both fly on Kartikeya’s peacock,

One of the soldiers of Sumali observe this and thinks of reporting it to him.

At Kailash.
Parvati devi sits hurt.. Mahadev says dnt be sad.
Pavati ma bhadkofies on him saying that if he is not sad, he too doesn’t need to feel that.. and also that his point is proved that there can be no house build on Kailash.
It thing which got destructed was not just her imagination, but it was her dreams which she saw for her entire family.
It hurts lord, when a dream breaks it does hurt. He would also have felt that, only if he had taken part in it. And it is proven today that it was all her this long, and it is she who is hurt ..she leaves.

Shiva looks at the destroyed mud model…
PArvati ma recalls at the moments from the family meal getting drenched in rain to Shani devi’s arrival…she feels terrible on behaving that way,.. why couldn’t she stop herself from behaving in such a way.
She shouldn’t have destroyed her own creation.

Shiva then goes near her…
He asks “You said you were alone. I want to know the reason why you felt so! Is it inevitable in marriage that each other has to agree whatever the other had said? Is it is crime to have varied perceptions? No, to understand and respect the other’s thoughts, wishes at situations when both has different moods is important. Its wrong to agree halfheartedly. ”
Shiva explains her that it was not in the fate of Kailash to have a family, but she made it possible.. they have kids just because she made it possible..and when he said not to be sad at demolished model he meant that they can make it again..there can be a house on Kailash for which he himself gave his consent. he says that she is Jagadambha, she can make anything work.
And when she was hurt it is then he got to know how attached she was to the model and how attached she is gonna be when the actual house is built.

At Sumali’s place.
Hegets the confirmation that Nahush is living at Vashisht’s ashram…since Nahush’s father is not around it is a good time to they plan to kill Nahush.

He orders his son Marich along with Udag and Maha guru attack Vashist’s ashram.

At Kailash.
Shiva tells to Parvati devi “you should have believed when you questioned me over Shani dev’s evil eye on the model, And you didn’t find my answer plausible, also when you gave, me the duty of staying at the enterence of Kailash at Shan dev’s arrival even then you didn’t believe me, that I’d finish the task..but the attachment and fear of losing the house has become more important to her than him! ”

He further continues “Any relationship gets damage when doubt arises. you have doubt on me that I’d never ful fill her wishes… but you forgot tthat I have married you ,with fire as the witness…they walked the seven steps and the vows..we took these vows because we wanted to live together with love… and being as equal. how can we be separate? I live in you and you in me. ”

Vashista’s ashrma is on fire and AS and Nahush are cought in between the fire.
PArvati ma as Kaali – in her most fierce form (at last)

Update Credit to: Killer Shark

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