2612 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

2612 8th February 2013 Written Episode, 2612 8th February 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Rashmi held at gunpoint by Akram.
Randeep reaches there and Akram recognizes him from the airport.
He throws the chain clock towards Randeep and vanishes off with Rashmi.
Jadda reaches Chor Bazaar and promises the Commissioner to find out about Randeep.

Randeep is chasing Akram and Akram and Rashmi get separated.
They fire at each other.
Jadda hears the gunshots and hurries towards them.
Rashmi is hurt and Randeep promises her to get hold of Akram.
He chases him and fires a bullet on his leg but in the end Akram escapes.

Jadda notices Rashmi and moves towards her but is held up by the police who inquire as to how he has a gun drawn out in public.
Jadda shows them his id and looks around but Rashmi has felt with Randeep.


takes her to his place as she needed to be tend first and takes care of her.
Rashmi says sorry for ruining the plan as she had gone numb when Akram pointed the gun at her.
She says that her father was right , she is a “Lallu”(stupid).

Randdep tells her that her father was right because only a “Lallu” person who is an ordinary school teacher would go on such a dangerous mission without caring for herself.

He says it was his fault as he didnt do his part well , and neither the bombs nor the terrorist was held.

Akram reaches Shahana’s place , leg bleeding.
He tells her that he wanted to present her the Nova-6 bombs and his informers told him about a man who had them , but it was a ruse.
Shahana gives him a tight slap and says he got himself in the clutches of the police.
Akram asks for one more chance as he’ll do anything for her.
Shahana says that she needs a sacrifice form him.
Akram agrees happily , ready to please her and Shahana pulls out her gun and kills him.

Randeep and Rashmi are on their way to Rashmi’s home and they talk about the bombs and if Rashmi can remember anything about Akram.
He drops her at her place.
Rashmi says that she needed a favor from him and tells him that officer Swami had kept her things with him saying that it was some official work but has still not returned them and she wants it back as there is the necklace her brother had brought for her.

Randeep says he’ll get it.
She leaves and Randeep is left thinking that Swami hardly does anything without a reason so keeping back Rashmi’s stuff must have a reason.

And Shahana too wants something from Rashmi.
He connects the dots and conclude that as there are 312 bombs , they all cant fit into a pendant but detonator can and maybe that necklace has the detonator.

The End

Update Credit to: 18shabbo

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