Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with rohitang meet with tulsi and see that tulsi is also dead. Rohitang shouts and says to rohitang body, i had given oath then say to my sister that talk to me. Please sister, wake up. Come on wake up and wear mala to maharaj.
ROhitang gets angry. Narad ji says to narayan, hey prabhu, rohitang anger is on dead line. Narayan says, it is must for his life and he will decide for it and his work also decide his life. Rohitang thinks about her sister wordings and says, Narayan has done wrong with my sister and i will definitely take revenge of my sister and maharaj death.
Rohitang says to dev kampan, now its time to do work. I born in shamshan and i will knit trap for mahadev. I know i cannot kill mahadev but i will trap him.
Mata says to mahadev, if shivansh

will do tandav for destruction then you have to do tandav for neutralize and world will harm with it. Mahadev says, by doing this, he can destroy himself.
Rohitang says, i will control him by tandav. narad ji says, will mahadev hypnotise with tandav. Bhram dev says, its depend on mahadev whether he will hypnotise with rohitang.
Narayan says, but mahadev is ashutosh. Rohitang says, now i have doesnt to loose and it will be harmful for you.
Bhram dev and narayan arise in front of mahadev. mata says, we all neutralize rohitang’s tandav negative energy. Mahadev says, i will neutralize it by own and if you all want to participate then you can but this incident started by me then i will do end of it.
Rohitang remember about his childhood days. Rohitang does meditation and remembers narad ji’s slok. Then he brings tanpura.
Kartikaye says, father, i have seen so many war but this war is really unimaginable. This war will happen by music.
I have said to narad ji to trained in music. Mahadev says, no kartikaye, you are thinking wrong that you have done wrong. This time we all think that what we all will do our duties. Mata saraswati says, sentence will be my weapon then everybody gets their weapon for playing it.
biblarth worship of mahadev and says, you have mentioned about me and rohitang will again meet and i know that you will give moksha to him. Mata prithvi says to rohitang, if you will do tandav with mahadev then your mother will definitely killed. Rohitang says, i will challenge to mahadev and i will tell whole world, what is respect, everybody will get respect.
Mata says to rohitang, you have to understand that i exist only by mahadev. ROhitang says, i want to recover back from this myth. I will make you pure and i havent done anything for you but now i will do this for you. You just feel the pain for once for your son. I will set free to whole world with mahadev.

Precap:- Mata says to mahadev, i havent think about this incident. mahadev says, i will complete the whole cycle by my tandav.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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