Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 4th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rathi sees Sonia sad and asks her to cheer up as she is marrying Raghav now. Deepu also comes asks why is she sad when Ratna has accepted their marriage proposal. Sonia says Ratna wanted marriage at her house, but she wants it here as she needs parents’s blessings. Deepu asks her not to worry and says when Ratna has accepted all of us, she is like our mother now and will not bother getting Raghav married here. Khan hears their whole conversation and says Sonia that her sisters are telling right, when Ratna does not have any problem now, she should marry here at her house.

Deepika calls Abhiman. He says he was about to call her. She says he must be joking. He says wanted to apologize her for not attending Rathi’s marriage. Deepu says it is good he did not come as marriage

was cancelled. She then informs him about Raghav and Sonia’s marriage and invites him for their marriage.

Abhiman reaches Ratna’s house and asks her why did she call him. She informs him about Sonia and Raghav’s marriage and says she is tensed as Sonia wants marriage at her home and she cannot take all her high-profile guests there. She says she knows Raghav and him don’t like each other, but wants him to look after the whole marriage arrangements as Raghav’s elder brother. Abhiman gets irked hearing that. Ratna changes her words and says if Raghav would have had an elder brother, he would have fulfilled all his responsibilities and she wants him to fulfill responsibilities as Raghav’s elder brother now. Abhiman says he does not want any relationship and says as an employee, he will make sure that her guests are taken care well. Suhasi hears their conversation and thinks when Ratna has so many employees, why is she insisting this guy and gets surprised to hear his name is Abhiman.

Daada/daadi and Suhasi insist Raghav to wear sherwani of their choice on his wedding. Raghav asks them why are they taking so much time on selecting his sherwani and ask when will they finalize everything, he wants them to select Sonia’s dresses and he wants to arrange his bedroom for Sonia. Daada jokes that he just selected sari for daadi, but his grandson is way ahead and is talking about arranging bedroom. Raghav gets shy and walks out from there.

Sonia’s sisters inform her that they have booked a marriage hall for her wedding. She says it is very costly and why did they book when they don’t have money. Deepu says Khan chacha booked it as a gift for her.

Raghav selects gifts for Sonia and her sisters and then thinks which color he should paint his bedroom walls with, thinks white walls and red curtains. He thinks to call Sonia and check. She is still awake and asks why is he still awake. He says he usually sleeps late but why is she awake. He then asks her what colors he should get their bedroom walls painted. She says white and red. He says he was thinking the same. She says melon changes color looking at another melon. He asks if he is melon. She says it was just a muhavra. They continue talking, and she sleeps. He waits for her to wake up in the morning. she wakes up and asks if he did not sleep. He says he was thinking of he whole night and continues talking. She thinks she did not know life is so beautiful.

Daada/daadi and Suhasi get ready for Sonia’s mehandi ceremony. Raghav insists even he will come with them. Ratna says it is ladies function. Daada says even he added all his marriage functions hiding, so his grandson will also attend. Raghav gets happy and hugs his daadu. They all leave for the mehandi function.

Ratna and her family reach marriage hall. Khan greets them in. Anjali chats with guests and asks if they met her jiju. Guests say whole city knows Roy family well.

Deepu meets Ratna and requests her to forgive her. Ratna smiles at her. Deepu thanks her for forgiving her and says let us start the function.

Precap: Raghav and Sonia dance on Mehandi Lagake Rakhna….. song.

Update Credit to: MA

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