Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th February 2014 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev Mahadev 24th February 2014 Written Update

Sati is still in the forest, she tells to herself that if the guy comes back he’d question her about her being there still… she never wishes to be there at the first place, as she is stuck. But Sati somewhere acknowledges the fact that she needs to accept that she has been rude to him and also she needs his help and is unable to find the root herself; and if she says these things forth him, he would pick on her.
She feels worried abt her worried father and others who must be searching would she make this guy understand abt what a family means to be like.. in the meantime, Mahadev comes to her and asks the SAME question as she has guessed.
Sati’s slip of the tongue moment was when she replies him that he thinks of her more than she thinks of herself.

Then she composes herself and apologies..she again says sorry..but Shiva goes and sits under the tree..she before he starts meditating tells..he is playing around.. she asks what she said to him..he asks what? she replies, he heard her and is v bad…she then again apologies for her behavior and accepts her inability to find the way back for herself..and she’d need a great person as him for that. He says she misses a pt..when asked he replies ‘humility’
Then Sati utters..’the king of this forest, can you plz show me a way out of this place. I’d be forever grateful to you.’
Then Mahadev asks her to remember this trait forever..he directs her to cross the ill beside them and then she’d reach her camp.
Sati thinks it was so simple..she thanks him and as she moves ahead..she feels kind of revealed of some thing…she is grateful to him.

Back at the camp, rishi Bhrigu inquires with Dakshayaini abt how Sati was left in the forest and why did they let her go on the first place… and also abt the new minister.. they say they tried to reach her but till the time they did, she was lost.. abt the minister they inform him that the minister was sent by Satbhesh. At that moment they hear a cry from out..on reaching there they see the minister kills those two soldiers and accuse them of plotting against Dakashayani.

When asked why would anyone want to kill Dakashputris..the minister replies that he too seeks the same and leaves..
Back here Sati wanders in the forest at night and decides to stop there till the next morning as she doesn’t wish to get into anymore trouble and esply become a dinner to some animal. Then she hears something in the dark..plants moving… someone was nearing her..this scares her.. As the footsteps become more audible she picks up a stick from the ground and holds to defense herself..
She finds the footsteps were of the forest guy (Mahadev)..she feels relieved and glad to see her there…
He says that he came after her as it won;t be safe for her to be alone…she says she was v scared..he gibe that even Prajapati”s daughter fears something…she says that she won;t deny this time.
Vishnudev and Brhmdev share a dialogue abt Shiv-Sati.. Sati is making SHiv feel better.. he finds his peace in her.. they are going well together.. his mind is getting back to stability.. Mahadev was so resolved in resigning the role of taking care of the world.. now its Adi Shkti’s effrots to bring him back from viragy.

Kamdev back here has his own prbs… he talks abt love and Pain of getting separate.. he’ll now start the story of love…
Back here Sati starts a discussion on gyaan (knowledge) she has read n researched n number of books and wishes to gain the complete knowledge. He questions, how can knowledge be limited and complete.

Gyaan is like the skies… the more you try to know about it the more it gets dilated.. its beyond the obvious and words.. conscious and the unconscious.. a true knowledgeable person is the one who never thinks that knowledge is limited and try to quantify it.
She replies that he father is a complete knowledgeable person..he replies that no one is ever all-knowing… she asks him to meet her father and that wll clear his doubts n curiousness.
He has the answers to everything.. and if he wishes she can arrange their meeting…
He tells that he is fine where ever he is..besides he is a great guy and a hugely knowledgeable one he has scripted Dakshsahita, but what has she done yet..what is her identity.. her purpose..?
She thinks to find answers and utters that she wishes to get married…
as she wishes to explore the world and know more of things..of cultures.. and gain experiences of them (just my answer, but not the marriage part).
So she continues that he dad says that only after marriage she is allowed to venture outside. He inquires that if its is the rules her father wish are making her decide this.
She says rules are important in a society to make it balance and organized..or else outlawry would to prevent that, there is no harm in following the rules and sacrifices a few things in the process..
She shares that this was the first occasion she got to venture outside.. Mahadev inquires that how was she allowed to venture out before her marriage..
She tells him abt Angeera’s yaga thingie..and they are stuck cause of the storm… her curiosity brought her to the forest and eventually she lost her way.
Out of curiosity Mahadev asks if she is gonna get married.. she says that her dad would decide on that.. he inquires that she doesn’t know the person at all..

Nandi and gang still search for Mahadev… they are exhausted n complain abt it …Nandi says he’d wander n search his Shiva till eternity..
Gana’s moral is down..and fear if Mahadev renounce them..and if shiva doesn’t like them they say this citing their unsuccessful efforts.. Nandi tries to find the answer to the question if his devotion towards Mahadev is that weak that their pursuits have failed..

Mahadev plays the damru, where as Sati goes to him..they share a smile.. she is super grateful to him for his help…but she’d discuss him with her father, when she goes back.
And after her recommendation her father would surely give him the chance to be a part of their society.. he rejects such offer.
She insists that if he is given a chance he’d prove to be good leader..the saptrishi can help him in getting trained n groomed.. Mahadev asks..ssaptrishi would do that.. to him!

She says they are v knowledgeable ..he says he is happy with his knowledge.. its never wrong in embracing the society norms..did he ever see himself.. he looks as if eh is in search of something.. the instability and discomfort her endures..he might not realize this but she does..and he won’t find what he seeks her in the forest..
he doesn’t seem to appreciate her decides to move ahead..the biggest example of his loneliness was the half built structure..

Daksha asks his men to locate Sati.
Shiv and Sati have a heated argument as the latter insults him saying he is uncultured and has eeven lost his humanity living in the forest.
Kamdev is exhausted searching the forest he was gonna be working at

Update Credit to: sankalp

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