Devon ke Dev Mahadev 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Devon ke Dev Mahadev 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Gyan murti comes with saraswati mata’s statue and says, kindly
situated this statue. Mahadev says, you will do this establishment and you will known
for this statue. Gyan murti cries and says, i am your devotee and i always reproach you.
I cannot forgive myself. Mahadev says, you are doing remorse and devi saraswati will definitely
forgive you. THen gyan murti worships devi saraswati. Raja durdum calls their soldier and says, why will
devi saraswati will not come to my fort, go and bring her. SOldier reaches at broker home and says, raja has ordered us
to bring devi gayatri. Broker says, devi gayatri is not from this states and i will not allow you to take her with you.
All the ladies starts revolution against soldier. SOldiers

gets angry then broker’s husband says to soldier that you wait outside.
I will talk with her. Broker husband says, raja will bring her then all the ladies throw to broker’s husband outside to home. Raja gets angry
to heard this and order to bring force. vishnu ji reaches to meet saraswati and says, now you bring mata devi otherwise this world will go in
uneducation direction. Brahma ji reaches there and feels guilty on his wordings. Mata saraswati forgives to brahma ji. Vishnu ji says, there is some
differnces arise between husband and wife but do not arise heart’s differences.
Saraswati arise in front of gyan murti then gyan murti says, i am very grateful to see
you and you have forgive me, from now onwards, i will give education free of cost.
Mata gives boon to gyan murti and says, you will known as best educator. Gyan murti says,
i am not so much best tutor but you have given me alot. Mahadev gives thanks to saraswati then
mata also becomes grateful to mahadev.
Mata gives thanks to all ladies and says, dont put your life in danger for me. Ladies says, this is all for our respect and you have arise strength in us.
Broker says, mata adi shakti will help us, so dont worry. Broker husband knock the door and says, raja is coming so please open the door. Raja reaches at home and says,
why will you not bring gayatri near to me. Soldier says, i am seeing revolution in ladies. Raja order to break the door.
SOldier says, this is your people and you have a duty to fulfil the dream of your crowd. Raja says, i am raja and i am god of this crowd.
Raja then order to break the door. Ladies tries to defend then soldiers break the door and ladies gets injured while saving devi gayatri.

Precap:- Ladies prays to Devi Adi shakti then devi gayatri turns into mata adhi shakti and kills raja’s soldier and then also kill raja durdum.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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