Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 17th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

A man shows Meera, Tolu/Molu and Vidya magic tricks. Kids ask how he does magic. He says it is just science and to learn they have to study well. He asks if they are ready to study. Kids say yes. Gopi idenifies the man as masterji. Man asks Gopi how is she and wy is she here. Gopi says it is her house. Masterji shows her another trick. Gopi says it is her sasural/in-law’s house. Rashi says Hetal looks like they both know each other. Kokila asks Gopi if she knows him. Gopi says yes and says he was teaching in the school which I used to teach and is maths and science genius and introduces him to Kokila, Rashi, and Hetal and kids and says he has to teach Meera. Masterji says he left school as he was getting very less pay, saw an advertisement and came in search of job here.

Gopi asks Kokila if he can teach Meera. Kokila says it is her decision and she will help her if need be, asks if her decision is final. Gopi says looks like god has send him, even Meera is very happy seeing him.

Kinjal informs Urmila that she is going to a five star hotel for hi-tea. Urmila says if it is a new tea in market and asks her to prepare it at home as she cannot afford it, asks to take her also else. Kinjal says her chawl mentality will not change, she is going with Pooja. Urmila says why did she invite her instead of her.

Rashi is in kitchen preparing rotis. Molu comes and says that his tooth is paning. Rashi says it is because of eating chocolate and gives him clove to much. She thinks if someone knows about it, they will make an issue out of it. Roti burns by then.

Masterji asks Meera to teach him bhajan first. Meera recites bhajan. He says she sings very well. Meera gets happy. He then starts teaching her. Gopi sees that and thanks god for sending such a good teacher for Meera.

Gopi hears car horn and thinks Ahem must have come. She thinks it is raining and takes an umbrella for Ahem. Ahem looks at her and starts wiggling his fingers around her hair romantically. Umbrella falls down and they both get drenched in rain. She asks him to get inside home, but he stops her and they both get romantic in rain.

Teacher sees Ahe m and Gopi romancing in rain and gets annoyed. Ahem says Gopit it has been a long time since we are intimate and let us enjoy. Tolu/molu, vidya also come there and start enjoying rain. Gopi scolds them and send them in. She says Ahem to come inside as kids are watching them. Ahem does not leave her. Kids watch their romance standing there. Gopi pushes him. Kids say bade papa will get angry now, but Ahem smiles and hugs Gopi. Saath nibhana saathiya… plays in background.

Rashi sees kids drenched in rain and asks why did they drench in rainm asks molu why did he go out when he was not well. Gopi asks what happened to him. Rashi says nothing and sends kids in. Masterji comes down and gives gopi towel to dry herself and says she gets severe cold else. Gopi sneezes just then. Kokila watches the incident standing at a distance. Ahem asks who is he. She says he is Meera’s masterji.

Masterji says he is also Gopi’s old friend. Gopi says he is Anurag Joshi and they used to work together. She introduces Ahem as her husband. Masterji says he looks very boring without expression on his face. Gopi says how can he say about her husband like that. Masterji says he is just joking and shakes hand with Ahem. Ahem goes up saying he wants to chanbe. Gopi says she will bring his clothes. Masterji says her husband is handsome and once gopi goes says hope nobody separates them.

Urmila calls Rashi and scolds her for not picking her call. She blames Kokila for letting Rashi work hard. Rashi says she is not working and is resting in her room. Tolu/molu comes there and ask her chocolate. Rashi says she will not give them as molu is having tootache. Molu says he will tell everyone if he does not get choc. Rashi asks him to promise not to tell anyone. Jigar hears their conversation and asks what promise she needs.

Precap: Kokila says Hetal that now Gopi and Rashi should do their individual work.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Oh oh update jaldi

  2. So now they are going to create another problem in modi parivaar.when Rashi wants to do anything she wants to take permission from kokila n in case of gopi she is saying she can do what ever she feels like…….really this kokila is only responsible for Rashi’s this type of behaviour.but now a days gopi is looking better than the previous….. And as usually Rashi is rocking……..please take my comments in a positive way I didn’t meant to hurt anyone………it is only my personal view…..

    1. You and devoleena do really great as partners it really looks like your actually husband-wife.i’m really sad about rucha leaving.can you find a new Rashi as you did to Gopi.

    2. Here is the weakness of ahem.he is always with Meera.he all east saw meera’s childhood but little Vidya .by the way the beat time for you and devoleena to do romance in the show is in the room al sure to open the window .rashi and Jigar are really good fighting and that should happen..go-ahem are really good al romance keep it up just wondering is ahem really good to Gopi because it’s Ramadan?

  3. Also I pooped in lord shrivani temple

  4. Writers should put some romantic scenes for rashi and jigar. kokila should stop making a big deal about whatever rashi does

  5. it is getting boring, why do they have to bring in new entries from outside to create problem for gopi . Why can two people be friends and a friend comes to help another friend in need, why does he have to be shown in a negative way. This story is always showing relations in a bad way. This teacher could have been shown as a person who is gopis friend who helps her, and his overacting could also be toned down a bit. Why only Ahem and Gopi romatic scenes. There is Rashi and Jigar also who handled all responsiblity for 8 yrs they should also be given good scences. Atleast when rashi has thought she want to spend sometime for herself she should be trying to find time to be with her hubby instead of chatting on the phone with her mother. The show has lost its spendour. it is turning all relations sour. Kokila should be in jewelry ad not in this serial. So As the writers have nothing good to shown only want to show negativity please end this show, as it is rashi is leaving the shown at one person with a bit of spice was rashis character, now as she is also not going to be there it should be tata byebye for this serial

  6. oh what a romance after 8 years. i wish all couple be so……………..

  7. Am getting tired of koki why cant she not let what rashi wants to do she should focus on her daughter in law gopi and let hetal to take care of her daughter in law rashi and hetal is tooo naive

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