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Devon ke Dev Mahadev 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with rohitang conversation. He says, tridev is hypnotising me and he has taken my sister’s pativrat dharm. Guru dev, you tell they are doing wrong with me. Dev kampan says, vatsa, this is not maya, this is truth. Sudama disappears. Mahadev says, likewise, you dont know the truth and in result, tulsi had given curse to narayan and when she knew the truth then she asked for death. If they all will return back, then your journey will complete. No, truth cannot stop by any people and your love stop you in truth journey and you have done nothing to do get the truth. Mata prithvi says, rohitang, now you dont want to say sorry to mahadev. Rohitang says, why will my mother felt pain? Mahadev says, its all happen due to you and your mother always saved you and tridev role is

fulfil the world and it is our duty to regulate the world. Nobody has given us duty to regulate this world but we are still following our duties. Mata parvati says, you thought to kill tridev but if you will win then you can regulate world. Rohitang arises his weapons and put into mahadev’s foot and feels guilty. ROhitang says, i know my work is unforgivable but still i want forgive from you. you have given me many chances but i move ahead on wrong path. Please release my mother from wrong work and release my brother. Mahadev says, you are free from all curse and now you will become mangal grah. Rohitang says to narayan, i worship you naryan, you feel pain for your devotee. THen rohitang thanks to devarishi and says, you have make my life. Then thanks to biblarth, you are always my teacher but i didnt get but i know it today. You said to me, welcome in shadow of mahadev but now i understand the meaning of my life. Then again rohitang gives thanks to mahadev and then gives thanks to dev kampan. Dev kampan says, i already said and now i again saying it that i am proud of you. Rohitang says sorry to his mother.
Mata prithvi says, i always tried to understand you but now i am happy to see you calm. Rohitang says, i didnt respect you but now i really respect you. You have always guided me but i have hated you but still you are looking me with love.
Narayan says to mahadev, now its time to fulfil the rohitang requirement. Bhram dev says, now this place is known as andkeshwar mahadev. Rohitang gives thanks to mahadev and says, i am ready for my journey. Mahadev transforms rohitang into mangal grah.

Precap:- mata says to mahadev, you said to me that new cycle will happen after rohitang incident happened. Mahadev says to naryan, some negative power arises by rohitang tandav. we have to neutralize it.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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