Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Aisa Bhi 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sonia and sisters come down with Raghav for bidayi. Khan gets emotional, advises them to be happy and not to trouble Raghav who is very innocent. Sisters ask if he thinks them as evil then. He says they are his eye’s light and he loves them all. He asks them not to forget him. Sisters says they will not and will call him daily. Chintu says he will come to Roy mansion to meet them and asks them not to forget him. Sonia asks how can sisters forget brother. He says never. Raghav asks Daada/Daadi to take sisters home while he will come behind them.

Raghav says Sonia he has a surprise for her and shows her papa’s scooter, says it is his dowry and says they both will go home in this. Sonia gets emotional.

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Ratna looks at her husband Shekhar’s photo and gets emotional. She says our younger son married today and she shows he will be blessing their son wherever he is.

Sonia says Raghav lets us go now. He shows her a gold chain and says it is his gift for her and calls her Sonia ji. She asks him to call her Sonia ji. He asks her to call him Raghav then. She says let us go now before I change my decision. He sits on scooter, wears helmet and says she can hug him now as she is officially Mrs. Raghav. She says she will think about it and says lets goo. He starts scooter and leaves towards Roy mansion.

Ratna calls servants and asks if they decorated Raghav’s room. They say yes. She asks them to get pooja thali. Suhasi brings thali. They hear Raghav and Sonia coming and happily goes to receive them with pooja thali. She gets irked seeing Sonia’s sisters behind them and thinks she will not let them stay with her. She angrily performs Raghav and Sonia’s aarti and continues. Daadi asks her to stop aarti and receive bahu in. Sonia kicks rice bowl. Suhasi thinks she would enjoy if this kind of drama happens in Dubai. She asks Sonia to keep her feet in red colour thali and then walk in. Sonia happily does the same looking at Raghav and enters home. Ratna watches her getting in. Sisters also get in smiling at Ratna and excitedly looking at the lavish house. Anjali thinks she will stay in this palace and thinks her life will be colorful now. Fruity says so many walls here. Deepu asks her to stop looking at walls and asks her to call Deepu didi from now. She calls her Deepu. Raghav asks them to sit. Daada says just like this house is Sonia’s now, it is also their house now and they can freely use what they like. Raghav says still a lot of rituals are left.

Ratna says she will arrange for next rituals and asks Raghav to come in as she wants to speak to him. Sonia thinks why did mummy ji call Raghav like this. Ratna gets Abhiman’s call, she asks why did he leave without informing her. He says he got some important work. She says she needs him now and asks him to come right away. He says he will. She thinks Raghav does not have any other work other than taking care of Sonia and her sister’s needs.

Raghav comes and asks Ratna why did she call him. She asks why did he bring Sonia’s sisters. He says she agreed when he told he wants to take Sonia’s sister’s responsibility. She says she thought he would give them monetary help and get them married. He says he meant to bring them home and take care of them. She says we have 500 employees in our company, will we bring them home and asks why is he not bothered about her mom’s decision any more. He says my mom’s heart is bigger than her house and can accompany many people.

Precap: Ratna angrily walks out between Sonia and Raghav’s post-marriage rituals.

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