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Heyyyy guys I know u all were waiting for me to Post but guys I had medical exsams that why I couldnt write but know my holiday started soo I am gona Post…

So lets start…

Its been a week since that incident happened between swasan…Swara now totally changed she didnt smiled talked n eat she was only sitting in her room lifeless crying her bright face turned into pale face all tge while thinking how her life turned into hell…everynight she had nightmare whenever she try too close her eyes she feel sanskar gaze on her which sceard her like hell n start shivring duet fear…from that day sharmishta slept in swara room to make sure she is fine…

Seeing her doughter in that state she cryied n cursed herself for swara state..

Sharmishta pov…

Crassing swara hair while she was sleeping in her lap…Tears fowlling down from her seeing swara lifeless she Kissed her forehaed lovingly ?…

I am sorry mere bacha its all my mistake being a mother i couldnt understand their pain but now seeing my own doughter in that state know I come to know how she felt seeing her doughter…Its all our fould for which u are suffring I am really sorry I couldnt be good mother..duet our mistake we lost laksh he left us n today u…

While sharmishta was soo lost in her thought she felt a touch on her shoulder she looked up n saw shekhar standing there Tears were fowlling down in his eyes???

Me: See na shekhar our mistake made our princess life hell

Sh: Shomi

Me: no shekhar whatever happened with shona is beacuse of our mistake which she paid

Sh: shhshhh dont cry she will wake up let her sleep after soo many day she is sleeping deep

Me: she paid for our deed shekhar she paid…Saying this she start cyingly while shekhar was consoling…

Pov ends…

Hearing someone voice swara sleep Got disturb she opened her eyes slowly slowly but seeing shekhar she panicked n start shouting…

Sw: ahhhh door door (hearing her screming n shouting shekhar became sad n teary he tried to go near her but swara pushed him forcefully) plzzzz (fold her hand toghter) dont hurt me plzzz (hide behind shomi) Ma ma plzzz save dekho dekho (pointing Finger on shekhar) wo wo a gya ma plzzz plzzz save me he he will..hurt me ma bacha lo ma mujhe (Shomi try to control but she was out of control even shekhar tried but seeing coming near swara Got up n held Vase in her hand to him) door door rahi varna maar doongi go goo

Sho: shona princess Calm down (going towards swara) princess its me ma ur ma na (swara nodded in yes) then nothing will happen I am here na (cupped her face n hugged her thigtly even she hugged her thigtly Shomi looked at shekhar) go shekhar or else I cant be able to control her again..

Shekhar nodded in yes left her room while crying mean while sumi again made swara sleep n went out to Check shekhar…she saw shekhar sitting at the stairs infront swara room crying she went near him n hugged him..

Sho: (consoling) shekhar she will be fine..

Sh: (crying) its hurt alot to see her like this Shomi..from that day she didnt let me or adarsh come near her she think we will hurt that Bastard ruined my doughter life beacuse of him she has fear from me…???when can I hug her again I am missing my shona my princess plzzzz Shomi tell her na I am her Baba plzzz ( Broke the hug fold his hand infront her) plzzz tell na I am her Baba I wont hurt plzzz….

While shekhar n sharmishta were talking this all was heard by swara duet fear she couldnt sleep so thought to go near sharmishta…but hearing shekhar tears start fowlling down from her eyes ? ? ? ? making her guilty for their parents state everyone is tauting her parents beacuse of her….

She went inside her room n start thinking what happend n when she Came back how she get sceard from her Baba n bhei…she was thinking how much they loved her n were living happily but that one incident changed her life…Everyone were tauting her parents for giving birth to her beacuse of her their Respekt was destroyed…thinking all that she left the room when shekhar n sharmishta went towards their room…without making voice swara left the house n start runing towards lake…

At lake swara was standing tears were fowlling down…

Sw: (crying) how can I hurt them they love me soo much but I hurted them…mostly I hurted my Baba who was dying to meet me but duet fear I couldnt think anything else then SANSKAR yeah SANSKAR MAHESHWARI who took my everything who destroyed me completly beacuse of him my parents have to Face the socity n their taunts…(whiping tear) but not anymore I wont let that happen they are crying beacuse of me they are in pain beacuse of me they cant live peacefully but not anymore today I will end the chapter of SWARA GODODIA of their princess n shona…

Saying this swara closed her eyes n was about to jump when someone held her hand n pulled her towards himself…Swara hitted with someone well built chest when she opened eyes to see who saved her seeing him SANSKAR MAHESHWARI  she start shivring duet fear tears start fowlling down again…she struggle to get out of his Grip but he held her thigtly he was looking at her with anger making her more sceard…

He held her wrist thigtly n start taking her forcefully towards his car…all they way she was trying to get out of his Grip but no he made his Grip more strongly…When They reached near his car He send his driver out of car n throw swara in the car backseat he sat on the driver seat n start driving car on lonely place while swara trying to open the car door which he locked she was crying badly….

After reacing on lonely place sanskar came out of car n went to swara…she looked at him in fear n start moving back in car…seeing her he  smirked he held her leg n pulled whicv made her lay on backseat n he came above her…

Sw: (fear +crying) plzzz leave me (try to push him but he held both hand)

San: (smirked) I didnt even started n u are saying to leave u
(Leaned towards her neck)

Sw: (feeling disgusting n crying) plzzz no dont Do this

San: ahan (bited hard on her neck thigtly)

Sw: (pained) ahhhhh

Hearing her screming he sucked the bitten area n start leaving love bite…he was again getting more devil without showing marcy start crassing her cheek roughly n again bited hard blood start bleeding…
After biting he looked her with anger

San: how dare u try do Suciede han (held her shoulder she shout again in pain n looked at him being sceard he held her chin thigtly) if u dare again to do this I will make ur family life hell (she looked at him shock) yeah my sweetheart if u try to do something with urself ur family have to pay do u want this (she immediately in no) good will u try to harm urself (nodded In no) good girl…
(After saying this he pulled her out of car n handover some paper… ) sign them

She looked at him first in shock then she Took with shivring hand document after reading that she looked at him with shock…

Sw: (shock) no i cant plzzz dont Do this I beg u plzzz

San: (smirked +loughing) hahah its good to see u beging n dare not to deny or else ur family have to Face me (pinned her to car) n u know my sweetheart how DEVIL I am soo do it know or else.. (intrupedt by swara)

Sw: (fear) no I will do

Saying this she sign making him happy After that He drove her near house n left giving her love bite or u can say DEVIL love bite…

To be continue….

Sooo guys how was the epi…???

On which Dokument swara sign ?
About who were shekhar n sharmishta talking ?
What mistake they did ?
How will swasan love story start ?
What is our devil upto…
My dear goldie I hope it was enough big epi for u

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  1. second tume reading it…tu is abit slow in posting…love it..cant wait for next…thanxx for posting..plzz post soon

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear dont worry I am gona Post soon

  2. Mumpi

    amazing… i don’t wanna guess..

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks but why u dont wana guess han

      1. Mumpi

        if i keep guessing den my tensipn will grow more nd more.. but i m njoying d story.. nd wen wil u update second chance..?

      2. Rabia0032

        I will update tomorrow dear

  3. Rabia

    Tauba taubaaa devilpannaaa ????

    1. Rabia0032

      Hahahhaha rabia ???yeh to shuruwat hai Age Age dekho hot hai kya ?

      1. Rabia

        bajii maaf kr dayyy 😉

      2. Rabia0032

        Kis baat ki han or rahi baat baji ki to woh to tum ho twist ki dukan ?

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  4. Shinchan1205

    It’s really amazing…

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  5. Arshaanya

    Poor soul.. feeling so bad for swara..
    Nyc chappy

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      Thanks poor soul in next u will feel more Bad wait for next epi

  6. Maryum


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      Thanks dear

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  7. Superb can u give previous link I can’t get it

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  8. Its intersting … i love sanskar’s devil chatcter … its mysterious ??
    I just love it ??

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear Even me loving him ???

  9. Tulina

    Shemish talking about either parineeta or ragini and that documents may be a contract imposed on swara or related to swara’s property……….Shemish may have done something wrong with sanskar sisters and so he’s taking revenge on swara by doing same things………about swasan love story you only know when will you start but don’t start it now as I am loving this devil sanskar……..

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeee updateeeeeeeeeee…………….Please post the next part ASAP…………….

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks tulina n yeah swasan love story will Not start it will take time u guys have to see my devil more devil na ?

  10. Kaynatk01

    rabia it was just awesome but by reading thousa episode i am haring sanskaar plz make him good soon

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear its starting I cant make him good now but yeah he will change but not so fast..
      Acha when will u Post pv

  11. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Omg…m in love wid this Devil..Uff Sanskaar is really A Devil in this…Bt feeling bad fr swara too…at times hating Sanskaar bt otherside its an amzing chectr…really Deep chrctr..n Rabia ite an awsum part..loved it..plzz.continue soon..cnt wait to see wat da papers were abt..continue soon

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear ohhh u r hating him sometime han..but dont worry u gona love him

      1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

        Continue soon

  12. SNY

    Awesome epi…
    Plz nxt one soon..

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    awesome dear post next asap i m waiting eagerly…

  14. Wonderful

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  15. Nice please update soon waiting for next epi

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    Awesome.. Waiting for their love story

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    nyc….feeling very sad for swara. Poor soul

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      1. Vyshu10

        well ur title befits him

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  19. awesome update the next part soon

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  20. Amazing pls update soon…

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  21. Excellent dear………Can’t wait for the next update.

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  22. Astra

    hmm… i have missed this part. that’s why i’m confused a bit.

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