Humsafars(krpkab) part 7

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Thanks for ur support but I guess u all don’t like this so I’ll end it in some episodes
Let’s start…


I entered the room, I opened my shirt to change just then my eyes fell on a strand of hair I realized it was Sonakshi’s I took that and remembered all the moments spent with her in the morning in the hospital ” Why am I thinking about her uske aasoon mujhe be chain kyun karte hain usse pareshan dekh kar mere dil mein taklif kyun hoti hai. Nahi mere dil mein uske liye koi juzbaat nahi ho sakte it won’t happen ” I said and broke that strand and was pretty angry on myself I went near the pool and I remembered her hugging me and me raising my hand to hug her back I remembered all this and threw myself in the pool and reminced the time with my ex- wife Zeenat the times spent with her and then her accident.


In the morning I was speaking with my parrot Asharfi I shared everything with it ” Asharfi only god knows what happened yesterday aisa laga jaise hum hum nahi koi or ho, I’ve never felt like this before aj se pehke asoon yun hi gir jaya karte the when yesterday I got his shoulder I felt like these tears got a place to fall hume nahi pata jo bhi hua kyun hua and yesterday was Thursday and on Thursday Dev sir goes somewhere far then y was he there in the hospital…..shayad woh hamare liye ay the humne unhe ma ke bare mein bataya tha maybe that’s y he came to the hospital unhe humari kitni fikr hai ” I said this then thought to thank him because he came to the hospital for me.

Then I went to his room ” Sir ” Before I said further he shut me there saying ” Go away ” but I continued ” Kal app humare ke ma ke liye….” Before I completed he yelled ” I said go away, go away ” He said and turned to me ” Sir I came to say thanks ” I said and he came towards me and I kept going back my back crushed towards the wall and he pinned me on the wall with no means to escape I started breathing heavily as he came towards me and he said ” I said go…away dono words mein se kaun sa word samaj mein nahi aya I said go away jao…..JAO ” He yelled I turned to where he kept his hand not letting me go he saw me for sometime and then his hand which prevented me from going he saw that and moved his hands letting me go.

I went out being dumbstruck by what he said to me ” Sonakshi what is Dev doing ” Aunty asked me I was lost and didn’t here ” Sonakshi De kamremein kya kar raha hai ” She said the second time I came in my senses and replied ” Woh pool mein hai ” ” Oh he’s swimming when he finishes swimming he fells hungry and comes directly to the table Sonakshi kya tum uske liye khanna bana sakthi ho ” I didn’t want to so I said ” Aunty I need to talk to Doctor for ma… ” she cut me off and said ” Oh Dr. Khuranna mein usse baat karongi tum khanna laga do ” saying this she went



I was waiting for food then I saw Sonakshi smiling and coming towards me with food and kept the food on the table my eyes were stuck on her she sat near me and slowly slowly a smile came on my face her hand reached the food took a bite of it and her hand raised to feed me I went close to her and ate that bite as I ate she smiled at me ” Y r u coming to my existence ” I said she replied ” When the water reflects the moon it’s the fault of both right agar hum apke wajood mein chah rahe hain toh app humaredil mein bhi utar rahe hain ” she said and I replied ”

Mujhe tumari aadat lag bad jaygi aur mujhe tumari addat nahi badani because leaving some habits is harder then leaving life ” she said ” If the habit is bad then leaving the habit becomes bad the good habits last forever jo hona tha woh toh ho gaya sir ab woh hoga jo mazoor e khuda hoga ” saying this she fed me another bite and a smiled appeared to my face after a handful of seconds she vanished then I realized it to be my dream then my eyes fell on Sonakshi who standing there scared of me I again got angry on myself thinking about her she came and gave me food ” Yeh kya hai ” I asked her ” Sir food ”

This raged me I got up which scared her ” U r teasing me right ” She got scared and noded her head in no ” Sir I always saw u eating this ” I threw the plate on the tray and asked her ” U know y I eat burned toast ” I said this and pulled her towards me ” U r a junior designer in my office jo kam karne ayi ho woh karo kuch or banane ke koshish mat karo or aaj ke baad mujhe tumhari shakal mat dikhao office aur ghar mein and move ur desk from the front of my cabin so I don’t see ur face ” I said this tears rolled down her I eyes I couldn’t control myself I pulled her more close ” And no need to show me these tears kyun ki aason so koi fark……koi fark nahi padta ” It was a lie it did make a difference I turned away ” Go now what r u waiting for ” she turned and went



I went the out house and broke down and I started crying there and thinking what did I do that he is behaving like that what is my fault I sat and cried hiding my face just then he came saw me and came more close he was about to touch me and then his phone rang I got up and saw his hand close to me he took it back and picked up the phone



I picked up the phone ” Hello Dev there’s a good news ur wife has started showing signs of recovery unhone apni anke japkai it’s a good sign ” My world stopped there I was confused what to do


I was shocked by his reaction first he shouts then saves me and some other time he tells me to go far and comes close to me why is doing this I can’t understand anything


How was it if u all don’t like it I’ll end it soon

  1. Keep writing dear..don’t give up. Do post next episode soon

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    We like it in fact we love it
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  3. Eeshi

    it was amazing don’t stop please

  4. It’s was over the world……the dialogues were awesome……loved the episode…..and don’t stop…..Dear it’s amazing……

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    It was awesome ?????
    Pls pls pls don’t end it na?????

  6. The episode was brilliant!
    Please don’t end it!!!

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    Hey dear..sorry for not commenting on previous episodes, coz I was in Delhi.
    But I had read it n it was awesome

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